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    Question AMD Ryzen 3 2200G RX 570 problems in Battlefield 5

    Hello, I have this second "budget" setup with AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, RX 570 4gb Sapphire nitro+, Gigabyte B450m motherboard and 16gb ddr4 3200mhz g.skill RAM. I'm having problems in Battlefield 5. I'm playing on medium settings with DX11 on 1080p. I'm getting even 100fps+ but average is 70-80...
  2. D

    How do I find a scammer's location with skype? He scammed thousands of dollars from me and I want to call police in that area

    address of scam person, his address isn't on the profile
  3. A

    Solved! Headset with noise cancelling microphone

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for experienced advice on what to buy for skype/webex conferences, if I want it to pick only my voice and cut Everything else as much as possible. Things like baby across the room, etc. Is hypercardioid microphone an answer? Any specific model recommended? I did...
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    I bought new laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 320 and it's not working properly and when I'm trying to open the apps like Skype or any ap

    I bought a new laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 320 and it's not working properly as I was trying to open the apps it's not opening
  5. M

    Headset mic not working

    When I speak with someone on Skype, the other party hears me ok but when I tap on the mic mouthpiece, she doesn't hear me so apparently my headset mic is not connected. How to configure the headset mic? My laptop has two ports. I was advised to buy a sound card. Will it work? (Laptop does not...
  6. D

    my sky has no "automatic updates"

    My skype is always updating automatically into new version, and i don't like that because i want the older one. So i want to close the automatic update on my skype. i am using this The problem is i can't find the " Automatic updates" in my sky so i will...
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    Disabling forced upgrade of Skype 7.41 to Skype 8

    I don't know where to open this thread. Admins can move it to the correct board if it is in the wrong one. Anyway: recently, my Skype 7.41 started to display messages in its home page, that it will be disabled if I won't upgrade to the new Skype 8, which have a crap interface, missing lot of...
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    Solved! LG phone problem

    Hi I have an LG and when I make a phone call it goes through Skype how can I go back to making normal phone calls?
  9. B

    How do I change my ringtone on the updated Skype?

    I just updated my Skype account on my computer and lost the custom ringtone and notification sound I gave it before. While I was expecting this, and still have the custom .WAV files I had before, I can't seem to find a way to reassign it back onto my account again. Does anyone know what I...
  10. K

    Mic is not picking up voice, but playing PC sounds

    So, my friend has an issue, where his mic doesn't pick up what he is saying, but when we are on teamspeak, discord, skype or whatever, everytime I talk, I can hear my self through his mic. I can also hear all his sounds on his PC. He is using a headset with jack sticks, but he says he has 5...
  11. R

    KOTION EACH G1000 mic barely audible

    So, until yesterday mic was working relatively well. I joined a skype call without the mic plugged in. Skype was configured to use my headset mic, so naturally nobody could hear me. I plugged the mic, yet still nobody could hear me. Restarted the system with the mic plug in (pink jack) and still...
  12. M

    Find friends on skype. How?

    I am trying ti find a friend on skype but i cant. I search his name but the results are limited. It's show me only 15 people with this name and it dont allow me to scroll down so i can see more people with this name. I try the app on windows 10, the browser version of skype and the skype on my...
  13. E

    Splitting one audio file into two audio sources.

    Hello! I recently made a gaming video about PUBG with a friend over skype, and when i play the exported file, i hear myself (mic) loud, and my buddy (skype) low. Does anyone know how to fix this without making a new video? Please help fast. -Erlend
  14. J

    .dat skype files

    how can i read the skype .dat files
  15. L

    How do i find the location of a skype user on the internet when he won't tell me his location?

