God of War Weapons Guide Tips and Tricks for Every Weapon

God of War is the game with some of the best and exotic weapons. Unlike other games, the weapons in God of War have a very different working mechanism and that’s what makes this game a lot more engaging. Now if you know how to use each of the weapons properly, then you will be unstoppable in the game but if you don’t know it yet then don’t worry, have a look at this guide below to know about the weapons and how to use them properly. So let’s get started:

Leviathan Axe:

The true star of the game God of War is unequivocally the Leviathan Axe. The weapon is the opposite of the Blades of Chaos as it damages in ice and Blades of Chaos in fire element. The Axe operates like the hammer of Thor. You can throw it and you can then recall it to your hand with a very satisfying thump. You can recall the axe from anywhere and it will always return to you like a loyal weapon that it is. Below are some of the tips to utilise the Leviathan Axe more effectively:

Use it to Maintain Distance:
Throwing Leviathan Axe at enemies is a great way to maintain the distance in between. Also, you can use the Axe to freeze some of the enemies in their places that will give you some time to either deal with other enemies or to finish those frozen enemies. If you keep up upgrading your axe then in some later upgrades from the skill tree, your axe will have the skill that will allow you to lock on multiple enemies and their body parts. This means that you can throw the Leviathan Axe at a group of enemies that will incapacitate them for several seconds. And you can collect resources or deal with some other enemies in that provided time.

Aim for Head:
The best thing about the axe is that you can throw it virtually wherever you want. You can lock it on the enemy’s body part and then throw it exactly at that part. This allows you to be precise about the place you want to damage. This is a great thing as you can use it to throw the axe at the head of the enemy. And just like most of the games, hitting on the head will deal a lot more damage than hitting on other parts of the body. So that means you can deal most of the damage by just throwing your axe at the head of the enemy. Moreover, you can even finish low-level enemies with just this one throw.

Use First Two Runic Moves:
The first two Runic Axe attacks you get are incredible. These two attacks can potentially carry you through the whole game. Use these two runic attacks when you don’t have a lot of skills and upgrades. The first move of L1+R1 in particular works as stun, interrupt great damage dealer and a setup for the other runic moves. So it is suggested that you use your XP to upgrade these two moves to their max level whenever you can.

Line Up Enemies:
The Leviathan Axe hits people going both ways and it’s just like the hammer of Thor. So if you line up your enemies, then you can hit a bunch of bad guys in just a single throw and return. This is a great way to utilise the range throw of the axe as just like the Blades of Chaos, you will do damage to multiple enemies at on. And then later on, you can finish them off with a few attacks as much of their health will be depleted from the attack you did by throwing your axe at them.

Blades of Chaos:

Kratos Gets the Blade of Chaos later in the game when he realises that he needs more than just Leviathan Axe. The Blades of Chaos are a pair of blades that are chained. The Blades of Chaos are opposite to the Leviathan Axe that gives the ice power. Because the Blades of Chaos gives the power of element fire. The blades change gradually during the game as you upgrade them. Below you will find some of the useful tips about the Blades of Chaos:

Deal Damage to Enemies Around:
The Blades of Chaos is not only a deadly weapon, but it is perfect to engage with multiple targets at once. This is because the weapon has chains attached to it that let it revolve around Kratos. Therefore, Kratos can deal damage to all enemies around him and within the range. So when you see there are some enemies around you, use the Blades of Chaos to deal damage to all of them and then finish them off easily.

Use as Harpoons:
You can also use your Blades of Chaos as harpoons to attack enemies from a distance especially those enemies who you think will be a problem if come near you. Simply aim at an enemy and throw the blades at him. The enemy will take damage while standing away from you. This way you can even finish off an enemy until he comes to you. How cool is that!

Cut Down Icy Enemies:
As mentioned above, the Blades of Chaos have the ability to deal damage to the enemies around you. You can use this ability to your advantage when you are faced with hoards of icy enemies. As there are usually a lot of icy enemies attacking at Kratos together. So the fast and fire imbued damage of the Blades of Chaos is perfect to cut down hoards of icy enemies surrounding you. This will increase your chances of taking less damage and killing more enemies in less amount of time.

