Canon pictures too bright


Dec 17, 2015
so we got the canon 80d one weeks ago and I've tried all modes mainly auto,AV and m and all modes seem to be too bright if I have the sky in the background it's just white, I've changed a few settings recommend and it's helped a little bit still quite bad

This sounds like it's an issue with you, not the camera. The sky IS brighter than most point and shoots show it to be, since those cameras actually paint the sky a fake color to compensate.

Don't believe me? Take a picture of just the sky (nothing else but the blue sky), and it should come out a nice, pale blue if you're near a polluted city or a clean, deep blue if you're someplace like yellowstone

Hello man

Aug 11, 2013

This has to deal with dynamic range. Basically, how well the camera can preserve details in highlights and shadows. Off the top of my head I think the 80D has 12 stops ish. It's decent, and this is just how cameras work. If you want things that are darker than the sky to be bright then the sky will be brighter.