How Can I Extract Color Code from an Image and Use it for Another Image?

Photoshop is one of the most admired graphics designing tool. Photoshop is equally popular between professionals and amateurs because of the fact that it is easy while being equally comprehensive and functional. Photoshop can fulfil all your graphic needs and imaging requirements.

While you’re creating an image in Photoshop. You may require a specific color which you may have seen or used on some other image, but when you try to replicate the image from the color picker on your Photoshop, you do not get similar results. The colors in the image you create in Photoshop or any other document are actually a fixed combination of primary colors. This combination is described in the image as the color code. This exact digital color code or combination will reflect a perfect color.

As you already know that all colors and their shades are actually made with a combination of primary colors which are Red Green and Blue (RGB), these colors mixed in certain proportions make all other colors and their shades. If you wish to replicate a color, you can very easily do so by providing the exact color codes of that color.

You can also extract this color code and use it on some other image by copying the code and regenerating the color. If you are also in such a turmoil, and want to duplicate the exact color that you used on some other image, you will have to exactly match the codes on your image to get the needed effects.

If you wish to do so, you can very easily follow the below described procedure in order to fulfil this task:

    ■Initialize the Photoshop program from the Start menu.

    ■On the opened interface, select File from the menu bar.

    ■On the drop-down list that appears, click on Open.

    ■On the Open window that appears, locate and open your desired image.

    ■Back on the interface, from the toolbox situated in the left pane, choose the Eyedropper Tool.


    ■On the image, click the desired color with the tool.

    ■From the color toolbox situated on the right side, select the Color tab.

    ■On the color toolbox, click on the small colored box.


    ■On the Color Picker box that opens up, copy the hexadecimal code of the color from the
    # field and close the box.


    ■Back on the previous interface, select File from the menu bar.

    ■From the drop-down list, select Open.

    ■On the Open window, locate and open the target file.

Now, when you copy the codes in the color picker, the exact color from the desired image will be replicated.
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