How to Breed a Gummy Dragon in Dragon City Mobile


Social Point’s Dragon City is a game on Facebook, Android, and iOS. In this game you breed, feed, and fight numerous dragons on your islands. Developing attacks, habitats, and much more await you on your floating islands. Breeding is one of the biggest parts of the game and the Gummy Dragon is vital to breeding certain other dragons like Legendary Dragons. Follow these steps to learn how to breed this pink gumball of a dragon.

1. Opening the app- Tap the Dragon City icon to open the game.

2. Habitats- The Gummy Dragon’s elements are Electric and Nature, so you’ll need room on either one of these habitats.

3. Breeding grounds- Tap on the breeding grounds to open them up for parent selection.

4. Selecting parents- Parent selection may seem obvious, just using the Electric and Nature Dragons. However, a known valid combination is the Dandelion Dragon and Laser Dragon. Tap these two dragons in either order to breed them. Breeding time takes 10 hours. If your egg is a bubblegum pink color when the egg shows up, you can bet that you have a Gummy Dragon.

5. Getting Lucky- Although breeding the Dandelion Dragon and Laser Dragon is a known effective combination, note that you may not get the Gummy Dragon on the first try. Continue breeding this pair until you do.