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  1. Z

    Question Facebook is not sending me the code for security check

    please help when i tried to log in to my facebook it says that you need a code for security check. Facebook says that it has sent a code to my mobile number but i didn't get the code , Facebook says resend the code & after 1 min i do but still no code , so i cant log in as i have not got a...
  2. accessgamer


    Question 1 >> I am trying to connect my LOGITECH G933 WIRELESS 2.4Ghz to my mobile phone by connecting USB receiver to this >> The issue i observe is , mic is not working :( Question 2 >> When I connect AKG...
  3. D

    Anyone have Mint Mobile Service?

    Please let me know how you're liking your Mint Mobile service. I have T-Mobile currently, but tired of paying over $300/month for 4 phones. I am contemplating on switching over to Mint.
  4. G

    Discord mobile voice activity not working

    Hello i have an issue with discord on mobile: my push to talk works but the voice activity doesnt in the settings it is showing the green bar when i speak so it does detect my voice but doesnt work when i speak i tried using headphones microphone but didnt work too please help!!
  5. S

    I chang the my mobile number

    My chang my mobile nomber farget facbook pasward
  6. D

    How to know address of mobile no <removed>

    This man Abusing on call to my family
  7. S

    Track imei number of samsungs8 plus

    My mobile is switched off and even I don’t know how to track imei of it and I have imei number
  8. D

    Nintendo Delays Mario Kart Tour to Later in 2019

    The game was originally expected to launch in March 2019. Nintendo Delays Mario Kart Tour to Later in 2019 : Read more
  9. V

    how to unblock mobile sim card blocked

    B11 QNET i can unblock my mobile sim card how to solve it?
  10. S

    battery percentage on mobile screen

    hello friends, i have karbonn titanium jumbo 2 mobile and my question is " when we open a page, on screen, where battery % is shown ( up in corner beside time )....i don't know what has happened suddenly it has gone white..battery image is visible but how much battery is left etc. is not...
  11. A

    How to change the my FB password without email and mobile no

    Hi how to change my password without email and mobile no
  12. N

    Didn’t receive my confirmation code on my phone number to open my facebook

    I didn’t receive the facebook code on my mobile phone and im sure of the mobile number. Please help what should i do? how can i have access to my account again?
  13. R

    I have 2 pictures files in my SD card but I can see the pictures only in 1 file. The other file, i see the pictures but don't

    Unfortunately I don't have anymore the mobile that I transferred my pictures from.
  14. K

    Stream PUBG MOBILE (android) with amd ryzen 3 2200g and elgato hd60s @60fps. Is it possible?

    I just wanted to know whether i can stream pubg mobile from my phone to youtube with elgato hd60s at 720p 60fps with following specs- amd ryzen 3 2200g 8gb ram, no graphic card. also i'll the play game at smooth and extreme frame rate. The device will be android. Please help. Extremely...
  15. R

    I have lost my mobile number but m a le to reset my password via can I get generator code via email

    I have lost my mobile number but m a le to reset my password via can I get generator code via email address.. I have tried so many times...l lost my phone as well my account was logged in that device please answer me solve that issues as soon as possible..trying frm last 3 days bt...
  16. F

    Solved! Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet and physical keyboard not working

    Hello. I purchased a physical keyboard for the Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet. It works with my Android phone, but NOT with the tablet. Help, please.
  17. T

    How to find my switchoff mobile at home?

    I forgot where I kept?
  18. R

    Best mobile for 200€ (more or less)?

    I need to find a good mobile phone between 180€ and 220€. Every answer will help me, thank you.
  19. I

    Transfer pictures to mobile from laptop

    How do I turn on nearby device to receive pictures
  20. J

    Can’t remember game title

    It’s a android mobile device game I can’t remember the name as wizards and werewolves and vampires and spiders in it they do shape shifting there’s a library games inside of games and it’s a Hidden of jet game
  21. W

    Where to buy at least somewhat legit mobile CPUs

    My friends and I have a need to upgrade our 2010s laptops with some new CPUs -- but all we can find are some alixpress or newegg deals for less than $10, and wholesale nonetheless, for CPUs that have long been discontinued. Ours are not soldered, we know which ones we need, and we're ready to...
  22. R

    to find a mobile number

    I have name and address but not mobile number and no landline number
  23. S

    How to PUK unlocked Samsung key pad mobile

    How to PUK unlocked Samsung key pad mobile
  24. N

    Is there any way to remove lagging on pubg mobile on 2 GB ram device.

    Is there any way to remove lagging on pubg mobile on 2 GB ram device. My device is Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015). I have tried everything like in developers option, hibernating, using ram boosting apps. It reduces lagging a little but it still lags. I only have not tried rooting my device yet. Will...
  25. O

    I logged into my account and Facebook said I should verify my identity using my mobile number,I did but I am yet to get a code

    I logged into my account and Facebook said I should verify my identity using my mobile number,I did but I am yet to get a code
  26. R

    I forgot the PUK code or mobile number which is block Airtel sim

    My airtel sim gone puk locked. I don't know the puk code ,and I also forgot this sim ,ten digit call number.please solve my problem..
  27. P

    my name is preet

    hello i have motorolla c plusce i formate my mobile and i forget email id or p-assword
  28. D

    i want to know the address of this mobile no. removed by Moderator

    i want to know the address of this mobile no. i don't know
  29. R

    my sm-g530r4 wont recognize/see my mobile hotspot

    my samsung grand prime wont see my mobile hotspot during setup. the next button is in grey and i am unable to skip wifi setup. how can i bypass this step and get phone set up?
  30. M

    Android App that can Record Your Mobile Screen Activity

    Hey Guys, I am looking for an app that can record your mobile screen activity without any signature. Please help me guys, need to create videos for my youtube channel. Thanks
  31. R

    How to Cast your Mobile Device Screen on your Amazon Fire Stick

    Amazon Fire Stick has an immense range of features that excites people. The quality of the product is widely appreciated by people all over the world. The Amazon Firestick enables the people to watch the movies and other shows that are accessed through the internet on the Television. There is...
  32. M

    How I find my stolen mobile HuaweiAtu-l31

    I lost my phone HuaweiAtu-l31 how i find it
  33. R

    How to Use the Voice Search Option in Netflix

    Netflix is an online media and video streaming service that is available for PC through browser or mobile through Apps. It is currently working in more than 130 countries and is trying to get into more countries too. It started a couple of decades ago and took the industry by storm in the past...
  34. PhilipMichaels

    5G Arrives This Year, But Should You Care?

