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    What's up with the "Best Free PDF Editors" articles

    Today (Jan 31, 2022), I was looking for a free PDF editor and I came to Tom's Guide for advice. I found an article title "Best Free PDF Editors for 2022", which seemed relevant and useful. However, after some reading, trying one of the suggested editors, and then some digging I see that this is...
  2. D

    15 Best Google Chrome Privacy Extensions

    Here's more than a dozen tools to boost your privacy in Google's Chrome browser. 15 Best Google Chrome Privacy Extensions : Read more
  3. B

    any freeware to browse images?

    Currently I am using the default image viewer of windows 10, however, it doesn't seem like I can zoom lock the image which is an important feature I need. Is there any free alternative that I can use? Thanks
  4. B

    is "KeePass" trusted?

    I have been looking for freeware to keep all my passwords in one place. Is "KeePass" a good option? Will it steal my passwords? Is it a solution better than saving my passwords on Excel or spreadsheet? I am currently writing down all my forums emails' password in an unprotected excel file on...
  5. G

    TunnelBear Free VPN Review

    TunnelBear's free data allowance is small, and its network performance is slow and unreliable. TunnelBear Free VPN Review : Read more
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    Windscribe Free VPN Review

    Windscribe's free tier gives you 10GB per month with no speed restrictions, making it our top pick for a free VPN service. Windscribe Free VPN Review : Read more
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    Speedify Free VPN Review

    Speedify is amazingly fast. Too bad it gives you only 1GB of free data monthly. Speedify Free VPN Review : Read more
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    Hotspot Shield Free VPN Review

    Hotspot Shield offers a generous 15GB of free data per month, but there are catches that may put you off. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Review : Read more
  9. G Free VPN Review's free VPN offering is decent if unspectacular, with 2GB of free monthly data and midrange speeds. Free VPN Review : Read more
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    Avira Phantom VPN Free Review

    Avira Phantom VPN's free tier is speedy and easy to use, but its 1GB of monthly data won't get you far. Avira Phantom VPN Free Review : Read more
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    SurfEasy Free VPN Review

    SurfEasy's free VPN offering is very slow and very limited. We can't recommend using it. SurfEasy Free VPN Review : Read more
  12. J

    Can't get rid of suspected malware: rtdvgbk.exe

    On 3/14/17, I installed ImgBurn freeware on a Win7 PC and picked up a ton of malware. I think I've removed or crippled most of it via various removal and monitoring tools, but I am uneasy because it seems something is still lingering. The machine seems to run fine, but in Task Manager I see...
  13. S

    Looking for a free software that can take screenshots of entire Facebook groups and videos for a legal case

    I am looking for a(the) free software that I can use on Windows 10 to: 1. Take screenshots of entire Facebook group wall and profile wall and other websites. 2. Record videos from facebook and other websites. I need to collect this for a case and so there should not be any distracting tags...
  14. E

    hi, can someone please suggest me a good free video editing tool ?

    hi, can someone please suggest me a good free video editing tool which can be used for mostly used codecs and file formats( mkv h264, mkv h265 must) and with atleast 1080p( more is better) resolution videos without compromising video quality of source? also it will be awsome if i can cut and...
  15. H

    Synology Hybrid RAID recovery

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone here has the insight on how to speed up a data recovery thats been running since december last year... yeah im not kidding about that. Here's the scenario I've got a Synology DS114+, with 2x Western Digital 3Tb green label harddrive set up in DSM's Hybrid...
  16. D

    Remo Software quarantined by MalwareBytes.

    I know little of Remo utilities. Someone in our community installed a Freeware version of a Remo utility quarantined by MalwareBytes. Why is Remo in the PUP category?
  17. J

    Looking for freeware software

    Hey guys! Recently I bought a MacBook Air, and now I am looking for some free softwares for video/photo editing I will be thankful if you guys help me to find some...! Thanks in advance. :)
  18. P

    Sandboxie freeware alternatives?

    Are there any good Sandboxie freeware alternatives?
  19. N

    Program to auto-zip Files on a Server and File them Elsewhere on the Network

    Hello, As a part of some weekly maintenance, I must check a web server for failed emails. I usually have to go into the folder on that server, compress/zip them, email them to myself and then file them away in a designated location for someone else to deal with. I'd like to know if there was a...
  20. Math Geek

    Need a good Mp3 trimmer

    i finally got around to trimming some of those mp3's i got that have a lot of silence at the end and other such nonsense. problem is the program i grabbed to do it only supports files of 10 mb or smaller unless paid for. i have tried a couple others and hate the freeware run around with sad...
  21. P

    Best freeware and easiest to use cloning for Windows 10 Pro or enterprise

    What is the best and easiest to use clone program for windows 10 pro version or enterprise? I use trueimage but also looking for an alternative to the paid ones. One that I can put on a USB like True Image and start from there to restore my HD if needed.Thanks
  22. johnbil

