How to Change the Folder and File Icons in the MacBook Pro


In the latest Mac OS X or Mojave there is an option to change the way a file or folder looks by changing the icon. The icon can be replaced by any image and it adds a cool personalized look to the home page. For example, you can change the folder icon of the ebooks folder with the image of a book. To learn how to do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1
Pick the image you want to use as your icon and open it. Click on the edit option on top and click on select all, then press control+c to copy the image. If you want to use only a part of it then select that part by creating a box with your cursor and then press ‘Control+C’.

Step 2
Go to the file or folder you want the change the icon of and ‘Control+Click’ on it. A small menu box should appear, select ‘Get Info’.

Step 3
A new dialog box will open up with various information regarding the file on it. On the top left corner of this dialog box will be the icon of the file or folder and this can be selected.

Step 4
Once selected, go to the menu on top and under the ‘Edit’ tab you can see the option ‘Paste’. Click on it and the image you had earlier selected will replace the icon.

Things to know:

  • • Not all file and folder icons can be changed, however most of them can be.
    • Some may require the administrator password to change the icon.
    • Changing the icon of a file only does it for that particular file, not all files of the same type.
    • You can find file and folder icons for MacBook online.