How to Add a Profile in Netflix

Netflix is a very famous service that provides the customers the chance to watch an extensive range of TV shows, the movies as well as documentaries. Customers get an opportunity to download the contents in order to watch offline. People can enjoy unlimited content without the interruption of commercials. The easy navigation and attractive user interface of Netflix have attracted many youngsters to use this platform for watching their favorite movies or shows.

Users can create their own profiles, customize and use it to view their favorite shows. By creating their own profile, users can keep a track of the movies, shows, and series that have been watched by them already. They can also mark their favorite movies and shows to view it later. Here’s how to add a profile in Netflix.

Step 1
The user needs to tap ‘Netflix’ mobile app icon to open the application. The first page visible would the one with the list of popular shows and movies.

Step 2
Once the application is opened, you need to press the ‘Menu’ button that is located at the corner of the application.

Step 3
You will now notice the hamburger menu that gets opened. The user must the ‘Profile Name’ that appears at the top of the list.

Step 4
Now you will see the ‘Who’s watching’ screen appear. Then, select ‘Add Profile’ from the list of the possible options

Step 5
The user can choose their 'profile icon' from the list available.

Step 6
The user on selecting the icon can now select the name for the profile and slide the ’Toggle bar’ for enabling the kid's mode. The kid’s mode will enable the parents or elders to prevent access to some movies from the kids.

The user can create the profile in their Netflix easily by following the above steps and utilize their profile for more personalization and customization
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