How to Add a Game to a Google Play Wishlist

If there's an app you want from the Google Play Store, you can add it to your wishlist. Here's how:

1. Tap the Google Play Store icon on your phone to access the store.


2. Once you're there, you will see different categories on the top page. Tap "Games" to access the page.


3. On the Games page, you will see the top games based on their categories. Choose which category you want to access. If you found a game you want that you don't want to download but only add to your wishlist, tap the three dots beside it.


4. When you tap it, a pop out box will appear with two choices whether you want to Install the game or Add it to your wishlist. Tap Add to wishlist.


5. To check whether the game is already in your wishlist, go to the Google Play Store main page. On the top left page, you will see the Google Play logo. Tap it and a menu will slide from the left corner. Tap "My Wishlist" to access the page.


6. You will see all the apps you chose to store in your wishlist on that page. Locate your game . It will stay there until you decide to delete or install it.