How to capture a gym for your team in Pokemon Go

So you've gotten to level 5, chosen your team, and you've come across a gym that is controlled by one of the other teams and want to try to take it on. So how do you go about that? Read on and I'll show you how you can start turning all the gyms in your area to your teams color!

Step 1)Check out the pokemon in the gym already.
Know your limits, if your team is around the 1000s for CP and this gym is stacked with over 2000 CP pokemon, you might just want to keep walking. You do get to use a full team of six pokemon against each gym though, so unless it's a high level gym with six or more pokemon defending it, you might have the advantage even if the ones protecting it are a higher level than you. Also, you can check exactly what you are going to be going up against and build your team specifically to beat the tougher pokemon by using pokemon that do increased damage due to their type.


Step 2)Start the battle!
If you think you can take the enemy team on, click on the boxing glove in the bottom right hand corner to start the fight. It will ask you to choose your team. By default it seems to choose the pokemon with the highest CP to fill out your team. You can change this setup by tapping on the pokemon you want to swap out, and then choosing from any pokemon in your roster.


Step 3)Fight it out.
You are going to be brought to the battle screen now that you are ready to go. Tapping on the enemy pokemon will make your pokemon attack it. Keep an eye on the blue squares under your pokemon's health bar in the top right, any time one of these fills up you can tap and hold on the screen and your pokemon will perform it's stronger special attack. When you see the enemy using their stronger attack you can swipe left or right to have your pokemon dodge the attack and negate the damage completely. This will give you the edge because you can dodge, but your opponent won't. Use this wisely.


Step 4)Get your rewards.
If you got through the fight successfully, the prestige level of the gym will drop based on how many pokemon you defeated, and if one of the ones defeated was the gym leader. Higher level gyms can take multiple successful attacks to bring down their levels. Each level of a gym is one pokemon that can be set to defend it. So if you brought the gym down a few levels, it will have kicked some of the pokemon out completely and you'll have an easier time in future battles with the gym. If you bring the prestige level down to 0 the gym will become grey, meaning no team has control of it. At this point you can choose to position your own pokemon in it to defend it, and if you then go into the in game store there is a shield in the top right where you can collect your daily gym defense reward. The more gyms you are able to control the bigger the bonus is when you collect it.


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