How to Change Your Ruzzle Profile Picture

Ruzzle is a word game that plays at a frenzied pace. It demands a fast eye, faster brain, and an even faster finger as you only have two minutes to come up with more words than your opponent. At the end of the three rounds, the scores are compiled and the player with the highest score wins.Every player has a profile picture to use as an avatar. These are either Facebook pictures or pre-made photos. Here is how to change your picture:

1. Open the game- Tap the Ruzzle icon on your mobile phone or device to get started.

2. Main screen- On the main screen, you will see options to start a new game, random, pending invitations, and completed games. At the top right of the screen, you will see a gear icon. Tap the gear icon to go into settings.

3. Settings options- The very first setting you see is Account Settings. Tap Account Settings.

4. Settings Sections- There will be 3 sections in settings. The middle section is selecting your profile picture with male and female faces, premium (for premium version which costs money), and Facebook. If you’re signed into Facebook, your profile picture is your Facebook profile picture.

5. Changing- To change, tap male, female, or premium to see a variety of faces. Tap your desired face and your profile picture is now changed.