Headset, audio working but an odd issue with my microphone arises.

May 19, 2018
Hello! I've had this headset for roughly one to one and a half years at this point and haven't had any(or not many) issues with it, and certainly none that couldn't be resolved but this has got me stumped, so here's my issue.
[Windows 10 by the way.]
My headset, microphone and headphone has worked fine until this last windows update I performed last night, my headphones work fine, my microphone on the other hand isn't working, well, it's..... "sorta" working? Currently it's my default device, both default and default communications, it's not muted, the volume isn't low, uninstalled all drivers, restarted, installed drivers, restarted, and still to no avail. Now the easy answer is hey, your mic's broken, but it doesn't appear that way. When I go into the windows sound settings, and open the properties and check the "listen to this device" I can hear my voice, my fan, even my keyboard clicks just fine. Though, once I go back to the list of my recording devices, it says there's no sound being picked up what so ever, the empty bars that symbolize the audio level being picked up or outputted(in headphone's case) don't go up. I looked around and found a similar instance, that was only solved by the owner buying a new headset, does anyone know what causes this, or a possible fix?

Thank you for any help, or attempts at doing so!