How to Add a Card to Passbook (iOS 8)

Passbook is an app for iPhone that allows users to consolidate all of their payment methods for Apple Pay, such as credit cards, coupons, and the like for convenience of selection and usage, with reminders of when and where certain passes can be applied. Users can add credit or debit cards to Passbook for convenient payment options, rather than having to enter card info each time. It is very easy to add a card to Passbook. If you would like to learn how to add a card to Passbook for your iOS 8 device, just read the following instructions below. (Note: Apple Pay is only available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)

1. Opening the app- Tap the Passbook icon on your iOS 8 device to open up the app.

2. Adding a card- After the app has been opened, you will see a + sign in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap the + sign.

3. Apple Pay setup- You will see information about credit and debit cards, using Touch ID. Below that is a link to tap called Set Up Apple Pay. Tap on Set Up Apple Pay.

4. Adding card info- Manually enter your card information in the lines provided for each part (name, card number, expiration date, security code on the back), or you can capture the information via your camera. You will receive a notification that your card is ready for Apple Pay. You may begin using immediately or you can add additional cards.