How to AirDrop Files Using the MacBook Pro

There are a lot of ways to send a receive files between devices. There are online applications such as various e-mails, chat tools, etc. Then there are Bluetooth based sharing applications. However, none of these can match up to the ease of process which is provided by the AirDrop app of MacBook Pro. Using this application a file can be sent to another Apple device which is connected to the same wifi within a matter of seconds. And the process comes with a protection gate as well.
So, if you have multiple systems connected to your home wi-fi or out with a friend at a public wi-fi zone. Follow the steps below to share files seamlessly between the two MacBooks:

Step 1
Open the ‘Finder’ window.

Step 2
On the left hand column click on the ‘AirDrop’ tab.

Step 3
A white space should appear with the name of your PC along with the display picture.

Step 4
If there is another MacBook connected to the same wi-fi as your PC within a short while their name and profile picture will also be made visible within the white space.

Step 5
Select the file you want to send and drag and drop it over the profile picture of the other MacBook, then click on ‘Send’.

Step 6
A prompt will be shown to the other MacBook which will allow the acceptance of the sent file.
Step 7
Select the ‘Save and Open’ or the ‘Save’ option and the file will be sent to the other PC.

Keep in mind that AirDrop can be used to send files between PCs which are connected to the same wi-fi network. If the two systems are connected via different networks then the application will not be able to function.
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