How to Change Time Zone In MacBook Pro

Although you are prompted to choose your time zone while setting up MacBook Pro, you may want to change it when you’re in a different country, and want to set its time according to that region.

Because modifying time zone is a major change to the computer, you need an administrator account’s password to get it done.
If you are an administrator, here’s how you can change time zone in your MacBook Pro:
    Get to the System Preferences window
    Click the Apple logo from the top-left corner, and click System Preferences from the menu. This opens the System Preferences window. From here you can configure your computer’s settings, and customize them to best fit your needs.

    Get to the Date & Time window
    Click the Date & Time icon. This opens the Date & Time window with the Date & Time tab selected by default. This tab allows you to manually change the time and date of your computer as long as they are not configured to set automatically.

    Get to the Time Zone tab
    Click the Time Zone tab. This takes you to the Time Zone tab’s interface. From here you can change the time zone of your computer as per your current region.

    Unlock the map
    Click the Lock icon from the bottom-left corner of the window, enter the administrator’s password (and user name as well if needed) in the available field(s), and click Unlock. This authenticates your identity and unlocks the world map. Once unlocked, you can use it to change the time zone.

    Change time zone
    Click your current region on the world map (Australia for this example), and choose your city from the Closest City drop-down list (Stirling – Australia for this example). This sets the time zone precisely for your current city. If the time and date on your computer are configured to set automatically, changing the time zone automatically sets the clock and calendar according to the selected region.

    Note: If you can’t find your city in the Closest City list, you can select the one nearest to it.
    Re-lock the map

Click the Lock icon again from the bottom-left corner. This re-locks the world map and keeps you and other users from modifying the time zone any further without entering the administrator account’s password. Unlike the process of unlocking, re-locking the map doesn’t require you to enter the password.

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