How to manage conference numbers in mobile phones

Dec 15, 2018

I frequently need to dial into conference numbers ... I save like below in my contacts

Personal information was removed by a Moderator. Very irresponsible posting.

Now I can easily daily to specific person bridge on need basis, however my phone display Xxxxx's bridge as the phone number matched with even though I dialed Xxxxxx or Xxxxx;

Does anyone else this issue and any better way to handle this?

You do your friends no favours by publishing their phone numbers on an open forum. They will be Spammed from all four corners of the world.

I've deleted it all but please act responsibly in future.
gsubho, please stop posting in various threads without giving us some detail that we need to help you. Also, please stop downvoting posts in other people's threads just because they don't fit whatever its your question or problem.

If your phone doesn't have a call history, or someone is calling you and you want to find out who, try answering next time and ask them who they are.

Give us some details and we'll try to assist you.