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  1. W

    video on camera freeses after 10 sec in skype

    skype call starts and after 10 seconds my camera (faces me show to receiver of call) freezes Nextbook Ares11 tablet
  2. kevin_canterbury

    Having trouble with Skype

    I was using Skype yesterday. I've been using it for months now on this PC, and years on many others without any real major problems. Apparently, it completely disconnected me last night as I was asleep, which was sometime after around 3 AM to possibly 6-7 AM EST. I have uninstalled and...
  3. A

    Skype crashes when I get a call or try to call.

    Hello there! No matter what I do to fix skype, it doesn't work. I've tried almost everything. (reinstalling, editing in config, compatibility mode, cmd, etc.) No matter what I do, it doesn't fix itself. Btw, I have windows 10. Please help me.
  4. O

    Can't Install files on windows 8.

    I am unable to install files. When I try to open setup files, such as skypesetup.exe or Itunes setup, it never opens, just loads forever. when I attempt to accept offers to install updates for things, i.e. dell, nothing happens. Please help!
  5. J

    ASUS G771JW webcamera

    I have ASUS G771JW and the webcamera dosent work. I try to install drivers (for windows10), but it says its dosent find webcamera. Webcamera is there, but I cant find it and connect to SKYPE. In somepoint it worked after installation of drivers but then again stoped and said that turn off other...
  6. C

    Only want to use the mic of a 2 jack headphone on a 1 jack laptop.

    Hey, I've run into a problem. I want to use the mic on some headphones I have, but my laptop only has one jack, when I plug in the mic all audio stops and it continues to use the built it mic. I've tried switching the mic, but it doesn't show up. And I've already tried showing hidden devices...
  7. Z

    Skype Crashes When I Call or Get Called

    I recently updated Skype and when I call or get called Skype crashes. I tried to reinstall it but when I get to the mic and volume setup Skype just crashes again. I read that updating graphics drivers fixes it for some reason but it didn't work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. S

    Help with new headset?

    Probably put this in the wrong category, not sure where it goes..... Anyways, I just bought a new gaming headset with a mic, but I've never used one before and I have no idea how to use it. A few questions: 1. How can I split the audio between the stereos and my headset? I would like to have...
  9. T

    Voice changer for skype on android?

    This is quite an odd request, but I want a voice changer for skype on an android tablet (Nexus 7). I don't know if such a thing exists, but that is of course why I came here. And by for skype, I mean I want to be able to modify my voice by making it higher or deeper mid call. I know there are...
  10. S

    How to move skype history to another location?

    I have searched around on how to move skype history but no good answers for it. How to move chat history (main.db stored in C:\ ) to another location in E:\ and still see that history in a working Skype? I prefer to store data (chat history) in another disk instead of C:\ Thanks
  11. S

    Intermittent sound problems

    Does anyone have any idea when I am chatting on skype, they can hear me but their voice keeps cutting out? I have updated all the driver's, spoken with skype etc, all to no avail, so annoying when I only hear the first couple of words.
  12. S

    Air hissing noise in everything except skype

    I have some air noise (That hissing sound) When I record audio with my mic. It doesn't happen in skype my friends tell me they can't tell the difference between being me being muted or me not talking but in windows when I do "Listen to this device" It is heard and also when I record videos with...
  13. RKayEll

    Webcam is on but no program is using it.

    I have a Microsoft Lifecam 3000 and for a while now I've had problems where my Skype has tried to use my webcam but it tells me another program is using it. Also the blue LED on my webcam is on sometimes when I am not using it. I wonder if this is a security thing? Could I it be that I am being...
  14. C

    Blue snowball ice echoing

    My blue snowball I've just arrived today and when I went on Skype with friends they said my mic was echoing. I have Tried to put my mic at different lengths from face but no good any help?
  15. D

    Skype Microphone Problems - Registered with no Sound

    So Skype on my desktop is messing around at the moment. When I am in a call, nobody can hear me speak, and it's frustrating. I have tried one of those "test calls" to see make sure it's my problem, and as I suspected I receive no feedback if I speak into my microphone. After going to Call -->...
  16. SM125

    Razer Kraken Pro mic not cancelling background noise as well since Win10 upgrade

    Since installing Win 10 and reinstalling the Realtek drivers (and turning Noise cancellation, Accoustic echo cancellation back on), people in Skype calls have mentioned being able to hear system sound quite clearly through my Mic. I've had the same headset for about 2 years and never had this...
  17. Z

    Sennheiser HD598 vs ATH M50x + some other things...

    Planning to listen to music with them mostly,maybe skype calls or something like that,in general not much gaming. Music i'm listening to is alternative-rock most of the time,and i like slow,not loud music,maybe jazz. Also I saw over the internet that for HD598 i might need dac/amp for i dunno...
  18. K

    For some reason my laptop has been having tons of crashing issues

    For some reason my laptop has been having tons of crashing issues with things such as skype, HP support assistant, crashing on startup and BSOD's with the problem stating driver_power_state_failure as well as firefox no longer allowing flash videos to play without outright crashing, windows...
  19. C

    Need cheap laptop!

