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  1. andrutzu

    Solved! Philips 55PUS6503/12 Screen is upside down and mirrored

    Hello Guys, i bought a Philips TV with upside down screen and the whole display is mirrored. I got in the factory mode and set PANEL_FLIP to off and on but no changes. I even got the Panel id right. But still no luck. What can i do? I already made an FW update and Virgin mode. I assume the panel...
  2. O

    Solved! How can I save images without losing any quality at all?

    I'm a novice. I'm on macOS. I go to Google Image. I find an image that I want (this happens for any image). I ctrl-click it. I click on "copy image adress". I paste the adress. I see my image in high quality, I can zoom in an still have decent quality. I ctrl-click it. I click on "save image" (I...
  3. T

    Solved! on windows 10 my vmware ubuntu 16 image im using to practice for an important upcoming competition doesnt work..

    I am running windows 10 with a ryzen 3 2200g with a gtx 1050. With my vm, i am running Ubuntu 16.04 on an image with vulnerabilities as im practicing for the cpxi national semis. I need help solving my issue. When i lauch the vm, no issues. I know the password, when i sign in, it black screens...
  4. N

    Solved! How can I increase the image file size (Resolution) on my iPhone X ?

    My friend has a Samsung Note 8. To increase his quality of image he open the Camera, opens settings, then chooses "Picture size". There he simply chooses the largest (up to 12MP) and even the selfie camera has an (8MP) size. Why is the iPhone so complicated for this same simple procedure ?
  5. J

    Solved! read books on glasses

    Looking for glasses that can show the video image from a tablet or kindle in the glases for boo reading. Anything like that out there?
  6. J

    Solved! Sony FS100U Repair Image Database missing video files

    Sony FS100U received a notification on screen that I needed to repair the image database file. When I did, all my files are GONE. Yet the "Get info" tab on my Mac shows 9.47gb of space is used up on my card out of 128GB. All my folders are empty when viewed in camera or on PC. Where are my video...
  7. J

    Solved! Red Blue Gold (New Speaker Wire?)

    Anyone know anything about this (apparently new?) speaker wire? "Red, Blue, Gold" Image: Used on my headphones (the wire was cut and im attempting to...
  8. J

    G4 phone died. Concerned with image burned on screen

    G4 phone died. It will not turn back on even after replacing battery and holding start/off buttons down. Will the last image I had on my screen when the phone permanently died be burned onto my screen? I was on the internet at the time the phone just quit. Thank you.
  9. L

    Solved! android tablet powers up but has no image or logo on the screen. Made by nuvision

    I have an Android tablet by nuvision. When I turn it on the screen lightens up but doesn’t have a logo or any other image.notebook,
  10. W

    Vizio Brand new out of the box 65-inch uhd screen garbled

    Hello everyone and I hope this is the place to post this but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this. I've seen videos of ghosting but in my case the image is completely compressed together and the menu options are shoved off to the left of the screen. I just purchased this TV and brought...
  11. R

    How to Change the Folder and File Icons in the MacBook Pro

    In the latest Mac OS X or Mojave there is an option to change the way a file or folder looks by changing the icon. The icon can be replaced by any image and it adds a cool personalized look to the home page. For example, you can change the folder icon of the ebooks folder with the image of a...
  12. M

    TV starts "blinking" and shuts off

    Hello. Recently (around Christmas) my TV started to act weird. Let me describe the situation - I'm normally using the TV until some time passes (typically around 15-20 minutes) then the TV starts "blinking" (turning black for a split second and back to the normal image). After a while, the...
  13. M

    how to change wallpaper on chromebook(updated)

    1. right-click on prefered image in drive 2. click on "download". 3. in the menu that comes up, click and hold to drag the preferred image to the images folder located above the drive in the side menu, and then go to the left in the maybe empty folder and relese. 4. go to your computer...
  14. Y

    Solved! How to Stream From Windows To apple airplay

    Hello guys i have this Device Apple Airplay and a PC with Windows 10 i would like to stream the screen from PC to the TV note that pc is connected through Ethernet and the Apple Airplay is connected through Wifi
  15. A

    Solved! LG V40 Image Gallery Problem

    Sorry if this has already been asked/resolved; I am new to Android phones and am having trouble finding a sure solution to a problem I've been having: I recently made the jump from iPhone to a new LG V40 ThinQ and was able to take advantage of their "free" 256GB MicroSD promo offer... After...
  16. A

    Solved! Camera issues that need help

    my olympus x-42 camera is showing lines after i shoot an image but the icd is in good condition, if i record a video the lines will not appear any help?
  17. R

    How to Crop, Rotate or Trim Images and Video Files on MacBook Pro Without Opening the App

    The advancement of technology has brought us to the point where we can edit images and videos without even opening them. The latest OS for Mac, Mojave, comes with a new feature known as Quick Actions. These are found on the Finder page upon selecting an image or video, and using these one can...
  18. N

    Reset while image media is corrupted

    Is it possible to find an image in order to perform factory reset to my MSI apache pro laptop?
  19. P

    Solved! uploading vertical images without it cutting off the top and bottoms

    I am trying to upload artwork but a lot of what I do is vertical artwork instead of landscape. When I upload it on instagram on the preview, it cuts off the top and bottom. I try to resize it small but it doesn't work. Can't crop it either because then half of the image is done. Can someone...
  20. A

    someone help me to detect this laptop's model

    hello everyone i'm trying to find model of this laptop in the image(the one in the front of the guy), i think it's an HP(based on the speakers position) i appreciate everyone who helps me to find it. check the image: see image
  21. F

    Facebook won't load.

