What's up with the "Best Free PDF Editors" articles

Jan 31, 2022
Today (Jan 31, 2022), I was looking for a free PDF editor and I came to Tom's Guide for advice. I found an article title "Best Free PDF Editors for 2022", which seemed relevant and useful. However, after some reading, trying one of the suggested editors, and then some digging I see that this is nearly a word for word copy of the same article from 2020. Though, someone did move around a couple of words and punctuation. Indeed, even the comments on the 2022 article were actually made in 2020. And the thread on the 2022 article is closed because it simply links to the 2020 thread. All of this would be fine with me if the information was even accurate. The article claims that PDF Candy (it's #1 recommendation) is completely free and doesn't even have a pair version. In truth, you can only perform two tasks with the free version before you are forced to upgrade, even Adobe gives more of a trial period than that. All of this to say that I am disappointed in Tom's Guide, I thought you guys took more pride in the information you provide than that.