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  1. Y

    Solved! Problem with permissions on my ssd

    I bought a new predator laptop recently with 128 ssd and 1TB HDD. By mistake I changed the permissions related to my SSD and I am no longer able to change the permissions associated with ssd. One of the folder namely Windowsapps from program files shifted to HDD which I can no longer access...
  2. B

    I need to know how to contact a website admin for Google

    One of my Google accounts that i use for my school work says that I don't have the permissions to use the account and it says to contact the website admin. problem is i don't know who the admin is?
  3. M

    untagged online pictures

    how can i find pictures of me online that i haven't been tagged in? would i be able to google search another picture of me and it will find that one or similar pictures?
  4. L

    How to delete a virus i dont have permissions for

    I downloaded a peice of software yesterday, but with it came copious amounts of malware and trojans etc. I disabled my AV to get the application to run, but the application ran numerous viruses, adware etc. I deleted a file called Lithograph. But it kept coming back and now it says i dont have...
  5. R

    What Is Facebook Error Code 0?

    This error isn’t necessarily only related to Facebook, but since the Facebook app is one of the most (if not the most) used/downloaded apps out there, a lot of the times it’s associated with the social media giant. The error can appear when downloading (or updating) Facebook app, usually from...
  6. R

    How To Fix Google Assistant Voice Issues

    For all Android users, the Google Assistant is an extremely useful tool. It can do many things just by giving it proper commands, via text or voice. Undoubtedly, using voice commands is faster and easier (cooler too), but sometimes there are issues with this type of commands. For some reason...
  7. R

    Google Assistant Can’t Make Calls?

    Probably the main use of Google Assistant for many people is to organize their day. Setting reminders, appointments, remembering stuff and anything similar to those commands, is probably something many people use. But that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to that. You can also make phone calls...
  8. R

    How To Check Your Google Assistant Permissions

    The virtual assistant developed by Google is a useful tool to for your devices. It can execute many commands, simply by telling it in plain English what you want. As with everything Google related, you’ll want to check its permission and see what it can and can’t do. Several of the options...
  9. D

    Solved! Virus keeps me from opening anti-virus

    I got a virus so I installed a malwarebytes but every time I open it I get an error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Now I tried starting as administrator but I still have the error. Did this virus just...
  10. S

    I am not getting permissions of message app

    Iam not getting permissions of message network in my phone
  11. S

    How to Repair a Disk On MacBook Pro

    If your MacBook Pro has started behaving abnormally or isn’t booting at all even after you’ve upgraded the operating system to the latest version (macOS High Sierra at the time of this writing), and have installed all the updates, it’s probably your hard disk that is causing the trouble and...
  12. G

    How Do App Permissions Work?

    I'm mainly asking for my nephew (he's 12). He'd like to know what it exactly means to have app permissions and why they're needed? He's been getting the 'safety on the internet' talks from the family and he's been asking questions like: 'why does this app need my contacts?' or 'why does this...
  13. C

    Solved! How the heck does discord know what programs I have open?

    I thought that programs simply didn't have these kinds of permissions. I'm a security freak and things like this egregiously irritate me; software these years is also actively trying to encroach in my opinion. Websites want to show me notifications (for whatever stupid reason), and finding out...
  14. A

    My apps don't appear

    When I go to an app then go to their permissions then try press one it says "screen overlay detected" then it tells me to go somewhere on settings and switch it off. But when I go there the app is not there there areally only limited apps
  15. M

    I have a virus and i have absolutely no idea how to remove it

    This is some serious virus because everything i do to get rid of it does absolutely nothing. It keeps re copying itself and coming back. I can 100% guarantee it inst yahoo. I have uploaded the files HERE : It keeps requesting me to install something and i keep trying...
  16. M

    Reset permissions to default?