    5G becomes a reality this year, but it may be a while before the average mobile user reaps the benefits. 5G Arrives This Year, But Should You Care? : Read more
  35. A

    memory saver stopped unfortunately

    my mobile showing an alert box like unfortunately memory saver has been stopped. And having internal storage issues
  36. W

    SOLVEDWiFi prompt denied access

    21 year Mobile ko restore kya that
  37. S

    Need PUK code

    Hello i mistakely click on something on mobile its showing that it wants PUK code
  38. M

    Problem on mobile phone

    Lgq6 sim changed .call ended problem
  39. T

    Solved! internal_storage to sd_card

    Am using oppo a71k mobile.The mobile has Android 7.1.i cant change application in internal storage to sd card. S there is no option to change application.please help to resolve the problem. Give me any way to change application to sd card
  40. B

    my friend help me

    My friends I'm in Tanzania I need the best quality mobile phone from abroad, Which type of model may I satsfy
  41. S

    Not able to connect to a particular website using laptop but connects through mobile

    I'm trying to connect to a particular website portal, which opens only if i'm connected to university's wifi. I get the following error on google chrome: This site cannot be reached. To connect to wifi, we need to enter our username and password. We can sign in with 6 devices. I have my mobile...
  42. C

    Solved! How to open full facebook site on android phone?

    Hi, Sometimes I need to access the actual full facebook site because I can’t do everything through the APP. Facebook automatically redirects all mobile web browsers to go to their mobile version. What to do?
  43. P

    lost my samsung j8 please find the mobilemobile

    i lost my mobile on 11 dec samsung j8 imei no-<<removed>> imei 2-<<removed>> please find my mobile please
  44. P

    Solved! I lost my phone AND I don't know that imei numbers. Will you tell me how to find imei number of my lost phone

    Recently just 1 day before I lost my vivo v7+ mobile and I don't know that imei number, is it possible to get that imei number with my another phone, if not then please guide me that how to find imei number
  45. P

    Solved! looking out for how to find out my lost mobile...

    i have lost my vivo v7 1718 can i get back my mobile...?mobile is switched off...
  46. R

    Solved! I'm using my Samsung galaxy s8 as my mobile hot spot but when I try to connect my p.c. up it asks for network security key

    I'm using my Samsung galaxy s8 as my mobile hotspot but every time I try to connect with my p.c. it asks for a network security key. Where do I find this key
  47. C

    I need help desperately, I have not been on Facebook for a bit and have changed mobile num its asking me for a code but I don'

    Can anyone please help?? I don't have my old number anymore to get the code..does Facebook have anyone I can speak to? Or can anyone help please?
  48. K

    How do I locate my boost mobile acct. Number

    I need my account no. And don't know where to locate it on the my boost app
  49. A

    How to setup samsung galaxy j7 mobile after factory reset has been made and i have forgotten my google id

    My friend have forgotten her google id and now she was not able to setup her mobile which is factory reset... Please email me a remedy
  50. K

    Solved! How to pair your samsung tv and your i phone mobile up?

    Trying pair my i phone to my samsung smart tv to use for tethering
  51. H

    Solved! my panasonic eluga ce0700 mobile phone have shut down before 2 days its not back on I have tried many times to turn on it bt

    my panasonic ce0700 mobile phone have shut down before 2 days its not back on I have tried many times to turn on it bt it just show android panasonic again and again and wont back on charging shold be done properly bt no effect of that
  52. R

    Solved! Not recognizing USB data transfer

    i have an le1s is charging but not connecting to pc and otg.i noticed this problem not detecting USB 3 months ago.charging speed also become slow.i tried different types of cables and chargers but the result was mobile charging port was completely damaged and also burned...
  53. S

    Solved! Do not opening sms file

    How to deleted sms in keypad mobile. Please sms file is not doing open
  54. 0

    Solved! ow can i find iphone 6 using mobile or IMEI number

    i have lost my mobile and i cant find it
  55. A

    Solved! sir i have unknown mobile number i want to see the detail of number owner

    sir i have unknown mobile number i want to see the detail of number owner CNIC Number etc can you help me the number is removed by Moderator.
  56. N

    Solved! I lost my mobile poco f1. How can I find it by EMEI no

    I lost my mobile poco f1. How can I find it by EMEI no
  57. O

    Mobile data network connection problems

    Am unable to use mobile network except for WiFi
  58. P

    Solved! Mobile Isn't Truly Mobile, Is It???

    Why is it that in places like Mexico they can have high powered radio waves but in the US we are heavily regulated to a point in which our mobile devices are borderline, useless in much of the areas like out camping with wide open skys, No Signals are a huge problem for many of us Off The Grid...
  59. A

    Solved! Private mode not working

    my mobile samsung galaxy c5 hong kong model 64 gb variant some day before my mobile software download after download i installed software after installation private mode not working my too much data in private mode any body tell me any solution please