How to Add Services to Timehop

TimeHop is an app which allows you to revisit your past by accessing your social networking accounts. If you post a picture of you on vacation today, TimeHop will remind you of that and ask you whether you want to share it again or not in a year or more. Initially, it will use your Facebook account but you can also add other services. Here's how:

1. When you first use TimeHop, it will ask permission to access your Facebook account. Once you log in, it will generate all the activities you did in the past on that particular day and will ask whether you want to share it or not.

2. Then, it will ask you separately whether you also want to connect with your other social networking accounts, like Twitter, Instagram, or Google +. If you want, just tap Connect and the app will automatically access them.


3. If during the initial set-up you skipped this step and you want to add these services to your TimeHop, you can still do that by tapping the Settings button found at the upper right corner of your screen. The Settings button is represented by a cog wheel.

4. On the Settings screen, you will find the different services you can use with TimeHop. Tap Connect if you want TimeHop to access it. If you want to stop using the service, just tap to disconnect.