How to Check for Android Updates

Android phones and mobile devices are able to receive new, updated software when it is available. Here is how you can manually check for and install any Android updates.

Step 1: To start the process of checking for updates on your Android device, power up the phone.

Step 2: Press the Menu button to unlock the phone.

Step 3: Press the Home key and then press Menu again.

Step 4: Select the Settings option. You can either touch the screen or you can use the navigation wheel to find Settings.

Step 5: Select the About Phone option from the Settings menu. You may have to scroll down towards the bottom of the list to find this option. When you select About Phone, the version number and the build number of the Android system on your phone is displayed.

Step 6: Press the System Updates option. At this point, your phone will begin searching for Android updates. If there is an update available, your device will automatically download and install it.

If there are no updates available, your phone will not download anything. You should complete this process periodically as there are updates available every so often. One of the great features of Android phones are their ability to receive updated software when it becomes available. You can follow the above steps at any time to check for and install any new Android updates.