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    How to Cast Channels From Your Mobile Device to Roku Device

    It’s not so much fun to watch videos and content on the smaller screen of your mobile device. To solve that, you can mirror the content on your phone via Roku or even cast channels to your Roku device. Casting your channels to your Roku device may seem complicated. Follow these simple steps to...
  2. M

    Solved! Phone shows no network sign

    My samsung galaxy s4 wont show whether im connected to a network or not. When i check mobile networks within the phones setting,it shows `insert sim card`. what could be the problem?
  3. D

    I can only remember my old password.

    I have forgot my currant password,only remember my old my mobile is no longer working, and i cant request to reset password as I've lost my email,password,as it was all in my mobile.plz help its driving me crazy, thank you xx
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    How to Use the Roku Mobile App to Manage Channels

    The Roku mobile app can help you manage your favourite channels, or be used as a substitute for your remote while browsing. After downloading the app, you can easily set up and manage your channels. Follow these simple steps to guide you through the process. How to Add Channels Using the Roku...
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    Discord voice issue

    In redmi 4 , when i play pubg mobile the diiscord voice setting stopped working please help.
  6. N

    need urgent incoming calls this afternoon

    Need all incoming calls this afternoon urgently!!!!
  7. K

    How to fix stuck touch on hot s3

    While im playing mobile legends the joystick is stucking and it is hard to touch on my hot s3
  8. L

    I have an android phone with 30G of data and just got a Baird smart TV how do I connect them wirelessly

    Android mobile with data and o connect to smart Baird 55inch tv
  9. L

    mobile headphones mic

    how can i use my mic from my headphones to my pc? i tried the methods you said but the dont work and i dont have a usb with my headphones and i cant find my mic on the mic settings. my laptop only has 1 jack They are samsung s7 headphones
  10. N

    how to track my power off mobile phone ?

    I lost my phone but my samsaung is powered off. How can I track my phone's location?
  11. K

    I lost my Gionee A1 i was turned on Device Administrator but didnt turned on the location the thief was turned off my mobile

    I lost my Gionee A1 i was turned on Device Administrator but didnt turned on the location the thief was turned off my mobile
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    1st time playing mobile legends. Any tips for a better win?

    It’s my first time to play mobile legends. My boyfriend encouraged me to download the app and play with him. At first, it was really annoying since I got killed most of the time. My first few battles were terrible and I ended up getting mad with my partner. He just laughed at me told me it’s...
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    if my mobile is power off how should i find my mobile in my home

    my mobile moto Motorola g5 is in power off mode how could i find my mobile in my house then?
  14. F

    How can I unlock my vodaphone mobile because I forgot my google account that were rigister by the phone

    I don't remember my google account that was previously synced on my device
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    I was reset the mobile everything is gone I want photos

    I was reset my mobile I want my photos please
  16. M

    I was reset the mobile everything is gone I want photos

    I want my photos and contracts 2 r 3 months ago please I want my photos
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    any device in market that can help me in restricting mobile data network so that i can stop my employees from spending time in

    Any device that restricts mobile network data access within a certain radius??
  18. T

    can i get my contact details that are on my lost phone and sim from my mobile provider

    i lost my mobile and need my contacts urgently can I get them threw my mobile provider
  19. D

    My Dell laptop is not connecting to internet; I've alredy connected my lap with my mobile hotspot it shows like its been conne

    What should i do if my connection between my lap and mobile is broken..... is there any way to fix this
  20. C

    No access to old mobile number

    Hi Guys Facebook is trying to send a verification code to an old mobile number of mine, I can't find any way around this and the account is blocked, anyone know of a work around?? I need this account as it's linked to my business page.
  21. L

    Hp envy 13 x360 upgrade

    Thinking of getting a hp envy 13" x360 with the mobile amd ryzen 7. It states that it comes with 8gb of ram but was wondering if it's possible to upgrade this to 16gb? Thanks in advance
  22. R

    My zte max problems

    My zte max with boost mobile wont pass logo screen and restarts but light on home button works
  23. M

    my micromax mobile model Q491 from the setting menu the USB tethering is not to be opening

    my micromax mobile model Q491 from the setting menu the USB tethering is not to be opening, please solve to this
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    I have a samsung galaxy grand prime plus. My mobile phone is not using the SD card even after formatting it. And it is still s

