How to Connect a Bluetooth Accessory to Your Fire TV

What can be better than sitting down to watch your favorite show, using the privacy of your personal headset? What about handling the different functions of your Amazon Fire TV with the comfort of typing as if it were a computer? All these options can be real and cordless if you have the correct accessories. Follow these simple steps to connect your Bluetooth devices to your Amazon Fire TV.

1. Check for device compatibility
The Bluetooth accessory has to be compatible with your Amazon Fire TV. This is the first and most important step, because if they are not, they will not be paired. Among compatible Bluetooth devices you will find all keyboards, headphones, and speakers, and a wide range of gamepads to run your favorite game apps on Amazon Fire TV.

2. Turn on and check distance
Turn the devices on (Bluetooth and Fire TV) and check they are within range. The range of most devices can be found on the packaging. They usually they work within a range of five feet.

3. Engage the Fire TV Bluetooth
This is done from the Fire TV´s menu. You should go to your ‘Settings’ menu, and select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Deices’, then ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’. These options are consecutive and can be found in your Fire TV´s menu.

4. Add Bluetooth Devices
To pair, select ‘Add Bluetooth Devices’ from the menu.

5. Pair the Bluetooth Device
Engage the ‘Pairing mode’ in your Bluetooth device. Some have a menu where to choose the option, and others simply have a button to do it. Whichever the case, it should be clearly explained in the instructions or on the box.

6. Choose it from the list
Your Bluetooth accessory will appear as selectable in the list that comes up on your screen. Select it, and it will be automatically paired. For those devices with a menu screen, a code may be required. The code you need to enter appears on your Fire TV screen. Once the code is entered, your accessories will be paired.
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