How to Change Rain Notification Threshold in Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather notification app which tells you if it is going to rain or snow before it happens. Another noteworthy feature is the weather animation which shows the temperature and precipitation in your area. You can customize the notification threshold in the app based on how bad the weather will be. Here's how to do so:

1. Download Dark Sky from the App Store. The app is not yet available for Android and Windows smartphones. Note that it isn't free, so you may want to consider alternatives if you don't want to pay.

2. After the installation, locate the app on your phone screen and tap the icon to launch it. Then, tap the Notify tab found at the lower right corner of your screen.


3. You will be taken to the Notifications screen where you can adjust the Notification Threshold by using the slider. You can choose to receive notifications from Heavy Rain, Moderate, Light, or Any Rain which notifies you even if it is just a little drizzle.