How to Cancel the Free Trial Subscription of Netflix

Netflix provides an easy way to enrich ourselves with tailor-made movies and TV shows. It even has now interactive films like Bandersnatch that allows the viewers to choose what happens in the video. You can choose from either of the three plans available and you will get the first month for free. Just in case you are not made for media streaming and don’t really have the time to watch and hence pay for it, you can opt out of it too. Here’s how you can cancel the free trial subscription of Netflix.

Step 1
Go to 'Netflix'
Enter the URL: and press ‘Enter’. You can even head over to their app if you are on Android or iOS.

Step 2
Go to 'Login Page'
Locate and hit the ‘Sign in’ button.

Step 3
Log in to your 'Netflix Account'
Enter the ‘email/phone number’ and ‘password’ of your account and hit ‘Sign in’. If you are on Chrome, you can hit 'Save password' and you won’t have to remember and enter again and again.

Step 4
Click on your account icon
Hover over the pointer to the tiny arrow facing downwards, located at the top right side of the screen as shown in the image below. The icon is right next to the profile icon.

Step 5
Click on 'Account'
As you hover the pointer over the arrow, a drop-down menu will appear. Scroll to the ‘Account’ and click on it. The account has an array of settings regarding your Netflix account and you can make changes here to your account too.

Step 6
'Cancel membership'
Now, you have to click on the ‘Cancel membership’ option located under the header ‘MEMBERSHIP & BILLING’.

Step 7
Confirm Cancellation of your subscription
For confirmation, click on the ‘Finish cancellation’ to cancel the membership. Your membership will be canceled but you can restart the membership again anytime. You won’t be getting another free month with the same account.

That is how you can cancel your free trial membership from Netflix in an easy way. But once you start watching the shows, it’s hard to cancel the subscription.
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