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  1. J

    Problem with Skype webcam

    I have a Hp Envy tablet which I just bought, and the webcam seems to work fine until I call someone in Skype. It then freezes a few seconds in and the light goes out, but keeps my picture frozen, and I can see the other end fine. If I use the tools menu to check my webcam, it keeps my video up...
  2. B

    Can I use my Wireless Stereo Headset to hear PS4 and PC Audio at the same time?

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any way that I could make audio from my PC and my PS4 come through the same headset at the same time. For example, have Skype Audio from my PC and game audio from my PS4 come through my headset at the same time. The headset is the PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset.
  3. T

    Skype doesn't work with ethernet

    Hi, I'm facing a problem here... I want to play on my minecraft server with my friend, whilst skyping ofcoarse. So I portforwarded and everything, but because my internet doesn't go everywhere in the house, i have an Internet repeater. And because of that, i can't portforward. It all worked...
  4. Z

    My skype icons are up top when they are suppose to be on the bottom

    My skype icons are up top when they are suppose to be on the bottom , On skype I have searched around for a fix but have not found a solution yet.
  5. G

    An Easy Skype Guide for Parents

    Are your kids heading off to college? There's no easier and inexpensive way to stay in touch than by using Skype. Here's how to get started with Microsoft's video and audio calling app. An Easy Skype Guide for Parents : Read more
  6. S

    skype not receive files

    hi does anyone has the problem receiving a file or anything from skype in windows xp...i have a problem went i sent to other people the can receive but if i want to receive the file i cannot receive. it show download but nothing can be download. please help i'm using windows xp for my old pc at...
  7. M

    Apple Microphone Skype Setup.

    hi i cant make my apple headphone smicrophone connect with skype. Something tells me its not skype itself but I think its My realtek Hd audio. When i plug my headphones in it asks whether or not its headphones or microphones. Headphones leads to audio but no mic. Mic no audio. I dont know what...
  8. sfootie

    Is exposing scammers legal?

    First off - I'm not sure which category this should go in, so I put it here. Basically, me and a friend were going to set up a virtual machine and expose tech support scammers - we would record the screen and the phone call (probably via Skype). I know there are loads of these videos online...
  9. R

    help me buy a headphone with mic for skpe call in desktop computer

    Guys, i'm little confused with headphones with built-in microphone and headsets with microphone (ie headset with microphone separetly attached) . I want a headset to speak in Skype. i have desktop system. (no laptop) so no built in mic in the system. The normal computer headset have two pins...
  10. E

    Your opinion on this laptop

    Looking to get a budget gaming laptop and was wondering what you guys thought of this one. I plan to mostly play league and OverWatch on it while using skype.
  11. S

    Skype default log in name changes itself

    Hi, On my Skype there are 4 log in names, two are mines and 2 are ones friends have used in the past when using skype on my computer. I only use one of the log in names and usually it is always the default one. Recently however, I opened skype and kept putting in my password but it kept...
  12. E

    My Number On Skype

    When all of my friends try to call me, it asks if they want to call my Phone Number, or my Skype. I want to know how to remove it from my skype completely, and I wanna know why skype is allowing people to see my number at all! I don't have my number connected to my skype and I DONT WANT PEOPLE...
  13. D

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware keeps blocking random IP's from Skype?

    So I tried the free upgrade off Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. After upgrading I keep getting notifications from Malwarebytes saysing its blocking IPs from Skype. What does this mean? Heres a log: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Detection, 6/3/2016 1:23 PM, SYSTEM, DYLAN-MGR...
  14. G

    Unable to install skype and Install iTunes

    I have been trying yo uninstall skype as i don't use it that often anymore but i keep on getting this error. Here is the link in case the picture doesn't shows -New proble now. I can't install the latest version of iTunes. This the error message i keep on getting...
  15. J

    Skype Suspicious Alerts

    So, I recently got a virus on my PC (MPC software and other unwanted stuff if you were wondering).I was pretty much spammed with ads at first but I managed to get rid of them and was left to deal with MPC,. I thought I had sorted it all, but everytime I load up Skype, I get this weird message (I...
  16. H

    How do I turn the camera around from facing out to facing me?

