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    Skype has constant buzzing on both ears

    Hey there, I started using Skype about a month ago and since the day I downloaded it I have always had a buzzing noise in my headphones. If you turn the volume up then the buzzing get louder and vice versa. I've tried two different pair's of headphones. I used my monitor speakers I've...
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    Email change on Skype

    This page states that if you sign in to Skype using Microsoft account the process of changing email address is different but it doesn't tell you how to do it. Can someone help. My son wants to change his email address & I need to ensure he can still use Skype.
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    Blue Yeti Help

    Hello, my Blue Yeti Mic seems to work fine when I'm recording or on skype, but when I'm on Team Speak/Mumble, it sounds very bad and the quality has decreased significantly, anybody know why? If you help, thank you very much :D!
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    Does Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones work with Skype(wireless-ly)?

    I am looking for a good wireless headset for professional use. Mainly voip calls Skype, GotoMeeting etc. And some very little gaming use. Going through the internet, found that this is a really good headset 'Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones'. But read that microphones aren't that...
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    Acer Aspire E15 cannot re-start Skype

    My Acer Aspire E15 cannot seem to re-start Skype after a had a problem yesterday and had to log out. The Skype window just displays an "Oops message" and the only button I can click is "Try again", which doesn't work. Can anyone please help?
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    Require help choosing a decent headset

    I use my headset for playing games with friends over Skype and sometimes watching films at night. My previous headset had virtual surround through its own software and I have grown used to this, but I have been told you can for the same thing through windows its self? I don't have a dedicated...
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    Astro A40 Static

    Hello, I've recently purchased the Astro A40s (around a year ago) and I've love them for many uses. But recently I've noticed that whenever I plug in my mic there is a very annoying static noise that disrupts me and also my friends that are in a skype call with me. It only happens whenever the...
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    Dell Vostro 1510 webcam not working

    It says everything's fine and working but on skype it's just gray with a loading circle. It was working earlier then this problem started. I restored it to an earlier setting and it worked again. Now the same problem is going on. I think maybe some automatic windows update is messing with it?
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    Calls on the Desktop version of Skype freeze my computer.

    Has anyone else encountered this and been able to fix it? Ever since upgrading from Windows 8.0 to 8.1, getting calls on Skype causes Skype to crash, and then freezes my computer completely, forcing me to turn it off and back on. Skype for modern windows or whatever it's called works fine, but...
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    Wondering about headsets

    Hello everyone, I am looking at 2 headsets: Microsoft LifeChat LX 6000 and Logitech H800. The price difference for me is around 20 euros. I usually use them for skype and maybe some music/film. Obviously the Logitech is wireless so that is more convenient but I am wondering whether the mic/sound...
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    Security After DDoS Attack Through Skype IP Resolver

    I have a bit of a security situation I need advice with. :??: Dec. 15 Basically somebody that has it out for me (online) got a hold of my IP from my Skype username. I received threats via a game with 3 of his accounts so far where he is telling me the city I live in and that my IP is finished...
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    Can I use the sound both on the laptop and tv while the laptop is plugged into the tv?

    I want to use skype on the laptop with the sound from skype coming out of the laptop and my boyfriend wants to watch netflix from the computer to the tv with the sound coming from the tv. I just don't want both sounds to be coming from the tv but I'm not sure if it is possible or not can someone...