How to connect Android to your TV

Smartphone screens might be getting larger but they still cannot compete with a good quality LED TV. If you’re tired of squinting at your smartphone while watching a movie, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could play it on a larger screen? Well you can. Here is now you connect Android to your TV.

There are two main ways of connecting an Android device to a TV, wired and wireless. Using a wired connection is usually more reliable but wireless is more convenient if your TV has wireless capability.

Connecting Android to your TV via cables

To connect an Android device to a TV you can use either HDMI or MHL. HDMI will require either Mini HDMI to HDMI or Micro HDMI to HDMI cables or an adapter. MHL requires an MHL-compatible device. Check here to see if your Android device is MHL compatible.

Regardless of the connector type you use, the procedure of connection is the same.

1. Plug your cable of choice into both the device and the TV.
2. Check the Source input of your TV and find the phone.
3. Connect and play media on the device. You may need to select an option to share the screen. Select it to stream to the TV. It may also happen automatically.

A note on MHL cables. There are several types of MHL cable, active, passive and some vendor specific. Careful research is required before purchase as not all are compatible with all devices.

Connecting Android to your TV via wireless
If your TV has wireless capability you can use Chromecast to stream directly to your TV. Chromecast requires a separate device that costs a few dollars and the Chromecast app on your device.

1. Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV.
2. Open the Google Cast app and then tap the three lines in the top left.
3. Tap Cast Screen and select Chromecast.

If using wireless, you might find these useful:
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