    Got Skype working. Then looked around on how to take a picture with this Acer One 10, took a picture, now the other person I'm Skyping sees the view from the back of the tablet instead of the screen side. How do i turn this camera around?
  17. U

    My mic isn't working

    My mic was working fine on team speak and skype and suddenly stopped working on my desktop but it's working fine on my laptop then i checked through team speak test, all im hearing static sound.
  18. M

    Laptop cannot find webcam - help please!

    Hello, I have an HP Pavilion dv6 and I am running windows 10 Home 64 bit system. I am trying to get Skype to work and it cannot find my webcam. We have a Cyberlink YouCam preinstalled with the computer and I have done all necessary updates to the webcam from the Cyberlink website. Any help to...
  19. E

    which one is better for school a macbook air or a msi laptop

    I need a laptop for school and it should cost lower than 1000. I would like to use it for gaming too. I am going to be using it for world of Warcraft and league of legends. But, I will also be using this for school. I will keep this laptop at home and use my Chromebook for school. But, the...
  20. G

    Blue Yeti and Skype Problems

    Hello I was playing games on my PC when my friend called me on Skype. I answered it and plugged in my Blue Yeti microphone and I couldn't hear anything out of my headphones. I then tried to plug the headphones into the bottom of my microphone. I could hear the person i was talking to but not...
  21. I

    Micrphone has LOADS of static suddenly! (HELP!)

    Hi there, So my friends started literally saying they have pain, from static in the skype call, after my game, I went to record a quick piece in audacity, and wow, its me! It's really loud and I you can barely hear my voice over the static. My mic is a Blue Snowball (Not the ICE version)! Hope...
  22. E

    No headset: Preventing voice/audio recycling in video conference.

    I have a question regarding audio pickup in a video conference, potentially Skype. It's hypothetical for me currently because I haven't ordered any of the equipment thus far, and merely foresee it as an issue currently. I'm looking to be doing a call without using a headset since we'll be doing...
  23. J

    Laptop Built-in Cam not working

    Hi, my built in, laptop webcam suddenly doesn't work when using skype or any other video program?! i checked under Control Panel-device manager-imaging devices and it says it's working properly. i uninstalled, restarted and it reinstalled the driver again but still the cam won't come on? Please...
  24. J

    How can I hide my phone number from my skype contacts?

    I need to hide my phone number from my Skype contacts while keeping it connected to Skype. Edit:I plan to have people who would like to talk to some friends and I on there but don't want our phone numbers being public to any new person who joins our calls.
  25. F

    Skype Calls can hear sounds from PC

    When I plug my headphone and mic into the front input jacks on case my friends on skype can hear all the sounds coming from PC, but when I plug it into the back they can't. Does anyone know whats going on with my front mic and headphone jacks?
  26. B

    Audio in skype only randomly will get really quiet and then return to normal.

    Recently while doing snything my skype audio will randomly drop and then return to normal at random times repeadetly. My other audio such as videos and games stay normal.
  27. Maksiss3

    Skype turning it's own volume up in volume mixer (Win7)

    Why does this keep happening, I always turn individual programs down since my headphones are quite loud, but skype always seems tu turn it's self back up again and everytime somebody calls me I get a mini heart attack
  28. A

    Headset mic won't pick up voice!

    Hello! My headset microphone will not pick up my voice for some odd reason! When i used skype echo/sound test service it would not pick up my voice instead it would catch the video that i was watching! any ideas? thanks! *Sorry for my bad English! And i have no clue what my headset is all i know...
  29. O

    Wireless speakers for PC - just for Skype

    Hi I am looking for wireless speaker/speakers to my new PC - will be used mostly just for skype, so the sound quality is not that important. My main concern is the battery life - i will be on PC mostly all day so I don't feel like replacing batteries/charging every 5 hours. What would you...
  30. C

    skype help please

    I recently bought a pair of razer kraken 7.1 chroma's and they work fine in game and with everything else. except for when i join a group call, i can thear the other people,however they can hear me... Please help Also on my HP envy 13 the mic is VERY quiet and even being 3cm away is difficult...
  31. D

    Voice changer for skype calls

    Is here any programs that let you change your voice in skype and turn on/off this effects at any time?
  32. T

    Tablet as Web Camera

    I want to use my Tablet's camera as my Web Camera for my PC to talk on skype. Is there any way to do this? And no, using Tablet itself for skype is not an option.
  33. R

    Need Help Deciding Between Headsets

    I'm looking for a good headset for the value ($90 or under) mainly for voice chat and watching videos as well as occasional games. I'm currently deciding between the following: Logitech G930 - $86.99 Sentey GS4731 - $39.50 Sentey GS4531 - $26.99 Sades Stereo 7.1 Surround - $25.98 VersionTech...
  34. P

    Cannot hear anyone in Skype calls with my headset but can hear everything else fine.

