How to Choose the Right MacBook for Your Usage

There is no shortage of MacBook options on the market. The shapes may be similar, but the storage sizes are not. The screen dimensions differ from model to model, along with battery life. In addition, different processors with varying clock speeds run the system, and there are extras such as Force touchpad on specific models. So, how do you start looking for the MacBook you really need? It can seem like a daunting task. Follow these ideas to identify the MacBook that’s right for you.

1.) Storage size
One of the most important deciding factors is the available disk space. It ranges from 128 GB in the basic models to about 4 TB in the high-end models. If you only use your laptop for work or entertainment on the go, a lower disk space should suffice. However, if your MacBook is your primary system, going for a larger disk space will be better in the long run.
The cost of a MacBook increases quite steeply the bigger the disk space on offer. It is important to choose a sufficiently large size so you don’t run out of space, as starting with a higher disk space is more cost-effective than having to upgrade as you go - particularly as MacBooks last a long time.

2.) Processor
The processor is the driving force behind every task you perform on your MacBook. They range from basic Intel m3 processors to the latest generation i7 ones. Again, if you are going to use it for simple tasks like editing documents, rudimentary coding, or watching movies, a basic MacBook Air will suffice. However, if you are into Artificial intelligence or coding that requires enormous computing power, you need to go with i7 or at least the i5 variant.

3.) Screen size
Screen size matters to a lot of people. Leaving aside the unsatisfying multimedia experience of a smaller screen, even editing documents and coding can be a pain at times.
But with increased screen size comes decreased portability, and increased weight. If you are the kind of person that’s constantly on the go, it’s easier to get one with a smaller screen. If your MacBook is going to sit on a desk, getting a larger screen often gives a better experience.

You are now ready to make a better choice on your MacBook.

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