How to Add a Flash Video Using Dreamweaver?

The web is expanding every second and so is the information that the network holds. The data is not only expanding in frequency of the webpages and databases, but the data on a single page is also growing. A webpage now a days contains, videos, image galleries and audio to suit users’ contexts.

Flash is a quite popular application that is used to provide high quality functionalities like audio and video. Flash video players contain plugins and codecs that can play all the general formats of the video clips and movies.

HTML5, though, has incorporated the ability to add videos, it is stillquite tricky to embed it on a webpage. The major problem while using an HTML video is of compatibility. Your browser may not support video tags, or your download manager may jam the video playback, causing the HTML video to not stream properly on the page.

Adding flash video on your HTML webpage is easy, and with its available plugins, it is more popular over the Internet. The flash video player supports streaming and downloading as well, due to which adding and implementing videos on webpage becomes favorable.

If you need to add a flash player that could stream videos on your homepage, you can accomplish this task using your Dreamweaver program by following the below described procedure:

    ■Initialize the Dreamweaver program from the Start menu. Using any account.

    ■On the interface, select File from the menu bar.

    ■From the drop-down list that appears, click on Open.

    ■On the Open window, browse and open the target file.

    ■On the interface, select Source Code under the menu bar.

    ■On the Source Code section, select the area or DIV where you wish to add flash player.

    ■On the interface, select Insert from the menu bar.

    ■On the drop-down list that appears, select Media.

    ■On the sub drop-down list that appears, click on Flash Video.


    ■On the Insert FLV box that appears, select Progressive Download Video after the Video type section.

    ■Give exact path of the FLV file, and give appropriate Width and Height of the player.


    ■Click on OK to save the changes.

After providing the path of the FLV file, always remember to move the file to the root folder, otherwise the Flash player will not be able to play-back the video.

Note: If you have a download manager or accelerator, update it to current version, otherwise it may hinder the playback of the video.


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