How to Access Your Media from Amazon Cloud in Fire TV


Amazon cloud is a safe and amazing place to store your media; videos, photos and other types of files. This cloud can be accessed from the desktop, mobile and the fire devices. The files and photos that you upload on the Amazon drive are privately stored in the Amazon Photos Library and your Files. You can access Amazon Drive using, Windows or Mac Desktop, Web Browser, iOS and Android devices and Fire Devices.

Amazon offers a number of annual storage plans to its customers. So, you can investigate and choose one plan based on your storage needs. Amazon Prime subscribers get a storage space for unlimited number of photos along with 5GB of storage for other file types.
On Fire TV, you can access your media using Amazon Photos app. Using this app you can view your photos, set wallpapers, screensavers, delete photos, share them and all this comes with access management. If you have stored media on your Amazon Cloud and would like to access it using your Fire TV, here is a quick guideline that will help you access your photos and videos and do a lot more.

Watching Personal Photos and Videos
Step 1. Click on ‘Amazon Photos App’
Click on ‘Amazon Photos App’, this app is pre-installed on your Fire TV. If you cannot see it on your home screen you will have to find it in your ‘Your Apps and Channels’.

Step 2. Use ‘Navigation Menu’
Use the ‘Navigation Menu’ to browse through the photos and videos stored on Amazon Drive.

Step 3. Press ‘Menu Button’ on Remote
If you want to do more than just view your photos, press the ‘Menu Button’ on your Fire TV remote and it will open options like, Set as Screensaver and Date Taken.

Step 4. Click on ‘Start Slideshow’
Click on ‘Start Slideshow’ if you want to view a slideshow of your photos on Fire TV. Start with clicking on the folder of your choice and then select ‘Start Slideshow’ using your TV remote.

So, this was how you can access your media from Amazon Cloud in Fire TV. If you need to remove some photos or folders, you will have to remove them for the drive, you cannot do that on your Fire TV.