God of War: Valkyrie Location Guide

In God of War, you'll open the Valkyrie Locations by finishing various parts of the main God of War storyline. Every one of the eight Valkyrie areas in God of War is home to a diverse and unfathomably difficult fight. You'll have to beat every one of the eight Valkyrie to open a ninth area and fight the ultimate boss of bosses’. Each of the battle requires you to carry your best weapons, and protective gear, so don’t cheapen out. While you don't have to complete God of War to go up against the Valkyries or discover their areas, they are classed as end-game content because they are so hard to beat.

Finding all the Valkyrie's location can be a long, and arduous task, so why not get help. In this article, I will provide you with the basics steps to find all the Valkyries and their queen.

You will have to have the chisel (occurs normally during the story) to enter the Chamber of Odin. You'll likewise need access to Niflheim and Muspelheim. Finding the Valkyries is easy, actually fighting and winning against all nine of the Valkyries is a tough ask.

Once you've crushed the eight Valkyries in God of War, you'll have acquired the heads of each. Take these heads to the gathering of the Valkyries, and you'll open a ninth Valkyrie area. This is a battle against the Valkyrie Queen, which is a much harder battle than the past eight.

To discover all the Valkyrie Locations, you have to begin the 'Demonstrate your Valor' side mission. To do this, you should locate your first Valkyrie, which at that point gives you a chance to find all the rest of the Valkyrie on the map. You will also to need to go to the actual location physically, but only do that once you are prepared to fight. Here are the areas for the nine Valkyries in God of War:

1. Gunnr: You will find her within the hidden chamber of Odin inside the Thamur’s Corpse, Midgard.

2. Geirdriful: You will find this one within the hidden chamber of Odin at Foothills, Midgard.

3. Eir: This one will also be found in the hidden chamber of Odin near Mountain, Midgard.

4. Kara: Also in the hidden chamber of Odin between Foothills and the River Pass, Midgard.

5. Rota: You will find Rota inside the hidden chamber of Odin within the Helheim.

6. Olrun: This is the last Valkyrie that you will find inside the hidden chamber of Odin, look within the Alfheim.

7. Gondul: You can find Gondul by unlocking the Muspelheim with four ciphers that are found in Legendary Chests. You can find this Valkyrie by completing the series of trials and reaching to Arena 6.

8. Hildr: This one can be located in Niflheim. When you reach there, go down to the left-hand path and look for a cave at your left side in a second room with a chest.

9. Sigrun: This one is the queen of Valkyries, and you need first to kill the other eight Valkyries to fight this one. Take the heads of the eight Valkyries and bring them to the council of Valkyries, put the heads on empty chairs and your fight will start with Sigrun.

If you are familiar with God of War series and have played it before, then finding Valkyries shouldn’t be hard for you. Even if you have only jumped on the Bandwagon now, have no worries. You can easily find the locations on the map. Finding the Valkyrie is easy, Actually standing toe to toe with the best of Odin’s army is easier said than done, you will need considerable practice, and a good strategy to overcome, all the Valkyries especially Sigrun.