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    Why is my tv

    My sky Q tv remote is turning on my Bosch tv but not the sky Q box so if you could please help me that would be nice
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    Epson projector connected to Sony Blu Ray 4k player via HDMI and HDMI audio out to Sky Devialet Soundbox but no sound

    Epson projector connected to Sony Blu Ray 4k player via HDMI and HDMI audio out to Sky Devialet Soundbox but no sound. I have tried various settings on the sony but had no joy. Projector connects via hdmi to sky q and sky q connects to soundbox via optical and sound works great. Can anyone...
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    Solved! Samsung J7 Sky Pro calling & messages stopped working

    In Nov. 2018, I purchased a Samsung J7 Sky Pro (2017 I believe) from Tracfone. It has been working fine until a couple of days ago. The unit cannot send or receive messages nor can it call out or receive phone calls. When attempting to make a call, the phone immediately hangs up. It will...
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    Solved! How to find lost pictures on J7 Galaxy Sky Pro

    I moved my photos to my SD card because of memory issues then I wasn't able to view them, so I moved them back to my phone hoping that would fix the problem. When they transferred from the SD card they didn't go back into my gallery, how do i find them now? They're very important pictures.
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    Solved! LG Home theater setup with PS4 and SKY Receiver

    Hello guys, i hope this is the right place and you can help me out: I want to connect my ps4 and my sky receiver (for tv, movies, ...) to a home LG 5.1 home theater sytstem. I tried almost everything with hdmi or/and toslink cables but i couldnt figure it out how to set it up. These are the...
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    Solved! Factory reset a sanding galaxy j7 sky pro

    How to factor reset my galaxy j7 sky pro
  7. H

    samsung Galaxy j7

    How do you transfer files on a Samsung j7 sky pro to the SD card ?
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    Solved! Help me fix a Sony Bravia tv

    I have a Sony Bravia from America and the sound is on but there is no picture we have a sky box that we are trying to make it come on but it isnt working
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    Connecting SKY HD box to bluetooth speaker

    I am looking to buy a bluetooth speaker to play music from my phone around various rooms in the house. The speaker Im thinking of buying is the Logitech UE Boom2 which I know has a AUX input So my question is, can I output sound from my SKY HD box or tv to the bluetooth speaker by connecting a...
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    Solved! Does the j7 sky pro run off of verizon towers?

    Does the j7 sky pro run off of verizon towers?
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    Having problem s with SKY PLATINUM PHONE

    Okay I got a problem going on with my SKY Platinum phone when I try getting online it kicks me off or the games I downloaded from the Google play store it want let me play can someone please help
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    my sky has no "automatic updates"

    My skype is always updating automatically into new version, and i don't like that because i want the older one. So i want to close the automatic update on my skype. i am using this The problem is i can't find the " Automatic updates" in my sky so i will...
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    Will any 128gb sd card work on samsung galaxy J7 sky pro phone

    Will any brand sd 128gb card work on samsung galaxy J7 sky pro phone
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    Sky box with scart-HDMI converter-->poor picture quality

    I have an old Sky box (Amstrad DRX550) with Scart only and a new Samsung TV (UE40NU7120K) with only HDMI connections. I have therefore used a Scart-HDMI converter to connect the 2 but the picture quality on the TV is poor. How do I get around this? Do I have to change the specific picture...
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    Faulty Coax Input on TV?

    Hello, I believe I have a faulty aerial input on my tv. When I plug the coax cable in, digital tv is either snowy in the case of Sky or unavailable in the case of free HD tv. Free analogue tv is fine. I have tried a different coax cable to see if that fixes it but there's no difference. My...
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    Looking for a way to root and u lock bpotloader on galaxy j7 sky pro

    How to unlock bootloader and root my samsung galaxy j7 sky pro
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    Sky box ->scart-> Dvd recorder ->hdmi-> Tv?

    I have a dvd recorder (LG DRT389H) with scart inputs and scart/hdmi outputs. I currently have it connected to both my Sky box (in) and tv (out) via Scart, but intend to change my tv to one with no Scart inputs. If I connect the recorder to the tv via Hdmi will this work, will it still pass the...
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    How to use a hdmi adapter cable on samsung galaxy j7 sky pro

    How to use a hdmi adapter cable on samsung galaxy j7 sky pro
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    Best home internet filtering and monitoring solution

    Hiya, I currently use a Sky Hub with the bog standard Sky Broadband Shield filtering that comes with it. I'd like a lot more control for the filtering though, and be able to view websites accessed by each connected device, as I have young teenage kids. I'm not particularly fussed between a...
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    HDMI to Scart