    Memory Optimize Software

    I was hoping for a software recommendation (hopefully freeware). I'm looking for a program that optimizes my memory. I want it to load at boot up. FYI, I have a old PC running Win 7. One of the DDR memory slots on my motherboard may be a messed up. It does not reflect the full 4 mb (I have...
  23. W

    How do I flip and rotate videos

    Looking for a simple free ware program that will work in Window 7 that will rotate videos I have taken
  24. R

    Looking for freeware to make a quiz

    Hey guy's, I was wondering if anyone knew of any freeware compatible with w8 that would allow me to make a simple multiple choice quiz or even a website, the sites i've tried require me to pay for anything above 15 questions but the quiz I have in mind would be in the region of 50+ multiple...
  25. G

    How to check my pc for bitcoin miners?

    I always watch what i click when installing freeware but after this utorrent scandal i just wanna make sure i dont have something like that on my pc(even though i didnt) from the past... I dont use antivirus because i consider it useless,ive never had problems
  26. skit75

    Looking for a TFTP server recommendation

    I'm looking for a simple to use TFTP server for a windows environment. I would prefer one that is freeware/shareware if possible.
  27. J

    acer aspire screen

    I have An acer aspire 5733z-4851 and it has some horizontal lines, is it possible to fix this without opening the computer? and if not, what are the settings for brightness contrast etc to make these less visible ??
  28. K

    Freeware Network Troubleshooting Tool

    Hey guys, thought you might be interested. Came across NetCrunch Tools, it's got 11 separate tools built in, like traceroute, ping, and a Wake OnLAN feature. Nothing game changing, but has a nice GUI, and not a terrible thing to have in the toolkit if you're in networking, or just want to...
  29. A

    OS to Bypass Administrator Set Permissions

    As the title states I would like to know of any OS that bypasses any sort of Administrator set permissions. I faintly remember hearing something about Linux Lite doing this but I can't seem to find any info on it apart from reviews. So if you could help me out with this it'd be great. Cheers...
  30. A

    [CLOSED] Looking for free remtore desktop apps with touch-to-point&click on Linux

    Hi all, I'm setting up uniCenta oPOS for my restaurant. And I want to access the software from iPAD. uniCenta is designed to be touch screen friendly, so all I need is a remote desktop application that allows touch-to-point&click. Remote server is running on Debian Wheezy. I've tried realVNC...
  31. I

    Dishonest claim of Windows Media Center download as FREEWARE

    This page of your site:,0301-50595.html claming Windows Media Center could be downloaded as FREEWARE (with the small size of around 45kb !) doesn't lead to any free download of Windows Media Center; only to Microsoft site how to get it...
  32. suka23

    Wich anti-virus offers the best protection for free?

    So, since i got my pc about a year ago, i've been using only the base defenses of windows 7 (windows defender & microsoft security essentials). Recently schools around my country have been suffering from a virus that turns files in shortcuts. I never really had problems with any virus until now...
  33. C

    What Operating System And Optimization Software Do You Use To Keep Your Computer In Good Shape?

    Within the last year, I have bought some paid software and some freeware to make my computer faster and more efficient to the max. On a scale of 1-10....this is the rundown. 1. System Mechanic 2. Tune Up Utilities 3. CCleaner Professional 4. Auslogics Boost Speed 5. Uniblue PowerSuite...
  34. K

    Decompress Bundled Freeware

    Anyone knows how to strip apart bundled software like "toolbar" apps from a bundled freeware. Thanks.
  35. ComputerWhiz305

    PC Tuneup Software

    I got a complete PC tuneup done at my local computer store for $75. My computer runs great! I have used a file recovery software to recover all of the programs that he used to tune my computer and they appear to all have been free programs. The programs were: ■ CCleaner ■ Malwarebytes...
  36. D

    Can i use autodesk software freely?

    Hello Im 13 and I love to use 3d modeling tools. I've for the last year used blender and i am not really a fan of it cause it allways get on my nerves. so i thaught can i use the Autodesk software like maya or 3ds max. On the site they have a free for students but i don't know if i am to be...
  37. F

    Please suggest a Video Editor

    I am in need of a video editor which can cut videos precisely down to the frame no or at least in the vicinity of 100ms. The free ones I have tried always cut at the 'I' frame or pad the video to be at least 4-6 seconds long. Please suggest an open-source/freeware editor, if they are not good...
  38. MikeTheCISGuy

    Essential software for a PC?

    Looking for software (paid/freeware) that is essential to have on a PC (other than antivirus software, OS, browser, etc...). I know most of you will say it depends on what the user is looking to do. However, I want your opinion. Any input is appreciated!
  39. MikeTheCISGuy

    Best Free Screen Recording Software?