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. My mobile phone is not using SD card even after formatting it. And it is still showing that the storage space is running out. So what should I do now? I hardly download 2 apps and the notification of "storage space running out" is displayed.
  25. M

    Someone hack my mobile legend account

    What can i do for get back my old game acc . Who can help me . Ermm . Tq
  26. R

    I can't move apps to internal SD Card

    Ok I had a Cherry Mobile FlareJ2s which is Android 6.0 “Kernel”. Once when the internal storage was full, I decided to format my SD Card into Internal SD Card so I can move chrome which occupies one fourth of my storage. But I can't move chrome to SD Card please help me
  27. S

    Who I can trace my mobile in map with the help of imei code

    Some one steal my mobile
  28. D

    OnePlus 6T Could Beat iPhone to This Key Feature

    The device will apparently come with thin bezels and a tiny notch at the top. OnePlus 6T Could Beat iPhone to This Key Feature : Read more
  29. U

    How find my REDMI NOTE 4 imei no is

    I missing my mobile redmi note 4 imei no * Edited for personal info * Please kindly help me my mobile no * Edited for personal info * my mail I'd * Edited for personal info *
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    Solved! How to track and block Huawei Mate 10 Pro by using IMEI without service provider

    Hi Tom's guide members I've lost a mobile recently. As it's band new one and just bought from All Phones, it hasn't got any mobile service provider. I've reported to police and got a report number. Luckily I still kept a copy of invoice and the package which have IMEI and Serial number...
  31. K

    Help me please

    What code does my phone need to use boost Mobile Sims card
  32. S

    Samsung mobile device memory damaged

    The data partition has been corrupted . you need to reset device to factory defaults. This will erase all your data
  33. S

    iam lost my mobile plz help me

    plz help me
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    How to Cut Down Netflix Mobile Data Usage

    Few people have the privilege of being on an uncapped data or Wi-Fi network. If you have a capped internet plan, it is important to keep an eye on how much network data you use on streaming apps like Netflix. They tend to be heavy on data usage and can easily run up your internet bill. Here are...
  35. A

    I losed mobil nm nd email id

    I losed my mobile number email id nm
  36. J

    Unlock from boostmobile

    I want to unlock my OWNED phone Samsung 6s from Boost Mobile
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    Home/ Recant Apps button is not working

    Infinix Hot S3 mobile having some problems as follows:- The Status/ Notification tab is not pull down. Home tab and recant apps tab button is not working. I think my mobile is locked. So pls give me a valid solution to rectify these problems.
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    Connect home theater 5.1 to laptop/mobile

    I have a 5.1 home theater with the ports as the figure shows. How can I connect it to my laptop? I have a photo of the ports of the home theater here
  39. D

    Is it possible for an APP to deactivate wifi connection?!

    Hi. I have installed an app in my mobile phone (samsung note 5) called POF (it's a dating app). The incredible thing that is happening is that while I'm using the app my wifi is turned off for about 2 minutes. That happens every 5-10 minutes while using the app! How is that possible? The wifi...
  40. H

    how to track my stolen redmi 4 mobile

    my redmi 4 is stolen ,how to track using imei no or google account
  41. A

    My new mobile honour 7C stolen from i can trace my mobile

    My mobile was stolen by somebody and i want to trace my mobile
  42. M

    Note 9 and Xfinity Mobile

    I will get my Note 9 tomorrow and will connect it to Xfinity Mobile. What apps can be removed for better performance
  43. D

    my new samsung mobile is missing how to find it

    how can i find my mobile using imei number
  44. S

    In my mobile camera was dpeted with I do to reback it

    In my phone camera will be delet what I can do to restore it or reback it
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    i have lost my vivo 1601 plz kindly help me it new mobil ..

    i have lost my vivo 1601 plz kindly help me it new mobil ..* moderator edit for personal info, do not post phone numbers, etc.. on public forums.
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    pause itself on android mobile

    why does pause itself randomly after in 2/3 minutes ?????
  47. PhilipMichaels

    Google Faces Lawsuit Over Location Sharing

    A report that Google still tracks your location even after you turn Location History off is prompting a privacy lawsuit that seeks class-action status. Google Faces Lawsuit Over Location Sharing : Read more
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    i want to connect my laptop to internet using mobile hotspot

    i want to connect my laptop to internet using mobile hotspot