    Looking for a cheap laptop fast! My very old, very reliable laptop passed away yesterday and I am moving overseas to travel in one month! I am looking for the best laptop for Skype, Web browsing, blog writing, and music on a budget! I definitely wasn't expecting this expense right now. Thank...
  20. O

    When i have mic active people echoe through my mic

    When i use teamspeak push to talk or skype people echoe through my mic, or when im playing music people hear it through my mic
  21. G

    No mic with skype

    Hi, im wanting to make Skype calls to my friends I have some Samsung headphones that have a built in mic and I connect it to my pc but I cant talk throught the mic and my buddy cant hear me. Im assuming its because of my crap headphones. Note: Skype says that it cant detect a sound card. If I...
  22. R

    Best gaming headset that works with Alienware x51 and Skype

    Looking for a high end headset for gaming, budget not too much of a problem. Has to work with Skype and the sound card in the Alienware x51.
  23. C

    Skype crashes while loading up.

    Just recently built a new computer, and reused the old 750GB HDD from my previous build, as well as reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I've installed all my necessary drivers, updates, and Service Pack 1, and i've continued to attempt installing skype and getting it working. However...
  24. S

    my pc dont have 2 plugs only one but i was thougt that the single plug worked too but my pc wont dettect it how 2 fix?

    my pc dosent have a blue and pink plug only one but the icon is a headseat with a mic and i was thougt that the single plug worked too but my pc wont dettect the built in mic skype wont even show it in audeo settings could someone help me please
  25. D

    Must be able to Skype

    What is a good, reasonably priced (under $300) laptop to use to Skype with my daughter who is moving 2800 miles away? I appreciate any & all help.
  26. B

    Am I Hacked?

    Today I woke up and played a game of SarCraft. Afterwards, I got a contact request on Skype from some random account which looked like a spam account. I clicked on it and suddenly, through my headset: "sorry if we intruded your privacy, we did not" then I was too scared and immediately shut down...
  27. M

    Any good 7.1 Wireless Stereo Headset without a mic for PC?

    I will be getting the snowball as a mic for skype. I don't want gaming headsets
  28. J

    looking for a good headset

    my budget is 100$ well im from india actually so it might be 7000 rs at the max well the purpose is music and gaming for music im into big and imersive bass and crisp and clear vocals i have read reviews about great mic quality of hyperx cloud and great bass on razer kraken plsss guys dont...
  29. L

    Having problems with Skype, help me please !

    As I mentioned in the title, I have a problem with Skype. Basically, there's no option for logging in with my hotmail adress. The skype interface is the old one. Tried installing again from the official site but still... And the problem is, I often format my pc and this problem occures...
  30. G

    Why cant people hear me?

    I dont know whats wrong, but I know my mic works. My friends can hear me when i use skype, but no one can hear me in game chats for like call of duty. Btw i play on pc. Thanks for any help u guys can give me
  31. U

    Best $700 - $900 (Maximum) Laptop?

    As the title Says I need a Laptop basically for work and for chatting with my Family on Skype. I need about 3 choices. What I need: Decent Screen (IPS Panel if Possible) Decent Camera (For Skype) Touchscreen Interface Strong Battery Life 1 - Year Warranty Must be 15 Inches or Above Wishful...
  32. O

    Sounds through skype

    So I use skype a lot. Mainly because im chatting with my friends. But I have one problem and that is that the people I skype with can hear my computer sounds for example if im listening to music they are able to hear it. And not just like a background noice but they can almost hear it as good as...
  33. X

    In need of a laptop for just running minecraft and Skype smoothly

    My mac has broken so I need a new one I would prefer it to be windows 8.. Any suggestions?
  34. D

    Help with skype device/ Best phone or tablet?

    Well i would like something to skype with that isn't expensive by any means.Anyone know a tablet or phone that can skype and isn't horrible but less then $100?
  35. X

    Skype Not Working

    Hey guys, i just installed new drivers for my GPU and my skype stopped working completely.. idk how to fix it :/ .. i uninstalled it and reinstalled.. i restarted my pc.. nothing works.. it's kinda upsetting and idk what to do.. help please?
  36. J

    Headset driver not working?

    So i bought a new headset G430 headset, and it keeps disconnecting all sounds the second i go into skype/csgo is there any way to fix it? Thanks!!
  37. RDGnome

    Skype Won't Open

    Hi, I just reinstalled windows from 7 to 8.1 and I was installing all my programs again and everything was fine, skype is working at this point. I accidentally restored a load of stuff in my program files on my hard drive (just installed an ssd so different locations) so I then deleted the...
  38. A

    date of a photo

    Good evening! Someone has sent me a photo. I have looked in the proprieties and I have found the date when it was taken. The person should have not taken the photo at that date, it would be compromising for her. I asked and she said that she changes the EFIX data and that is why I see that...
  39. K

    USB Headset making a constant hum/beeping noise

    My girlfriend has a USB headset, and when we're in a skype call together I can hear this constant hum/beeping noise, here's a quick recording of it: We've tried the front usb 3.0 ports, the rear 3.0 ports and rear 2.0 ports, no front 2.0 ports on her...
  40. MrPopadomz

    Skype suddenly not working HELP!