    I have recently run into a whole ton of permission issues on my Windows 10 laptop. How do I reset them to factory default? I can no longer access my permissions on C drive, so there is no point trying to edit them from the settings. Would a full reset do the trick? I have zero interest in...
  17. C

    Special permissions grey box

    So, i scanned my pc with malwarebytes and then it picked up viruses and potentially unwanted programs which i deleted and since then i have been unable to download anything or even view my own pictures it keeps telling me i do not have permissions so i went into properties - security and a new...
  18. S

    Google Chrome Unistall Issues

    Hi, I've been having some issues with Google Chrome, I decided to uninstall it and wanted to remove any left over files on my hard drive to completely eradicate it, however I have found a rogue file within the folders which I just can't delete because I don't have permission to do so, and I...
  19. B

    Access denied to portable hard drive

    Howdy. Windows 10. Was trying to restrict permissions to a portable hard drive i have. I went to properties, security, advanced and saw a lot of profiles that could gain access. I removed all of them except for the ADMINSTRATOR, which is my windows login username. Once i finshed it all, the...
  20. R

    Bugging app ...

    Hi recently I am facing trouble with a new app called h5gamer which gets installed in my tab without permission and creates screen pop up matter what I did it still gets installed it due to some of my other app permissions that this app gets installed?
  21. S

    how to set permissions for folders

    I keep personal data in folders on a second hard drive I want to limit access to these folders so other users cannot access them, but me and my apps can. For instance, OneDrive needs to be able to access its folder. how to do it? win10 pro standard user account
  22. kol12

    Macrium Reflect admin permissions.

    Is Macrium Reflect meant to be able to run scheduled backups from a standard user account without admin prompts? My OS is Windows 10 [added by moderator]
  23. kol12

    User account permissions need resetting.

    I've converted my administrator account to a standard user account and created a new administrator account. As a standard user I am able to access the admins user folder which I should not be able to do. There must some issues with the permissions somewhere but I'm not sure how to go about...
  24. M

    With every windows install, file permissions are removed

    Hi, a few moths ago, I attached my internal hard drive to another computer to copy some files then reattached it to the original computer and then re installed windows on it. The files that I have copied were not opening, all the permissions were removed, I went to permissions tab and in...
  25. P

    How to control app permissions on Android Marshmallow

    People have always been concerned about what apps have access to, for good reason. We have all heard stories about malicious apps that can hack your device and steal your information. To combat this Google has required all apps to present their permission requests to the user before the app is...
  26. B

    Is there a better way to change folder permissions?

    Alright everyone, So I have an absurd task ahead of me; I need to remove and add groups for permissions to about 40,000 folders... I have gotten through about 4,000, and there just has to be a better/easier/faster way to do this. So what I have been doing is right clicking on the folder, going...
  27. F

    Nvidia Control Panel not saving settings (permissions set correctly)

    I've been googling this matter for a lot time now, and all the possible solutions involve changing the permissions of C:\ProgramData\Nvidia corporation.Having done all that, the problem still persists. Trying to change default GPU doesn't work as its reverted when Control Panel is restarted. Any...
  28. Z

    How to restore default permissions for wscript.exe in Windows 7 (also, how to delete trojan that turns files into shorcuts)

    I got infected from a trojan that turns files into shorcuts. As far, I have only experienced this in files contained in USBs. The thing is that following a tutorial which said that this is caused by the file wscript.exe, I changed the permissions it originally had, just to later find another...
  29. A

    Permissions issue? Can't modify Word docs in folder, can on desktop

    Hi Guy's I'm using Windows 7. I've been tearing my hair out here. Been on Google for hours trying to work this out. If I have MS word docs in folders on my desktop I can't make any changes to them. They won't save. No warning sign comes up, they look like they have saved but another identical...
  30. S

    SocialClub without Admin Rights

    can i download social club for v without admin privilegs because i don't permissions in computer? Can i download in a ip without permission or somethinf? If yes please give links. My brother is an idiot and limited my computer.
  31. A

    OS to Bypass Administrator Set Permissions

    As the title states I would like to know of any OS that bypasses any sort of Administrator set permissions. I faintly remember hearing something about Linux Lite doing this but I can't seem to find any info on it apart from reviews. So if you could help me out with this it'd be great. Cheers...
  32. viveknayyar007

    Customizing Facebook Privacy Settings and Permissions

    Even though your Facebook profile can be viewed by any Facebook user, you can restrict its comments from being displayed to everyone. With some smart privacy configurations, you can specify who can view your posts, comment on your posts, post something on your Facebook timeline, view your photo...
  33. A

    How To Let Your Apps Access Keychain

    When you make changes to a program or app on your iMac or MacBook computer, you may be prompted to enter your password to confirm the changes. This is because certain apps require access to your Keychain in order to make changes. Password protection is a nice security option to have, of course...
  34. A

    How to Revoke an App's Permissions

    Many apps use permissions to access your personal information via social networks. In some cases, this is done in order to personalize your in-app experience. In others, permissions are in place so that you can easily share your app statistics and information on Facebook or Twitter. The issue is...
  35. D

    Want Win 7 to stop asking permissions.