    As described in the title I can hear literally everything else such as in-game volume, YouTube, music on Spotify, steam notifications, even Skype notifications! But for some reaon no matter what I do, I can't EVER hear people speak in a skype call. I tried plugging a pair of earbuds I had lying...
  35. M

    front microphone jack stopped working

    my front 3.5mm microphone jack suddenly stopped working. i was talking to friends on skype then i put my computer to sleep left it for a couple hours and when i turned it back on my audio works fine but when i try to speak nothing. i'm using windows 10 64 bit, restarting does nothing, my...
  36. L

    How to stop my laptop's built in microphone from picking up so much background noise?

    Whenever I'm on skype with friends in my bedroom, they hear background noise from my apartment super clearly, even if the noise isn't loud and is coming from another room in the house like someone walking on the hardwood floor in another room or washing dishes in the kitchen even when I close...
  37. C

    New Head Set doesn't work properly

    I bought brookstones Cat Ear headset. I can get the mic to work, or I can get the speakers to work. I can't get them to work at the same time. I've tried every plug on my computer and i've tried every plug using every possible setting (line in, headphones, speakers, mic, etc)(i may have missed a...
  38. M

    I can hear but can't be heard Razer Kraken Pro

    So I just built my first pc ever and it was pretty difficult for me. Everything was fined in till i tried to use my Razer Kraken Pro on skype. I can hear people talk on skype and in CSGO but I cant talk back to them at all. I do not know if I had plug every thing correctly or I miss a chord. It...
  39. S

    Mic having horrible feedback

    Hello my mic is giving terrible amounts of feedback in Skype and team speak ( it sounds a jet engine in my room) but when i try to talk in cs go it sounds perfectly fine. Also my ping doesnt go up in cs go so that kind of rules out that it could be an internet thing. What could be the problem?
  40. T

    "Sorry we couldn't connect to Skype" problem

    Around a month ago Skype on my pc would give me the message "Sorry we couldn't connect to Skype" and wouldn't allow me to sign in. I tried reinstalling it but that didn't work. I then left it for a while and made do with Skype on my Xbox. I've gotten tired of how annoying it can be on Xbox and...
  41. C

    Problems with loading or booting

    Hi a couple of days ago my laptop said it needed to reboot cos of Skype cos of update. I did it and from then when I turn on my laptop there's only a wiring sound coming from inside laptop and nothing else screen doesn't even turn on, it went on for at least a day then it was ok then I switch...
  42. C

    Skype has stopped working

    Hey all! Recently I had built a new PC and was trying to download Skype. However, when I had downloaded the installer, and got everything going up to where you enter your login details, Skype crashes and displays the message: "Skype has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop...
  43. Stingrays110

    Kotion Each G9000 Mic not working

    I picked up a Kotion Each G9000 headset awhile ago and never really used the mic, but i got Skype so me and my friend can play and its not working. Is there some kind of drivers or something i need for it to work? Is there a protective cover on it and im just being stupid? Or is it just cheap...
  44. T

    I bought a PS4 and tried go for SKYPE but did not succeed

    I have PS4 with the camera. For games it is perfect but I wanted to download SKYPE and failed.Can someone help me how to get SKYPE . De Silva
  45. BlueFireZ

    How to turn off/disable Skype notifications for specific contacts

    In this tutorial I'll be explaining how to turn off Skype notifications for specific contacts, simply follow the steps below! 1. Click on the contact you want notifications disabled for. 2. Now look for the "Conversation" tab at the top of the screen, and click on that. 3. From the drop down...
  46. X

