How to Automatically Backup Photos on Android


Love it or hate it, when you use an Android device, you are letting Google deep into your life. However, membership has benefits, such as the ability to use Google Drive, share calendars, documents and contacts between devices and a whole lot more. One of the most useful tools Google offers is the ability to backup important data from your phone. If you want to backup Android With Google, read on.

You have a few options when selecting what to back up. You can select app data, Google Chrome, Contacts, Documents, photos, files and more. The list is long but easily accessible.

Check what Google syncs in Android
Depending on your phone, many options will be enabled by default, others may not.
1. Navigate to Settings, Accounts and then Google.
2. Toggle on all those apps and settings you want to sync with either Gmail or Google Drive.
3. Pay particular attention to Contacts, Gmail, Google Photos Backup and Google Play services you use.

Once enabled, the services enabled in this step will periodically sync with Google and save a copy of everything. You can then access it through Gmail or Google Drive.

To manually backup Android With Google
1. Navigate to Settings and then Backup & reset.
2. Check Back up my data is turned on to verify syncing is enabled.
3. Tap Backup account to manually trigger a sync.
4. Enable Automatic restore to allow Google to automatically download your data should your phone be wiped for any reason.

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