    Here is an image of what my browser looks like when I visit the sit via Google Chrome. I have tried solutions such as: -Resetting my browser to its default settings. -Deleted my history, cookies, etc. None of these seem to work. Any form of help is much appreciated.
  22. L

    Solved! Sd card problems

    I have formatted a new 8gb sd to my canon 1500d, some of the photos show up and some of them say cannot playback image. I have not used a different camera with the sd, nor have a I taken it out to upload images to the laptop. Anyone know why its doing this?
  23. D

    Solved! Can't save images anymore

    I've got an Xperia XA2, when I try to save an image or gif from Google for example, a little window appears, telling me that the image was saved successfully (as it was before), however, it doesn't show up in my gallery/album. In none of the folders. It's been like that for a couple of days now...
  24. J

    Identify app by icon image

    I am trying to identify an icon of an app on my daughter's iPhone but I am unable to do so. Any advice? Trying to post an image here but I am unable to. JW
  25. H

    Laptop screens turns weird and laptop stops working While using my laptop suddenly its screen goes weird like when your tv got no signals, and after that laptop stops working as you can see in the image in tle link. And it happens more often like every 2 minutes or whenever my laptop feels that way
  26. R

    I accidentally disabled all my display drivers..... Help

    Need help getting my laptop display drivers back enabled.... But no image will show.....
  27. R

    I need some advice for making a 4k texture.

    Hey, I need some advice I want to make this texture here look much more realistic like these here my image is smaller size like 128 x 128 and thats the image I want to fix is there some tool out there that can...
  28. V

    Image upside down

    How to rotate picture on roku tv 40fs3800
  29. L

    RCA Projector Jumping

    So hi! I just bought a rca projector form Walmart that said it would supports 1080p and lower and I wanted to play my ps4 through it but when I’m playing a game you see the image kinda jump a little. It’s like the image itself is lagging! Just need some help! Thanks!
  30. T

    When I click k on an image it won't show imagr

    I click on image on done deal but it won't show up
  31. S

    How do I correct a “stretched”/widescreen image from a projector when using an HDMI to VGA adapter with my laptop (Windows

    When attempting to use a HDMI to VGA adapter with a Windows 10 laptop & a projector, the image keeps appearing “stretched”/widescreen. It looks terrible & unprofessional. What I need is a 4:3 aspect ratio. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix this problem (adjusting resolution, aspect...
  32. M

    With one is nice to have for watching Movies

    I have seen three Big screens that I like but what does everythink mean 1.http:// 2. http:// 3. http:// its only for watching film and stuff like that. ther needs to be nice contrast and ofcourse image display. with one will be awesome to have on my Room and oh yeah I sit on my bed so I...
  33. D

    My Panasonic plasma suddenly not displaying the image why so

    Suddenly our Panasonic plasma TV doesn't display any video but the audio is normal. Please suggest a solution
  34. D

    Sony LCD TV screen washed out with very faint inverted colors

    Problem appeared suddenly on model KDL-40V4100. The image is very bright with a faint colors of the TV image from all sources. I unplugged and reconnected and reset the TV picture settings with no luck. From my browsing, it sounds like it might be a problem with a chip on the T-con board. I'm...
  35. S

    Facebook verification requires Photo ID

    Having never used my own image as a profile picture on Facebook I am required to send a photo of myself used on facebook as my profile picture for verification purposes? This has me stumped. Is there a solution? I have already attempted to unblock using the image I use as a profile picture with...
  36. F

    UHD Movies with Grainy Image

    Hi, I've been noticing, some of my UHD movies are Grainy and some of them are crystal clear, can anyone tell me why? And I'm talking about latest movies here, some examples are below Grainy Image 1) Downsizing 2) Jurassic World 2015 Crystal Clear Image 1) Pacific Rim Uprising 2) Guardians of...
  37. B

    any freeware to browse images?