    Does anybody know if there is a program that will communicate with my phone from my PC so I can text from my PC?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a program that will let me send a text message from my PC through my phone? I have a Windows Phone and I am using Windows 10. If someone knows I'd be really excited. Is there a way for Skype to do that? Thanks.
  47. L

    setting up new mic with speakers (blue snowball)

    so i bought the blue snowball, to be able to talk with people over skype while gaming. i dont like using headphones so im using speakers instead, and people over skype can very clearly hear the game or music through my speakers. i tried lowering the mic sensitivity, but then they cant hear me...
  48. M

    Xlr Mic To Mackie Mixer To Pc Sounds Amazing With Audacity But Horrible Though Skype! Please Help!

    I bought a Audio-Technica AT2035 and a Behringer Q502USB and a few cables. Returned the piece of shit Behringer and got the Mackie Mix 8. Everything sounds great when recording with Audacity but when I'm in a skype call my friend says it sounds worse then my C920 webcam. Do need to buy a usb...
  49. G

    Microphone is picking up windows sound but not my voice

    I went to go grab something and when I came back to my computer, my headset was not picking up my voice any more but was picking up my computer's noises (i.e. system sounds, steam notifications). I've already tried checking my default communications devices and etc. but nothing has worked. When...
  50. S

    Change Skype Audio Input from mic to computer?

    Hey guys, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X220 (i5 version). Yesterday, I used Skype with my friends, and wondered if I could use computer audio as an input. (I mean, use sounds from music playing, or Youtube as an input) I've searched some stuff online, and found the way, is to change the input...
  51. J

    need help choosing a laptop

    I'm buying my Grandma a Laptop for Christmas just so she can Skype and Email the family and was hoping you guys could help me decide on one that is decently fast, won't die after a short time, and costs around the $350 USD mark. I did find...
  52. J

    Need help choosing a laptop

    I'm buying my Grandma a Laptop for Christmas just so she can Skype and Email the family and was hoping you guys could help me decide on one that is decently fast, won't die after a short time, and costs around the $350 USD mark. edit: Just realized I posted this in the wrong sub-forum but oh...
  53. N

    Steelseries Siberia V3 has worse mic than V2??

    Me and one of my friends own a V2, and when we skype call theres literally no flaws. No background noise, no "cancer" when you eat or when you blow gently into it and the overall quality of the audio is just perfect. Now, my other friend is buying the V3 or the Elite Prism, and i heard the mic...
  54. I

    Does The Logitech G430 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. Conseal sound to only me and not through Skype?

    Hello, Christmass is coming and so are the gifts. i was thinking about buying The Logitech G430 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. but i have Razer kraken 7.1 the problem is that with the Razer kraken every sound, every noise, EVERYTHING gets through my skype, i cant do anything without my...
  55. TommyFamzy

    Securty Cerficicate problem (skype) is it a virus?

    When i opened skype i got a security certificate popup and i think it may be a virus so i dont want to click yes or no, what should i do? please help i will provide images of everything it says
  56. K

    toshiba chrome book 2

    can I get skype on this computer?
  57. R

    i can hear voice from caller but my voice is not heard by him in skype and viber. What could be the problem?

    my laptop toshiba can picked up the voice from caller clearly, but my answer is not heard by him while talking in skype and viber. So i would like to what went wrong and what could be solution.
  58. InfamousMango

    Skype never works anymore...for anything on Windows 10.

    I built a new PC two months ago with an i5 4690k and a 970, but a month after that, Skype started having major issues, it would randomly stop working during a call, I could only make a single call or receive one before I had to restart Skype. I looked to the forums for help and one guy...
  59. J

    Surface Pro 4 spec configuration help

    I plan on buying a Surface Pro 4, but I don't know if I should put the money towards the i7 CPU (with 8gb ram) or 16gb of RAM (with i5). I plan on regularly using Photoshop and Premiere with applications like Skype and Chrome running in the background.
  60. lethalshark

    Microphone Auto Adjusts Levels with Certain Programs

    I was trying to Skype with my friend but the background noise of my pc fans were unbearable for him even though I recently had set my microphone level to be a comfortable setting. I checked my mic settings and the level had been reset back to 100 (instead of the 18 I usually have it at). I set...