How to Be Invisible on Skype While Remaining Active?

If you are a busy person and have added several friends and various business contacts on your Skype account, many times you might not want to be disturbed by your friends and/or unwanted or unproductive business clients.

Skype developers understand your privacy needs and therefore they have integrated the ‘Invisible’ feature in the application.

By default when you sign into your Skype account, your profile status is set to ‘Available’ which means that you are online and active. If you want, you can change this profile status to ‘Invisible’. When you do so, you will be shown as offline to everyone in your Skype contact list.

This way you can perform all your activities on Skype while remaining invisible (offline) for the other Skype users in your contact list.

Here is how you can change your profile status from ‘Available’ to ‘Invisible’:

    ■Turn on your computer system.
    ■Open the Skype application by double-clicking its icon, and click the appropriate option to log-in either using Microsoft account or by your Skype Name.

    ■Assuming that you are logging-in using your Skype Name, provide your credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    ■Once your Skype profile opens up, from the menu bar click the Skype menu located at the top-left corner.

    ■From the displayed list, hover mouse to the Online Status menu.

    ■From the displayed submenu, click the Invisible option to change your status and become invisible for your Skype friends.