How to Collaborate on Files with Box

Collaborating on files with Box is one of the great perks of the file-sharing website. Box allows you to invite collaborators to edit and add files to your workspace, which enhances workflow and gives you smooth content management to work with. Inviting collaborators is simple to do once you’ve created a free Box account.

Step 1: Upload a file to Box. You can add a description of your file so future collaborators know what they are working with.

Step 2: Move your cursor over the file. Two options will appear: “Tasks” and “Share.” Click “Share” and “Invite Collaborators.”

Step 3: To invite collaborators, you will need to send them an email. Enter their email address in the prompt. You also have the option to modify their access type. If you want them to be able to edit your file, select the drop-down menu and click on “Editor.”

Step 4: Once you have collaborators, you’ll notice that the file edition will change and the update date will adjust. This is so you’ll always know when the file has been updated and modified. Remember that collaborators will need separate Box accounts.

Step 5: Whenever anyone interacts with your file, Box will send you an email. To stop this from
happening, navigate to My Account. Click Settings and then Notifications. You can choose not to receive any more emails about simple collaboration actions.

Recap: Starting a workspace on Box for your coworkers or clients is easy. Just remember to upload a file first and then start sending out invitations!