    I video call with someone on Skype. He is being secretive about his real name and his actual location. How can I research for a location on the internet using his Skype ID?
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    how can i hide my mobile number from contacts in skype

    how can i hide my mobile number from contacts in skype
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    Skype Audio Conundrum

    So I have an interesting one. I can't hear anyone I call on Skype, including echo; but, when I go to test the audio of my speakers they work. Every other aspect of Skype works, I can receive calls and the sound works (not voice just the ring) My speakers work in every other instance, I just...
  18. M

    I want to be able to hear audio from my laptop and my xbox simultaneously

    I have an xbox and an acer laptop but i want to be able to talk to my friends over skype while playing xbox and still be able to hear my friends on skype and hear the audio from my xbox one at the same time. Is it possible to do this? If so, what do i need to do this and how do i do it.
  19. S

    install skype on iphone 4s

    Hi, My father received a iphone 4s and would like to use skype on it, but as it has an old ios the version on the app list is not supported. Is there a way to install an older version of skype ? If possible not having to jailbreak it. Thanks.
  20. W

    Skype history delete

    Hi, I just realized that deleting skype chat history is not supported on Windows 10. How can I delete it then? Thanks.
  21. 9

    Skype: earphones in, my friends can hear me but not my music

    when my earphones are plugged in, my friends can't hear the music from my mac but can hear me speak. When my earphones are disconnected they can hear me and my music just fine. Is there a way I can have my earphones in but still share the sounds from my macwith my friends on skype?
  22. J

    How to I route sounds through my microphone?

    For example, imagine I'm on both Skype and Discord in two conversations at the same time. I have my headset plugged in with both audio and mic. How do I make the sound of Discord be transmitted through my mic so that my friend on Skype can hear it? Is it even possible? If it is possible, is...
  23. Saturnity

    Skype audio cutting out when I talk? [SOLVED]

    Alright so when im talking to a friend on skype and I talk or for example share system sound and play music, it completely blocks the other persons sound and I cant hear them, like it mutes them almost, any way to fix this? Id like to play music and be able to hear my friend talk at the same time.
  24. L

    Smart TV Skype alternatives

    I have a Panasonic Viera Smart TV. I connected a webcam to it and used skype to talk to my daughter in canada. Now that skype is no longer supported on TV what are my alternatives?
  25. R

    Interruption management software

    I am looking for software that will help reduce the number of interruptions at the workplace. I need to concentrate on complex problems and interruptions, whether Skype, chats or colleagues are ver costly to me. does anyone have any ideas?
  26. M

    Installing Skype broke other programs

    When my wife installed Skype on her Windows 7 computer, several programs quit working. VLC now reports it can't play the file because it has a virus. This happens for any file I give it, including files from my camera (which is firmware driven and cannot get a virus). Virus checkers don't find...
  27. P

    Is it possible to get a virus from adding someone on Skype? A call?

    Is it possible to get a virus from just adding someone on Skype? What about getting onto a Skype call with them? Thanks
  28. C

    Solved! New headset mutes everything when I tab into an app or game.

    I got this new headset today, and now everything else (skype, teamspeak, spotify) mutes when I tab into another application/game that is fullscreen. Headset is Razer Kraken Pro, can anyone help me
  29. P

    Solved! unistalled skype but i keep hearing skype notify sound every now and then

    exactly as the title say.. i simply unistalled skype fro the control panel (win7) and all went normaly but i still hear skype notify sound every now and then help please thanks in advance
  30. A

    Hyper X Cloud 2 Humming Noise from my mic

    Hey everyone. I was playing games on my PC today with some friends and we were communicating via skype. All of a sudden they all started panicking saying that my microphone had a humming noise. I use a Hyper X Cloud 2 headset. I tried using the skype test call service and I definitely noticed...
  31. E

    Headset Mic Works on Websites, Nowhere Else?

    Hi! I have a headset normally used with an Xbox One that I'm attempting to use on my computer for Skype and what-not. It's a Turtle Beach XO Four Stealth, I believe. I'm on Windows 10. Anywho, when I go on mic testing sites like and sites that record audio, my mic...
  32. A

    Gaming laptop around 350

    I need a gaming laptop that is under 400 and that can play csgo at decent settings. Also needs to be able to stream and do skype.
  33. D

    During a Skype call, my friend receives high quality video of me , yet I receive terrible low quality video of them.

