How to connect to a Samsung Galaxy S7 to your Samsung SmartThings hub

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a powerful smartphone that can do a lot to improve our lives. One emerging technology with huge potential is home automation. Samsung have that covered with their SmartThings line of products. If you want to learn connect to a Samsung Galaxy S7 to your Samsung SmartThings hub, this post is for you.

Many manufacturers are offering competing technologies that are just as good as Samsung SmartThings. We just got some hands-on time with this particular system so thought it would make a good tutorial.

To make this work, you will of course need the Samsung SmartThings starter kit and a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. It will need to be set up and configured before using this tutorial.

Setting things up
1. Download the SmartThings Mobile app from the Play Store.
2. Set up the phone as a presence device within the app following the prompts.
3. Set up other users by registering their phones or tablets with the app.
4. Set up Home & Family, Doors & Locks, Lights & Switches and Danger & Damages as you see fit. Each walks you through setting it up to your individual needs.

There is quite a learning curve with the SmartThings Mobile app but it is worth the investment of time and effort. While not without its shortcomings, the app is powerful and allows a detailed amount of home automation depending on the number and type of sensors you have connected to it.

One cool feature is Hello, Home. This is where you can configure your home to perform actions depending on whether you’re at home, out of the house, awake or asleep. There is huge scope for configuring lights, temperature, appliances and more.

If you need more information, the Samsung website has a good selection of how-to guides.
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