Bare hands:

The God of War features the combat through Bare Hands of Kratos and that is just as deadly as other weapons. With the Bare Hands, you can beat up the enemies pretty badly in the game. The Bare Hands are very fun to use and the killing animations of the bare hands are a treat to people who love action and violence. Below you will find some of the most useful tips for using the Bare Hands:

Don’t underestimate the Bare Hands:
Players usually underestimate the power of Bare Hands and focus on weapons. While it is a good thing to play with weapons as it gives satisfaction and more fun to kill enemies with weapons, the Bare Fists do almost same damage as the Axe. Moreover, the bare fists can give you a lot of satisfaction if you are a lover of violence as the brutal animation from the Bare Fist is something to watch.

Fills Stun Gauge faster:
Another benefit of using the Bare Fists is that it fills the stun gauge faster. A stun gauge is a meter that is shown above the enemy. It is filled when you attack an enemy. And once the gauge is filled, you can then do a massive attack that will deal a huge damage to the enemy if you press R3. And this attack will finish off the low-level enemies and maybe the high-level enemies as well. To be exact, the finisher attack will kill the enemy with health bar right away and will eat up whole health bar of the enemy with multiple health bars. So with the Bare Fist, you have that advantage of filling this gauge faster and thus you can finish off the enemy quicker.

Talon Bow:

Another great addition to the game. The Talon Bow is actually used by Atreus who is the son of Kratos. But still, you can command Atreus to shoot any enemy you want with the Talon Bow. The best thing is that Atreus will shoot the arrows at the precise location where you aim. Although at the initial level of Talon Bow, it does not deal too much damage but it is good to use it in strategic combat and also to build up the stun meter. Some of the tips for the Talon Bow are given below:

Distract the Enemy:
With the Talon Bow wielded by Atreus, you can use it to your advantage and distract that enemy who is giving you a tough time. What you need to do is to simply command Atreus to attack that particular enemy and then that enemy will be stunned for a while. And you can then carry on with your fighting to other enemies and leave that enemy for the end when there is no enemy left to hinder your fight with that tough enemy.

Combine Stun with a Finisher:
As you already know that the Talon Bow that is wielded by Atreus can stun an enemy when the enemy is shot by an arrow. But you probably not know that you perform a finisher with this stun to kill the enemy. What you need to do is to command Atreus to stun a particular enemy and then sprint towards that enemy for a finisher using the R3 button. This is a great way to finish off an enemy.

Upgrade the Talon Bow:
As you progress through the story, the damage of arrows of Talon Bow will not deal much damage to enemies because the enemies will get tougher. So, if you want to deal a considerable damage to the enemies, then you must have to upgrade the Talon Bow to make sure that weapon is getting more and more damage ability. Furthermore, when you reach the last upgrade of the Talon Bow, then you will be able to do Runic summon of fully recharge quiver of Atreus with arrows.


The shield in God of War is known as the Guardian Shield and it is a retractable shield. The Guardian Shield is present inside the gauntlet that is on the left arm of Kratos. The shield is used to block and to parry the enemy attacks. It can also be used in an offensive manner if you combine the Guardian Shield with the Bare Hands of Kratos and the Blades of Chaos. The Shield has its own Upgrades and Skill Tree. Some of the most useful tips about the Guardian Shield are given below:

Parry with the Shield:
The best thing about the Shield besides saving you from damages is the counter-attacking that you can do with it. That counter attack is called as Parrying. To parry, all you need to do is to raise your shield as soon as the enemy attacks. This will stun the enemy and may also stun some nearby enemies as well. This way, you can deal more damage to the enemy without taking damage from them.

Don’t Use it Too Much:
You must be thinking what kind of tip is that? But it is true. Look, it is okay to use the shield with low-level enemies but when you are using it to defend yourself from medium or high-level enemies then you should remain careful as you will then be open to a block attack. Therefore, it is suggested that you only use the shield when it is necessary otherwise use the dodging to evade the attacks of the enemies.

Upgrade it, Use Runic and Skills:
The best thing about God of War is that its developers have given attention to details. This is the reason that you even use runic attacks with the shield and also get its skills. Moreover, you can upgrade the shield to increase its resistance to enemy attacks and increase other abilities like Parrying. So make sure to look out for upgrades for the shield and use the skills and runic whenever you get a chance.

That’s all there is to know about these savage weapons. Just make sure to practice each move for some time to master it. And then use these weapons to crush your enemies like a pro.