    I have a Sky Q box, which does not allow me to connect to a DVD / Hard Drive to record to! I am thinking, can I connect the out put HDMI cable from Sky Q to a Scart input on my DVD recorder, if so, what hardware will I require!
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    Solved! How do I get my phone to automatically use the SD card for storage to a j7 sky Pro

    Storage to a j7 sky Pro automatically storage to the SD card
  22. R

    Luxor Smart TV

    I've just installed sky Q and my TV keeps blinking now I rang up Sky and they've told me that it's my TV needs updating but everytime I update it it it says no new software found so I'm just wondering does anybody know when the new update for the Luxor Smart TV is going to come out
  23. L

    I just switched from AT&T prepaid samsung phone to samsung straight talk galaxy J7 Sky Pro. I cannot send messages on my new

    I just switched from AT&T prepaid samsung phone to samsung straight talk galaxy J7 Sky Pro. I cannot send messages on my new phone. Can you help
  24. K

    To answer phone sky devices

    I just bought a Sky devices phone and I can't seem to answer the phone in the locked position.
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    Solved! Can't receive calls on Galaxy Sky

    I have a Tracfone Galaxy Sky (which I think is a J3?). When a call comes in, a big green button flashes on the screen. When I hit the button, nothing happens: the call isn't received. I've tried hitting the button hard and softly. I've tried holding it down and holding it briefly. Nothing works...
  26. W

    how best to configure SKY Q, Roth Neo Soundbar, Smart TV (Samsung) and DVD Player (also Samsung)

    I cannot get the Sound Bar to be the main sound system automatically for TV, DVD whether coming through Sky Q or Smart TV stations. Any clues?
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    How do I move music from internal to sd card on my J7 Sky Pro

    How do I move my music from internal storage to sd card on my android J7 Sky Pro
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    skydevice platinum 4.5

    Help I have a sky platinum 4.5 I need help because I bought it off the street a couple months ago and now I need to find my account number I've tried everything can anybody help me please I'm desperate and I also have to come up with a pin number to get count and I don't know that either I guess...
  29. R

    My uhd and hd are the same

    SKy q box lg55uf770v tv not able to get uhd
  30. B

    Ps4 not working with sky sound box after updated

    Ps4 was working ok with sky sound box. Ps4 updated and sound box will not work with ps4 now
  31. G

    Solved! I have a alcotel want to download pics to my new Samsung j7 sky pro

    I want to download my photos to my Samsung sky. Need help
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    Connect a sky q box smart tv and a roth neo 6.2

    Best way to connect these
  33. Y

    No optical port on TV for Sky Sounbox

    I have just received today my Sky Soundbox and have set it up and all is working fine apart from the Optical Cable option My TV is a Hitachi 50" 50HYT62U and it has no Optical Cable port The only connections I have are Headphone out SPDIF connection Can someone tell me if I can purchase a...
  34. R

    wots wrong with tv

    I have lg for 3 years its got sound no picture I havnt got any sky boxes flashes on then off completley
  35. M

    how to get my goodmens dvd player to work with tv using usb

    getting good mans dvd player to work with lg tv I used an old sky box for my signal
  36. B

    How can I move apps/,files to sd card on Galaxy j7 sky pro

    I have a new Galaxy j,7 sky pro. I cannot move anything (,apps or files,) to me so card.
  37. W

    Tv no arc sky box sony soundbar setup

    Hi , I have a samsung tv without arc and sky HD box. I want to connect my SONY MT-5000 soundbar. How do I go about setting up ideally using HDMI? Cant I just plug my sky box to tv via HDMI and tv to soundbar via HDMI and have complete sound?
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    Sonic Weapon Knocks Drones Right Out of the Sky

    Powerful sonic blasts can disrupt virtual-reality headsets, make robots and scooters spin around and make drones crash
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    GPU sky high prices

    I know the prices of mid and high end GPU's have been overly priced recently but I was wondering if there was anywhere I could buy a new GTX 1070 for a reasonable price. I would prefer not a used one but I guess I could deal with it
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    Looking For A Cheap Gaming Laptop

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a cheap gaming laptop that will be able to run No Man's Sky, Grand Theft Auto V and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds at 60fps, on a 1080p display. I recently looked at the Lenovo Legion Y520 and was considering buying this. However, I was wondering if there was a cheaper...
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    Underclocking sky devices phone

