How to change a Dell laptop fan speed (UPDATED) Any info/questions? Just PM me!

Hello, Have you been running a dell laptop? And, well, you've wanted to control your fan speed? Well, You've came to the right place, Its really simply, you guys probably use the program called "I8KFANGUI" But, you've came across the problem with a 64 bit os where you get that "oh, you dont have a signed driver, eh? Well, TOO BAD"

Anyways, I was browsing the web, after, seing that my system throttled from 2260 Mhz, down to 568.0 mhz, I wanted to fix this, so, i searched around, and came across this:

To enable this mode (from in Windows or anyplace)....hold down (fn+shift) then type (while still holding down fn+shift) 1,5,3,2,4 - This will enable the special mode. After that fn+R will bring you to a text based screen (again, even in Windows) where you can get to all the temps, fan speeds, etc, and even set the throttling percentages......
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Here is how it works:


(if the image doesn't load:
RED: 0-100%
Basically, Is the throttle amount, if you suspect the throttle to be on (processor slown down) Check this setting

Basically, if you want the system to automatically apply a throttle when the system gets hot, if its a desktop, you should probably clean your fans, But, if you dont want throttle, turn this off.

Green: (can be many different things, but, it is the fan speed) 0- infiniti, PWM= A0-F9
This is the fan speed, if your running a laptop, setting it to a high number, and hitting R, will tell you your max fan speed, (if its a high number like 100,000, the fan shouldn't run that fast, the fan has limiter on its speed.

Now, There is on PWM computers, where you gotta set it from A0 to F9 (basically, numbers, A1, A2, A3, A4, Etc)

This is the auto fan controller, if you want the bios to automatically change the fan speed acording to the temperature (Usually for laptops, it saves power) Leave it on, when you change the fan setting manually, it turns it off, so, remember to turn it back on if you cant decide on a fixed RPM.

Hopefully this helps, Im not a great Tutorial writer, but, just wanted to throw this out, Now,one thing to look out for
IF your display driver crashed, Dont worry, its beacuse its changing from a BIOS setting, back to your Hungry OS..

If you have any questions, Just PM me, And, i will try to answer..

computers that this does not work on AT ALL

Dell Latitude E4310

Computers that are BUGGY

Dell latitude D820

Any computers that don't work or that would fit in these two categories, just shoot me a suggestions for the model to be put in!

Happy controlling!
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