Google Assistant Can’t Send Text?


Among many useful features and commands Google Assistant can do, sending text messages is one of them. With a simple “Hey Google, send message” you can send text messages to people from your contact list, without basically lifting a finger.

While that sounds very useful, some users encounter the problem of not being able to send messages via Google Assistant. Unfortunately, there can be several issues connected to this problem, but we’ll show you the most likely causes and ways to fix them.

    ■ Let's start simple. Find and open theSettings on your phone.


    ■ Find and tap on Apps (it also might be called Application manager).


    ■ In the list of apps, find and tap on Google app.


    ■ Next, tap on Permissions.


    ■ Turn on the SMS permission. If it’s already turned on, turn it off and reboot your phone. Then after your phone finishes rebooting, turn the SMS permission on again.


    ■ If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting the configuration of the Google app. Repeat the third step.
    ■ Tap on the menu icon (the three vertical dots) and choose Uninstal updates.


    ■ Another thing you can do is to reset the app completely. Again, repeat the step 3, and this time choose Storage.


    ■ In here, tap on Clear Cache. After that, tap on the other option Manage Space and choose Clear All Data.


    ■ When you’re finished with that, you can return to the app properties (step 3), and tap on Disable. Wait a few moments then press Enable.


    ■ The last thing to check is your contacts numbers. Sometimes some of your contacts numbers might have unnecessary parentheses, space, comma or anything that will interfere with Google Assistant. While unlikely, it did happen to some users so make sure to check that out too.
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