How can i make a sound to import as my ringtone on skype?


Dec 26, 2016
I know how to change my ringtone on skype and how to download music, but when i download the music/ringtone i want, it doesnt show up. Do I need to add an extra step to transfer it to where i am able to make it my ringtone? please help as fast as you can! :D Thank you1
Try this....

1. Start Skype and log in.

2. Click on "Tools" (at the top of the window) and then click "Options" from the drop-down menu.

3. In this new window click "Sounds" and then click the "Import Sounds" button.

4. Now you want to locate and select your sounds using the file browser from this screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sounds must be in WAV format. So if you are using any other file type, you will need to convert it to a WAV file (and WAV files are quite large).

5. Click on "Open" to import the sounds into Skype.

6. Now select the first sound you want to change from the "Select Which Events Play" a Sound list. The current sound is displayed in the "Choose Which Sound to Play" box.

7. Click the "Choose Which Sound to Play" box to view all sounds, including the sounds you just imported.

8. Now choose one of your custom sounds from the list.

9. Repeat this process to change all sounds that you wish to customize.

10. When you are completely finished, click "Save" at the bottom of the Options window to save the new sounds and close the window.