    I have good internet but this is a major problem I am running into. When skyping a friend, they receive really nice high quality video and audio of me. But I receive unbearably bad video and audio of them. It's pretty much running like a pixelated slideshow with occasionally choppy audio. Does...
  34. D

    I am trying to have a recording in skype for every call i have. I listen to the recording and the other people can hear the yo

    I am trying to have a recording in skype for every call i have. I listen to the recording and the other people can hear the youtube videos i played in the background during the call. how to disable that? id like to have skype calls in which they can't listen mike backgorund music.
  35. P

    Patient Assistance 123 - Not able to download the Skype on my laptop

    Hello, I am a member of Patient Assistance 123. I am facing downloading issue on my laptop. Earlier Skype was working fine on my system, from last few days it was asking for the update and when I updated it is giving an error. I have uninstalled and then tried to re- install it but its nor...
  36. I

    Earphones + Charging = Static for caller during calls

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. I am using brand new Vava earphones and an Anker charging cable. When on Skype, the caller hears static crackling from my side that I don't hear. Using Echo test, I found out the following: 1. Earphones only plugged in: No static 2. Charger only plugged in: No...
  37. L

    acer syncmanster 913 volume

    how to enable built in microphone for Skype etc?
  38. Arkyo00

    Apple EarPod mic output invalid

    I'm using a Lenovo G50-80. I can hear sounds from my friends in Skype or Discord in my Apple EarPod. They can hear me via Skype , however , not in Discord. People over the internet says that the slot can be categorized as "2 lines " or "3 lines" in the slot, which I believe that it may be the...
  39. Fadilizer

    Discord App Issues

    For a while now, My friends and I have ditched skype and started using Discord. So far so good, the app works perfectly, no issues whatsoever. Until, one day, Discord doesn't pick up my microphone, at all, messed around with the settings for about 15 minutes straight, nothing. I uninstall...
  40. B

    I Can hear Skype,You Tube And Music...Through My Logitech H600 Wireless Mic. But,If I Go To Play A Game...I Only Hear The Soun

    I Can hear Skype,You Tube And Music...Through My Logitech H600 Wireless Mic. But,If I Go To Play A Game...I Only Hear The Sounds Of The Game...Through My Computer Tower's Speakers...Why Is That?
  41. Zic

    What software should I get for a new PC

    Hi I was wondering What software should I get for a new PC and types of software here is a website that lists alot of things but I don't know what else I would need besides skype and is Sumatra PDF better than adobe reader and are there any in there you wouldn't recommend so here is the link...
  42. S

    How can i make a sound to import as my ringtone on skype?

    I know how to change my ringtone on skype and how to download music, but when i download the music/ringtone i want, it doesnt show up. Do I need to add an extra step to transfer it to where i am able to make it my ringtone? please help as fast as you can! :D Thank you1
  43. W

    Skype security is terrible?

    Hello all, Yesterday I downloaded Skype onto one of my machines. I signed in with Microsoft credentials and proceeded to set up the app. That much went fine. Later that night, I turned off my machine and made my way to bed. This morning, I turned my machine on and Skype popped up and requested...
  44. F

    Seriously need help with microphone.

    So I bought a pc of a friend. He did reset the pc and the pc has windows 10. Today i bought myself a monitor for my pc. This is the one...
  45. L

    Sort of a virus in Skype

    Hi Everybody, A few days ago I noticed that I have many notifications on Skype and when I checked them I saw that I "sent" to pretty much all of my contact list a link to some page on This is the link (Please, only press if you know how to handle this kind of suspicious links)...
  46. B

    Help: Question about Old Desktop

    Hello! I newly clean installed a windows xp sp3 on a desktop I've been working on for quite a while, yes, windows xp, we have no other option the pc is kind of old, (2003-ish?). Anyway, it's a desktop that has communication needs. I need options, any suggestions? We've tried installing skype...
  47. X

    Skype is acting really strange?

