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    Solved! Number removed by Mod - this all details and name

    Telephone number removed by Moderator. number name location idcard mobile number all details
  2. L

    Solved! Can't have space

    In my mobile in internal storage there is no space and there are no files or apps even to move to sd card.but I have much space in sd card if I need to download app it suggests to clear a space what to do
  3. A

    how to find my mobile

    how to trace my lost mobile huawei p20 lite plzz hlp me alrdy 2 days over plzz hlp me
  4. S

    I lost my redmi mobile i have imei no and i am from murtizapur city dist akola

    I lost my mobile redmi 3sprime and i have only imei no ** and ** ** Moderator edit for personal info, do not share your information online.
  5. S

    Solved! I have IMEI number of my mobile I lost it on 1-12-2018 how can I found it?

    I lost my oppo realme 1 mobile I have IMEI of it how can I found it?
  6. P

    Solved! i cant find my stolen a6 mobile i want can u help me nd tracking was installed in that mobile please help me out to get it

    plz get the phne as soon as possible i have a lost my mobile of a6 nd i was not hsving the tracking in that but j have imei number
  7. J

    Solved! zte boost mobil phone was factory reset. is it possible to bypass the previous gmail account?

    the phone asks to sync the previous gmail account to the phone... i dont know the gmail or password previously used.... is it possible to bypass this issue??
  8. D

    track my lost mobile

    *#06# IMEI VERIFY Asus ZenFone Max (ZC550KL)
  9. N

    Solved! How to find lost phone through IMEI number

    I lost my OPPO f7 mobile on 25th November, 2018. How we can find that mobile through IMEI number....? Please help me on this.
  10. G

    What Is Spectrum Mobile, and Is It Worth It?

    Spectrum internet customers can also get their mobile phone service from the internet and cable provider. But how does Spectrum Mobile compare with other wireless carriers? What Is Spectrum Mobile, and Is It Worth It? : Read more
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    How to block my lost phone

    I lost my phone myB1 Myphone mobile Keypad
  12. K

    Solved! i have connected my mobile to projector through wifi for display and at same time i want to use internet through mobile data o

    My projector is operated by using mobile wifi and at the same time i want to use internet in mobile, is it possible
  13. R

    How Do You Display Photos, Videos, and Songs on My TV Using Play on Roku

    Since most of the users love to watch their media files from their mobile phones or tablet on the Roku TV, Roku launched the Play on Roku feature. You can now be able to choose the images, wallpapers, videos, music and other medial contents from your personal mobile phones and share it through...
  14. C

    Solved! how to solved the problem not charging samsung n7100

    my mobile samsung n7100 battery is new but not charging pls can u help me
  15. R

    Solved! I lost my OnePlus 6

    I do I track my mobile
  16. M

    I lost my mobile OPPO A33f back up was open but i didn't get contact number from google

    Lost mobile was OPPO A33f. I need contact list from that devic. How its possibl. It was backed up
  17. I

    devise storage not working

  18. S

    Solved! How to get back deleted photos from redmi mobile

    How to get back the deleted photos from redmi mobile
  19. A

    Solved! pubg mobile on intel gma 4500m

    is there any way to run pubg mobile on intel gma 4500m core 2 duo laptop? with tenscent emulator i got white luck with nox or memu or bluestack.pheonix os 1.5.0 works on my system but it cant run pubg.
  20. G

    Best Puzzle Games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Mobile

    From the block-breaking action of Tetris to the brain-bending exploration of Portal, here are the best puzzle games to play now. Best Puzzle Games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Mobile : Read more
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    Solved! My jio 4g sim is not work in my Xiaomi Redmi 4, 3gb ram ,32 internal memory but the sim is work in any other mobile.

    My jio 4g sim is not work in my Xiaomi Redmi 4, 3gb ram ,32 internal memory but the sim is work in any other mobile what can I do for this problem.
  22. M

    Unlock code for lg k450

    Need the network sim unlock codes for lg k450 on cricket mobile network. Removed
  23. W

    How to connect sony dvd player dav-dz120k with mobile

    Sony DVD player.
  24. S

    Help with University research

    Hi there! I'm a student at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and I'm doing research for a project about mobile AR gaming. Could anyone help me with the following questions or provide me with good sources with useful information? - What are trends in mobile AR gaming at the...
  25. I

    How to connect TV to mobile by rca

    Tv is not takeing video input
  26. M

    Solved! My dell laptop find other WiFi but can’t find the one my mobile connected too

    My dell laptop connected to coffee shop wife. Now it won’t find it. Even I deleted all networks. And reboot. Yet it won’t find it. While my mobile found it
  27. P

    Looking for a mobile game

    It's a game where you have to die and use your dead body when you repsawn. All this sorta happens in one room (there is also always atleast a red button somewhere) It is also a td game which is mainly black and white and grey (I think). Hope so.eone can tell me soon :)
  28. E

    will a Verizon flip phone work on Xfinity mobile

    my wife finds smart phone hard to use and Xfinity does not offer any flip phones is there a phone out there that will work?
  29. M

    Solved! Find my phone carrier

    To help me find mobile carrier. And track by IMEI no.
  30. M

    Laptop windows 10 wifi cant connect router,its connect mobile hots pot but cant connect any router.

    I have three routers in my network, I have already 30 user work on this routers but only one laptop OS is win10, its connect easily with mobile hotspot.cant connect any router i have doe all the process drive update,delete,ipconfig/renew etc still can't connect. please let me know what I do..?
  31. D

    Solved! After unlocking mobile automatically opening some websites how to stop it

    After unlocking mobile automatically opening some websites how to stop it
  32. A

    Solved! I just bought a new infinix phone, how can I set mobile hotspot password??