    Currently I am using the default image viewer of windows 10, however, it doesn't seem like I can zoom lock the image which is an important feature I need. Is there any free alternative that I can use? Thanks
  38. M

    Tencent Gaming Buddy - Bad Image Error

    Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator is the new thing in the internet in which you can play PUBG Mobile game online through the tencent emulator. Everyone is playing in it. However I have a specific Bad Image error everytime I launch game in it or do any changes or settings in the emulator. Error...
  39. S

    Video Wall with a twist for a Living Room

    I want to run 2 screens showing one image for my living room. I'd like to hook up a 5.1 theater system to this as well. Everything Im reading says in order to connect the tvs I need a PC to run them. Is that true? Can it be run with a receiver/amp? I know the PC doesnt have enough power to...
  40. C

    Blu-ray player won't display image on TV

    Hello! I have a Samsung KS8000F 55 inch TV, a Samsung UBD-M7500 blu-ray player and a Denon AVR- S710W audio receiver. Strange thing happens with the blu-ray player. When I turn on the blu-ray player first, it will turn on the audio receiver and TV, put it on the right input, but no image will...
  41. E

    Can this run the sims?

    Im looking for a laptop that can run the sims 3/4.Can this laptop do it? ://
  42. gigabyte2020

    Always receiving " Failed to upload image " om

    Hey guys, I have been suffering from annoying issue which is lasting too long right now; every time I upload image to imgur and when uploading finishes 100% and undergoing processing, it then says " Failed to upload image " it automatically tries to uploading again and also same error. I never...
  43. S

    Android Call top right picture

    couldn't describe it well and I also know this doesn't really fit this place but couldn't find any other place to put it basically, I want to have a popup image of who im calling while calling someone in android (as shown in the screenshot below, which was taken on a note 4 android 6) on my...
  44. R

    how do change google search image display

    Now looks like pinterest ... how do I get it back to old format
  45. C

    TV no picture but has black/blue glow and sound

    Hi I recently was on my TV doing my thing until the image or picture started to "fade" from the top left corner side to the bottom right. I thought it was a temporary issue and turned it on and off, but to no avail. I tried various things, even opening it and checking for blown capacitors. I'm...
  46. T

    Need a Non-Image Backup Program for Windows 10 Pro

    what is a good backup program that doesn't rely on Images? I'd like to find one that would automatically select system and app files and other critical stuff without trying to copy all 1.5 terabytes because I don't have a backup drive that big yet! Thanks so much, Toby
  47. C

    Stereoscopic video images

    Is it possible to mix two images from separate video cameras to produce a single image such as the human brain does using two eyes. This would need to be in real time too.
  48. A

    Acer Laptop ES1-511 no image only backlight on screen

    hello everyone, i have a laptop acer which doesnt display any image on the laptop lcd,i have treid another lcd but still no display buit when i plug it with an hdmi it works i get display on my tv can someone tell me what can cause this problem?
  49. S

    Blue screen image on my laptop

    My acer aspire e1572g laptop won't open when installing winsows 10 crashed @ 81%. When i tried opening it, a blue screen is shown with the following: "We couldn't complete the updates Undoing chamges Don't turn off your computer" What ahould i do? I needed my pc sooo much! Thanks
  50. A

    Solved! Is there any program that can turn some binary code into binary string in a black and white image?

    Is there any program/app that can get some binary code, and turn it in a black and white image. By that i mean get this image where the 0 are represented by the color black and the 1 with the color white.The example shown well Its a short creepy pasta story from a game. But that doesnt matter...
  51. A

    What can you do with Java I/O library?

    So I'm reading a book on Java, and I'm stuck on the Chapter about IO. So I understand that Java was two streams; the character and byte stream, but I don't understand when to use character stream and when to use byte streams. Also, what if I wanted to make a Java program what can process...
  52. S

    Solved! This is what I see on my laptop ‘select boot image did not authenticate

    Selected boot image did not authenticate
  53. A

    Does image quality depends only on PPI?

    I am not 100% sure how it works and if its called DPI or PPI but I will use PPI here. I noticed that my Galaxy S6 has like um 500+ PPI? And i heard more PPI means the crisper Recently I ordered a 28 inch 4K monitor, and i used an online PPI calculator and its around 157 PPI compared to the...
  54. M

    Can't view pictures on camera off of a SD card

    I am able to download pictures from our SD card to the computer, but when wanting to view them on our Canon SX 150 IS it shows "No Image". Why
  55. S

    chrome image display is driving me mad

    Hello guys,the problem I have is that when I google for an image lets say that I google the word kappa and go to the image section it's not the typical page with lots of pictures together but it's a weird thing like 4 pictures per row,all of them links to websites and if I want to download that...
  56. Ali Ersin Gercek

    Need hdd image for satellite s1800-804

    My laptop cd rom drive was broken, not working. I need hdd image for satellite s1800-804. I wanna use it so its FIR infrared. Help me. Thanks for support.
  57. P

    W7 - Backup plus clone. How does this plan sound?

    My intention is to: a) First, clone my C (system) drive to an external USB drive. This will quickly provide a 'last resort' backup. b) Then, I'll image my C drive, again to an external drive, and set it to do periodic incrementals. My question: I thought of using Macrium or Acronis for the...