How To Browse The Internet On Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon recently allowed the installation of web browsers on its Fire TVs and Firestick. This added capability has allowed its users to enjoy surfing the World Wide Web from the comfort of their couches and on a considerably larger screen. The Amazon Fire TV utilizes your home network to connect to the internet and can also be controlled either manually with your remote or with Alexa voice prompts.
To enjoy this internet capability, users must either install Silk Browser or Mozilla Firefox.

To install Silk Browser on your Amazon Fire TV follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Apps at the top left corner of the screen
2. Click on Apps
3. Click category Utility
4. Select Silk Browser and then select Get
5. The browser will now install automatically and open
6. Accept the terms and conditions

Controls And Settings
You can operate the browser using the remote or Alexa. To type in a search term or website, a keyboard will appear on the screen. Alternatively, if you struggle to use the on-screen keyboard with your remote, you can use Alexa’s voice control protocol to type in your search terms and URLs. The browser’s controls are synced with your Fire TV remote, so video playback is like watching a normal video on your TV- simply use the rewind, fast forward and play/pause buttons available on the remote.

Select Menu on your remote and then navigate down to Settings. From settings, you can change the default preferences on cookies, search engine and input parental controls to safeguard your kids.

Change Default Search Engine
Bing! is preloaded as the default search engine, many users may decide to change this to the more popular Google Search. To change your default search engine from Bing! to Google Search, simply follow these simple steps after opening Silk Browser:
1. Press the Menu or Option button on the remote
2. Navigate to Settings and click.
3. Choose Advanced Settings and then Search Engines
4. Select Google as default.

How To Install Mozilla Firefox On Fire TV?
If you prefer Mozilla Firefox to be your search engine on your Amazon Fire TV, you can download it by following these steps:
1. Open your TV’s Search function
2. Search for Firefox and select Get
3. Firefox will then download and install automatically
4. Agree to the terms and conditions
5. Open

The controls for Mozilla Firefox are similar to that of Silk Browser.
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