    I recently tried EzVid and thought it was pretty good. However, I soon realized that you cannot record a screen cap without background music. If someone can provide me with a good screen cap freeware, it would be greatly appreciated.
  40. A

    VOIP Noise Removal Freeware?

    I have chronic mic noise, probably caused by my audio card, so I'm looking into software alternatives. I have found a program called Solicall that works well, and it is the only program I have found so far that actually removes noise in real time for use in VOIP systems (Skype in my case)...
  41. G

    Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP

    Check out a few basics, tutorials, and useful plugins when working with GIMP, the excellent open-source image manipulator! Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP : Read more
  42. G

    10 Free Conversion Tools for your Audio & Video

    Check out these 10 free audio and video conversion tools for your desktop. 10 Free Conversion Tools for your Audio & Video : Read more
  43. G

    10 Pieces of Paid Software That Are Now Free

    Check out these 10 software freebies and promotions! 10 Pieces of Paid Software That Are Now Free : Read more
  44. G

    10 Free-to-Play Hack and Slash Games

    Indulge in the timeless pursuit of killing things and taking their stuff with these 10 hack and slash freebies! 10 Free-to-Play Hack and Slash Games : Read more
  45. G

    13 Awesome Games That Have Gone Free

    Get your gaming fix without spending a dime with these classic games gone free! 13 Awesome Games That Have Gone Free : Read more
  46. G

    17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements

    Tweak Windows Explorer with these extensions & replacements 17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements : Read more
  47. C

    Need a Folder comparison utility

    I'm looking for some recommendations for folder comparison utility that can compare file versions etc. images, documents etc. preferably freeware, preferably open sourced. But most importantly works well. Cheers CC
  48. hytecgowthaman

    Detect and update drivers (freeware).

    Software (only freeware) for detect and update drivers and firmwares. Windows all editions . I know windows update can do that but it takes more time for manual update drivers . So I want a software for download only drivers and able to backup drivers.
  49. G

    Save Your Data: Backup with these Free Programs

    Check out these great freeware applications for backing up your data! Save Your Data: Backup with these Free Programs : Read more
  50. R

    Best freeware swf to video converter?

    Hallo, I'm looking for a decent freeware .SWF to Video converter. I've googled and found a couple, but they're mostly rubbish. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  51. kleinkinstein

    Your Fab Five Freeware?

    What are your favs? Your five most coveted freeware and/or open source Windoze apps? ...I'll start, and aside from all the fantastic apps from Piriform... 1st Fav 5... CintaNotes 1.8.2 Q-Dir 5.37 SyncBack VLC 2.03 Xmedia Recode 2nd Fav 5... 7-Zip 9.20 Greenshot
  52. G

    Best freeware to copy DVD to hard drive as ISO image

    I want to make backups of some invaluable copy-protected DVDs directly to my hard drive as ISO files. I'd be very grateful to anyone who could recommend any freeware that could make these copies for me. I thank forum members in advance for their help. I very much appreciate it.
  53. haseeb_asgamer23

    Softwares to block certain websites.

    i had to block some sites like YouTube etc for other users of my computer. I used HT parental controls, it worked best: I mean it blocked websites i wanted and it even monitor the users. But this software was a trail and now it had expired. I am looking for other freeware softwares like HT P...
  54. C

    Recommend me a good burning software please

    I used to use RecordNowMax on my old PC with WinXP. It got the job done with no complaints. I am not sure it will work with Win7. Is there a newer, better program out there for burning? I don't mind paying for something if it's good rather than a freeware program. Freeware would be good too...
  55. Y

    DOWNLOAD acer aspire 5534 bluetooth atheros driver freeware

  56. E

    Convert PDF file to docx

    Hello, how do I convert PDF files to Docx? Is there a freeware program for this task?
  57. Frizzo

    Looking for a good freeware...

    CRC or MD5 check sum program, any?
  58. ulillillia

    Good free programs to convert DOC to PDF?

    I'm looking for a program that's purely freeware (no trials allowed) that converts a DOC file to PDF. CutePDF and other printer-based ones glitch as they won't set the paper size to 6 by 9 inches, only 8.5x11. Word is indicating that the margins are outside the printable area (of which is...
  59. C

    Freeware surrogates

    Hi everyone. This will be a very long post, i hope you will be able to help. In my company we are making a switch from typical software (microsoft office, adobe packets, sony vegas, etc), Into a freeware-based system. I googled a bit and found many diffrent programs for each, but i have little...
  60. mordax86

    Dvd spanning freeware suggestions?

    So I have a friend who's pc I repaired. He asked if I would be able to copy his backup that I created onto some dvd's. So being a friend I said that I would. Now I don't really have time to go through and break down all the files/folders manually to fit them onto dvds. So I am looking for...