    I want to share my mobile data in my infinix android phone with my friends on hotspot,but can't connect them because their phones are demanding for my hotspot password, and I don't know it,how can I identify my phone hotspot's password???
  33. S

    I'm not able to log in to my facebook account. I didn't get security codes to log in as sms to my facebook linked mobile numbe

    Facebook log in issue. Not receiving codes as sms at linked mobile number.
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    Solved! I have town hall 9 and I reset my Mobile.. n be the game is starting from level 1 he to get to my twin hall

    I have town hall 9 and I reset my Mobile.. n be the game is starting from level 1 he to get to my twin hall
  35. grac3

    Solved! Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Lite doesn't read SD card

    The Phone used to read any SD card but now it doesnt. It doesnt even recognize that it has an sd card. I checked on storage and it only has internal memory. While i checked the sd with a computer its working. I inserted a new one and it should have an sd card icon, but then it doesnt. I havent...
  36. S

    Solved! How to deactivate my NOKIA 3

    My daughter has become addicted to her mom's Nokia 3 mobile. She is only 13 and always using facebook and whatsapp, which is not only affecting her studies but has changed her positive attitudes into negative. We have consulted psychiatrists but she told us to keep her away from the phone. we...
  37. Graybush

    The Mobile Gamer Gift Guide 2018

    Getting the perfect gift for the mobile gamer in your life is not easy. Big gifts are out of the question. So how do you compliment someone who is always on the go? Our gift guide is full of must-have items for mobile gamers and a few unique ideas you can't go wrong with. Samsung Gear VR -...
  38. W

    Old mobile number expired - no longer have access to hotmail account.

    Hi I have a hotmail account that is blocked. my old mobile number with 3 has expired because i was abroad too long now I cant access the account because the verification cannot be received I have tried the other options - no luck what can be done here at the moment ??
  39. A

    My Smart Phone's Game to PC

    Im a Gamer and love to play a game on mobile so anyone can suggest me how can I pay Pubg Mobile on PC. someone told me to use Mi PC suite] but i don't know how to use it and I don't use emulator because PUBG game Requirement doesn't match with my system and game lag too much. So Please Help Me.
  40. S

    Pubg mobile lagging on my emulator tencent gaming buddy

    Hello, everyone, I am playing pubg mobile on my pc using Tencent gaming buddy for the past two months as my smartphone [Xiaomi Redmi 5A 2GB] can't handle the graphics. MY PC SPECS INTEL I3-4160 3.60HHZ 4TH GEN DUAL CORE 6GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GT 710 2GB OVERCLOCKED 2TB TOSHIBA SDD WINDOWS 10 64...
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    i have lost my redmi 5 plz kindly help me it new mobile.

    i have lost my redmi 5 plz kindly help me it new mobile having imei no personal information removed by Moderator. . stolen in pratapgarh uttar pradesh plz help me to recover it i hope you help me.thanks and plz reply
  42. J

    Solved! Why won’t y mobile hotspot work on laptop

    I don’t have WiFi in my new place but my laptop won’t connect to my mobile hotspot
  43. J

    Solved! Asus is not working Wi-Fi my mobile a600 plz help

    Plz help me
  44. A

    Solved! i am not getting the photo icon on my oppo f3

    l am not getting my photo icon on my opo mobile to get it back tomy phone?
  45. I

    Sony KDL-40HX750-MHL-WiFi Direct.

    1. My MHL converter could not mirror my mobile on TV. Black Screen appears by selecting HDMI Port. 2. Could not mirror my mobile by WIFI Direct . I have Sony LED TV KDL-40HX750. Mobile is Huawei 7X 4GB 64GB. MHL cable is shengwei DPC-910.
  46. S

    how to track my mobile Honor 9N?

    how to track my honor mobile .. honor 9N
  47. S

    My LG k10 lost how find

    My LG k10 mobile is lost
  48. I

    Smart phone issue

    My mobile phone (Asus zenfone max pro m1) suddenly isn't working. I do not understand what should i do ? Plz help me.
  49. S

    Solved! My mobile not to connect to WiFi.. It shows athetication problem what to do for connect?.

    WiFi connected bt network not shown it shows anthetication probkem
  50. D

    I lost my whole data from mobile and SD card also I want all data back please help

    By mistake I lost my whole data
  51. L

    Solved! I bought a new phone and switched phone carriers but used the same gmail how can i restore my photos from my old mobile phone

    I had a mobile phone through metro Pcs and I bought a new phone and switched to boost mobile but used my same google account how can I restore my photos from my old mobile phone
  52. C

    i just insert my used sim card then when i open my phone it appear to have a privacy protection password. how can i open my p

    my phone is a cherry mobile flare s4 max
  53. 1

    By mistake a video is deleted by me, how to recover it from gallery

    My mobile set is intex aqua LIONS-N1 It is nougat. How to solve please suggest me.
  54. S

    My mobile lost help me

    My mobile lost help me ..IMEI no..Removed
  55. L

    Solved! Best phones for pubg mobile

    So I'm looking to buy a new phone for pubg, I need a phone that allows extreme or ultra fps settings, any recomendations?
  56. H

    hi i forgot the pattern lock of my mobile then i sent it to a shop and now when i open it there appears encryption unsuccessfu

    i have problem with my phone . it says encryption unsuccessful. and when i try to reset it and then reboot it then nothing does happen . when the mobile restarts it again says encryption unsuccessful. what should i do now?
  57. V

    Facebook logging problem

    I will forgot mobile number and don't know facebook password how can I recover facebook please help me personal information removed by Moderator.
  58. S

    My mobile is lost

    Plz help mee ... my mobile is lost today my no is Removed by Moderator for your security