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if it,s possible to underclock a sky devices elite 5.5 Octa phone. Android 6.0 is the OS installed. I know that it,s not a known phone, so it may not be possible to do that kind of thing at all. Do I need to root my phone? What kind of app do I need to install? Thanks
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    I have a bush sound bar how do I get it to play with the tv , dvd and sky as at the moment it only plays through dvd

    Hi how do I play my bush sound bar with the TVs and DVDs as it's connected to the sky box and only plays when the sky box is on , at other times I have to depend on the tv volume please .
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    Skygo on Samsung blue ray player bd 8900 smart DVD/blue ray player

    How do I watch sky go on Samsung blue ray player ? Samsung bd 8900 smart DVD player? I am not able to download sky go app through Samsung App Store, so I have gone to the internet browser and gone direct to sky website and logged into skygo .. then when I click to watch sky sports it says...
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    Urgent Help Needed - How to get connect Multiple tvs up

    Hi All, I am in the process of renovating my house and have 2 living rooms, which I will have a TV in each. I was on sky previously therefore has Coax cable routed between room 1 and 2 behind where the TVs are to be situated. I have also had Ethernet sockets put in place to both points. Now...
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    how to connect lg home theatre system to sky box

    how to connect an lg home theatre system to a sky hd box
  46. J

    Does samsung galaxy sky run off Verizon towers

    Samsung Galaxy Sky
  47. T

    my phone only display a message , saying "process system isnt responding

    my phone onlt display a message saying " process system isnt responding"
  48. N

    SKY DEVICES SCREEN : Looking for a low budget flat screen

    Assalaam Alikum Dears i have been looking everywhere to repair my phone SKY DEVICES P8 is there anyone that tell me where to go for repair ?????
  49. A

    Av reciever connection problem

    Hi my issue is how to connect a DVD player to my AV receiver which has no HDMI connector and the optical connector on the av receiver is been used, its connected to the sky box for the 5.1 surround sound whilst watching sky TV, obviously I want Dolby sound / digital from the DVD. Hope it kinda...
  50. P

    Surround sound system with playstation

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my playstation 3 and sky box to my surround sound system. I've got the audio from the centre speaker but not from the others. The built in radio on the system works with all the speakers. The playstation and sky box are both connected to the system with RCA cables...
  51. E

    Cheapest PC possible that I can connect to my TV

    Hi I want to watch Sky Go on my second tv. Currently I just connect a laptop, however there are added issues associated with this such as constantly reconnecting it / disconnecting it. I wondered whether it is possible to build a super cheap PC that could be used for this purpose. I know there...
  52. T

    Canon pictures too bright

    so we got the canon 80d one weeks ago and I've tried all modes mainly auto,AV and m and all modes seem to be too bright if I have the sky in the background it's just white, I've changed a few settings recommend and it's helped a little bit still quite bad
  53. V

    Why sky lake laptop with ddr3 ram still?

    Sure they are with ddr3l model too, but why ddr3 still. Shouldn't all the laptop company transfer to ddr4 , even on they low end laptop Wouldnt these laptop with sky lake i5 processor and ddr3 ram get damaged as they are saying when used both together on desktop, if yes then why these...
  54. T

    No Sky sound from back speakers

    Hi. I have a LG HT752TH home theatre system. If I play a DVD on it, all of the speakers work exactly as they should. I want to use it with my Sky+ HD box and so I have connected an optical cable from the home theatre system to the Sky box. The Sky box is connected to the TV with an hdmi cable...
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    Replace Sky HD box with Humax DTR-T2000

    Leaving home and want to set my parents up with a less expensive TV set-up and the DTR-T2000 looks like just the ticket. I've got two problems though- 1. Antenna - Can I just put a cable from the sky box into the antenna in port? Will that work OK or will I need to install a new antenna? 2...
  56. K

    Eurocom Mx5 Sky Laptop

    Looking to upgrade laptops for potential gaming when im at the girlfriends place and i get bored, or when im taking a break from studying at school. Found a deal on kijiji for a Eurocom mx5 sky laptop, never opened laptop for 850 Canadian. its like 60% off brand new price. Anyone know if...
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    4 way slitter dropping out

    I have a second sky box with a Scart lead to one of the tvs so I can change the source to a different channel on this TV could this be having an affect when only watching other sky box on all 4 screens
  58. WUKONS

    What is Logitech Z-2300 equal to?

    Hi, I am looking for this 2.1 system for a long time now. Found some in Gumtree, but they are like to far away and same in e-bay, the sellers offer local pick up or the courier price is sky high. Is there any other Logitech system at least +/- somewhere about 90% equal to this beast? Cheers.