    I have 30 mb/s internet, which is better than the 18mb/s I used to have. It should be plenty for Skype, but it keep's acting really weird. It will work, and my call's never drop or have any interruption really (I've been on 2 3+ hours Skype call's this past week and it was fine the entire...
  48. T

    Can a TRRS to TRS 3.5 mm jack adapter for headphones work for microphones

    I bought this microphone for PC use with Skype and I found that it doesn't work for PC, only for smart phones. I am planning to buy this adapter which is meant...
  49. S

    Got phone call from ghost?

    Ok so me and my friend were just randomly talking on skype and she got a random phone call she hangup and then 2 sec later a hidden number called ME!!! and before that we were talking about ouija board and ghosts stuff and the paranormal stuff are hapening to her like she is seeing woman...
  50. S

    OovoO Download Virus Scan Failed

    I am trying to download OovoO to chat with a friend, who refuses to use skype (which is what I prefer) but when I try to download it I get a "Virus Scan Failed" Error. I've tried changing the ScanWithAntiVirus value to 1, and it still doesn't work. I've tried it on multiple browsers. I've...
  51. S

    helo sir. there is no dell webcam central in my dell vostro 3558 lap. but when i open skype the cam will automaticaly opened

    helo sir. there is no dell webcam central in my dell vostro 3558 lap. but when i open skype the cam will automaticaly opened
  52. M

    Good microphone for under $30

    I'm looking for a cheap microphone for under $30. I just need one to be able to talk to friends on Skype or discord and be able to use in game chats. I know there is not much in this price range but I don't want to spend $50+ on a microphone I don't use very often
  53. S

    PC Sound cuts out complete (cannot access your sound driver)

    I'm having a problem where my PC's sound completely cuts out and says ' you do not have any sound connected to this pc' It does it to everything including skype, there is no sound whats so ever after a few moments it kicks back in. Any help appreciated Spec's are Operating System: Windows 10...
  54. R

    I can't get skype

    I cant get Skypye because it takes a number which I don't have.
  55. a cooperator

    I am having a problem logging in to Skype using my MS account, Skype username or Facebook account.

    Hi, First of all, since I didn't find any Skype category, I posted my thread in the 'Apps General Discussion' category. Though I don't know if this is suitable category or not. I have Windows 10 Home Edition(64-Bit) installed on my PC and I have Skype version '' Although I have...
  56. S

    Microphone on Acer Aspire V13 doesn't work

    Hi! Yesterday I used Skype and there was no problem. Today when I used Skype my microphone in the computer didn't work, and just gave a buzzing sound to the one I was talking to. I think I have tried to do everything to fix it, but I hope you guys can help me fixing the problem.
  57. MartinEggman

    Suggested Headset for under £50?

    I'm looking for a replacement to my Plantronics 388 headset, I've been looking at these but not sure which one to get, If anyone has other alternatives then please feel free to share, thank you. Logitech G230 Logitech G430 Corsair Raptor HS40 Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Turtle Beach x12
  58. M

    skype not respindiong due to access violation

    hi. recently Skype on my computer (windows 7 64 bit) has stopped working. whenever i open it i get this warning Access violation at address 5E4C5B8E in module 'mshtml.dll'. read of address 00000008. i also get a warning with 5F82086C as the address and jscript.dll as the mosule and 00000019 as...
  59. C

    Recording a conversation on Skype ?

    How do you do this please? Has anyone here any experience of recording a conversation over Skype please? With the images as well if possible.
  60. J

    Problem with Skype webcam

    I have a Hp Envy tablet which I just bought, and the webcam seems to work fine until I call someone in Skype. It then freezes a few seconds in and the light goes out, but keeps my picture frozen, and I can see the other end fine. If I use the tools menu to check my webcam, it keeps my video up...