How to Check and Control your Account Activity on Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching movies, TV series, documentaries and feature films over a wide range of genres. It has award winning TV series, movies and even documentaries from various sources and genres. It started nearly 20 years ago and now it is widespread among 190 countries and counting.

You can watch anything you want on Netflix and Netflix will maintain a history for better suggestions in the future. Your activity is worked on an algorithm to understand it better. You can take steps to navigate through your activity and make changes too. Here’s how to check and control your Account activity on Netflix.

Step - 1
Open 'Netflix'. Go to on your web browser or you can download the Netflix app from Play Store.
If Netflix is already Signed-in to one account, Sign out from the existing account from by hovering over the profile icon in top right of the webpage.

Step - 2
Hover over 'Account' Icon and Cick on 'Account' from the Drop down Menu. Account has a list of profile settings, settings and overall all settings that you can see and tweak for your better usage.

Step - 3
Scroll Down and Click on the 'Viewing Activity' Link. This will show you all the viewing history on your Account.

Step - 4
To check out the 'Recent Device Streaming Activity' open this URL: This will show the recent account access. This will specifically tell you when and where the TV show or movie was streamed.

Step - 5
You can also control your Account activity by 'Changing Passwords' from time to time. This will ensure that you have complete control over your account and and over the viewing activity of other users on your account.

Step - 6
You can then on the last resort, 'Sign out of all Devices' to let yourself have full control over your Account activity.

Step - 7
Now you can get back to watching videos on your Netflix.
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