    Hey there my skype has always been working but for the past few days its been really getting on my nerves. I cant send messages as all the circle just keeps spinning when I call someone they dont recieve it and I cant end the call I have to force crash skype its just not working I've tried...
  41. tomsguideUS

    Apps Tutorials and How-To's

    App Tutorials Dropbox How to Send Files from Dropbox to Mailbox How to Earn Free Dropbox Space Skype How to Send Files Over Skype Block Unwanted Skype Callers How to Turn Off In-App Skype Notifications How to Record Skype Video Calls How to Delete Old Skype Messages How to Change Font Size of...
  42. P

    Browsers can't connect to internet, but skype is working

    I have this problem from some days - all my browsers (chrome, firefox, internet explorer) can't connect to internet, but skype is working properly. Some ideas?
  43. L

    Connecting PS3's audio to PC.

    I wan't to connect my PS3 to my PC so I can hear the game and Skype through my headphones, what do I need to do to achieve this? Sooner the reply, the better. (I have only one monitor with one HDMI port)
  44. S

    Skype not detecting webcam.

    Skype isn't detecting my webcam on my laptop and i don't know why. anyone know a fix?
  45. S

    connected to internet but cant browse even skype

    1 week I cant use my lptop suddenly I cannot browse anything
  46. K

    Looking for a headset, budget is 250$

    I've used Steelseries Serberia v2,Sennheiser 419 HD and currently Logitech G930. (well was current till my sister slap/poked it off my head while in the kitchen and it fell into the sink and now at certain angles 'but still very rare' the sound cuts out in the right ear speaker.) I preferably...
  47. G

    People can hear my PC Volume Through Skype

    hello, i've been trying to fix this issue for almost an hour now, i've read alot of other forums on this topic but i can't seem to fix it. My Audio is going through Skype and people can hear it i have a Astro A40 headset and my sound card is a ASUS Xonar DGX. i have tryed many things that are...
  48. P

    use turtle beaches on skype

    hello i have just got turtle beaches and they are not working when i go into games in steam can someone please help me
  49. E

    After one hour I have to restart my new Acer to get my SOUND back. Annoying when I am on Skype for instance.

    My sound is working fine for about one hour and then it is mute and I have to restart. Just bought an Acer laptop.
  50. TafZita

    Skype crash problems

    I got a serious problem with my skype. My first problem is : 1) Sometimes when i am trying to call someone it pops me out the window of windows 7 and it says that Skype has crashed. It closes and then I open it again and it happens again. My system is (Windows 7 Proffesional 64bit SP1.) 2) If...
  51. W

    Think laptop is infected but cannot find anything - odd start up process skype.lnk

    Hi everyone, Laptop has been incredibly slow recently, especially when using chrome. Ran GData (my usual virus scanner) and found nothing. Then I ran Malware Bytes in Safe Mode and it found nothing. Today I've ran AVG and again nothing. I tried CC cleaner to take a quick peak at my registry...
  52. M

    I am looking for a budget USB mic for Skype etc

    First of all, I am only looking to spend $30 or so. But that is not firm, and if there is something that is a lot better for a little more, I am definitely open to that. I am just looking for a USB microphone to use with Skype, Mumble, Teamspeak, etc. Basically chatting with friends while...
  53. R

    how can i play music through my pc speakers while talking on skype through my headset, My headphones seem to take over the spe

    when i plug in my headphones, they take over the real tech thing meaning i cant change any of the speaker options? i want to play music through my speakers and talk with my headphones on skype?
  54. R

    Cepstral Tools Skype

    Hey i was wondering how you could use Cepstral Tools for skype cause i wanna prank my friend with anonymous voice :D
  55. S

    how can i get the webcam on an aspiree15 e5 511 c6j9 to work?

    I I have the above laptop and want to use skype but it seems skype cant pick up the webcam, so Im wondering if it is installed, i thought it would have been automatically?! but if not how can i do it? Thanks
  56. L

    i am able to use webcam on skype but i cant access my camera to get phhotos. am using a compaq presario cq56

    my laptop is a compaq presario cq56. I have been trying to access my camera but canno find it. I am able to to use webcam on skype properly and i can see the camera ontop of my laptop screen. How do i find my camera?
  57. I

    Keep getting dos'd. [How do I make it stop?]

    Wasn't too sure on where to post this, and after an hour of looking around, I can't find a solution to this. Long story short I keep getting dos'd. This kid I met through Skype is spamming a stresser on me. One question, how do I exactly stop him from doing it? It's non-stop, and my IP adress...
  58. MagicWolf

    Complaining for Loud Noises

    Recently i started using skype more in order to talk with my friends while we are playing, it usually gets more than 5 hours before we stop the discusion. But every 10 or so minutes my friends complain of a huge background sound that i do not hear. I've checked my settings on my headset but...
  59. C

    People can hear what I hear on skype

    Is there a way I can make it so that other people in skype call can't hear what I hear? Music and stuff is already on low. I have windows 8.1 and using the HyperxCloud headset. i believe it might just be because of my headset.