How to control app permissions on Android Marshmallow

People have always been concerned about what apps have access to, for good reason. We have all heard stories about malicious apps that can hack your device and steal your information. To combat this Google has required all apps to present their permission requests to the user before the app is even downloaded. Most of us ignore these permission requests and just click download. Well Google decided that wasn’t good enough and wanted to give us all a second chance to view and manage the permission for each app after they have been downloaded. There are several ways to do this in Android Marshmallow and we are going to go over two of them below.

First Method- From Inside Settings

Step 1- Open the App Drawer, then find and select Settings


Step 3- Locate and touch Apps


Step 4- Tap the gear in the top right


Step 5- Press App permissions


Step 6- Choose a permission to see all the apps that requests that permission


Step 7- Unselect any apps you do not want to use that permission


Second Method- From App info

Step 1- Open the App drawer and long press the app you want to check the permissions of


Step 2- Drag the app to the words App info at the top of the screen


Step 3- Touch Permissions


Step 4- Unselect any permissions you do not want that app to use


There you go, you now know two different ways to check the permissions of each app on your Android Marshmallow phone after you have download them.