Microphone Auto Adjusts Levels with Certain Programs


Jan 18, 2014
I was trying to Skype with my friend but the background noise of my pc fans were unbearable for him even though I recently had set my microphone level to be a comfortable setting. I checked my mic settings and the level had been reset back to 100 (instead of the 18 I usually have it at).
I set it to 18 and he said it sounded better (this is before I talked), the second I talked, I watched the level go back up. I tested by setting it back to 18 then speaking in short 1 second intervals, the sound would go up based on how long I spoke for (18, 27, 40, 60 ,100). Also, when launching CS:GO my mic volume goes to 100 instantly. Is there a way I can disable programs being allowed to access my mic or is there a way I can disable it for skype and CS:GO? Thanks for any help!
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