    I just installed a new SSD. I removed my HDD and installed my OS on the SSD. Now everytime i click on anything it seems it ask me for permissions to run. It didnt do this on my old drive. I am the only account on the drive so not sure why its doing it. Also, im using the old HDD as a storage...
  36. viveknayyar007

    Set Public Content Permissions on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn allows you to display your updates either only to your connections (people who are added in your connections list), or to all the other LinkedIn users who may or may not be your connections. Additionally, if your profile is configured accordingly, you can also share your LinkedIn...
  37. A

    Potential Virus folder cannot delete, permissions

    I have located a folder in my %system root% directory that i cannot delete, it tells me i need permissions from SYSTEM to do this. when i try to change permissions it tells me i do not have permission to change permissions but not from SYSTEM. Please help
  38. D

    Anyone Can Raid my Android Mobile Device ??

    Many of my Android apps require access to my "Photos/Media/Files". Much of my Dropbox cloud file system sits on my cellphone. Does this mean that any app can access any and all of my Dropbox files? And, by extension, doesn't this mean that any employee of the app company can legally use a...
  39. Q

    Can you change permissions in windows server 2003 over remote desktop

    Can you change permissions in windows server 2003 over remote desktop, or do you Have to be logged in locally.
  40. Ponyface

    privacy on android phones

    hi all, i am concerned about the lack of privacy on my galaxy S3. it is running Android 4.1.2, there is no way to block app permissions that i can find. the permissions required for facebook are a joke. (i am currently using tinfoil) i just dont like how you are given no other choice... the...
  41. K

    Application won't run without admin pw

    In my company, we use an application called ExpressTime that is downloaded from the Internet. Recently, they upgraded and we needed to upgrade our already downloaded applications. The applications work on all computers except one. On that computer, it requires the administrator password to run...
  42. kemperkipie

    Alternative for Tree Size Professional

    I'm looking for a free alternative to the software "Tree Size Professional". The option I need: - Viewing foldersize - Viewing permissions per folder / file - Accessing and viewing network drives I've searched google a lot and have found software like - WinDirStat - TreeSizeFree and some other...
  43. B

    The server replies that you dont have permissions to download this file

    I am failing to download video using idm from youtube.
  44. S

    How To: Record Online Webinars (GoToWebinar) ?

    Hi Forum, I will attend some online webinars via (GoToWebinar). I will be attending as a guest without any administrator nor presenter permissions. However, I really would like to record all these online webinars... How ? I would greatly appreciate if you help me out to suggest to me...
  45. G

    Facebook Games Can Now Be Played Directly from News Feed

    At last, you can try out a Facebook game before giving the permissions to your life away... Facebook Games Can Now Be Played Directly from News Feed : Read more
  46. exfileme

    Not Just iOS: Android Apps Can Secretly Copy, Upload Photos

    Oh my. More invasion of privacy talk thanks to Android app permissions. Not Just iOS: Android Apps Can Secretly Copy, Upload Photos : Read more
  47. E

    WIN 7 and Permissions problem..Frustrating to say the least

    I cannot delete files that I as administrator have. When I try and delete files in a folder I get an unable. I try and remove some old movies and I get the graphics alluding that files are being deleted, but No files in the recycle bin????i tried taking ownership....... Access denied. Tried...
  48. exfileme

    Siri Clones and Fake Apps Appearing on the Android Market

    Although there are numerous Siri clones on the Android Market, one particular fake "Official" app is asking for unusual permissions. Siri Clones and Fake Apps Appearing on the Android Market : Read more
  49. J

    Folder permissions - I want to do what I want with my files!

    How can I reorganize / read / write / move / unlock and basically do whatever the heck I want with my files and folders in Win7? It is my computer, I am the only user, and yet when I create a folder, the stupid Windows locks it and won't let me save stuff in the folder, or access stuff in the...
  50. Y

    Auto cad files not save in server 2003

    hi friends, my name is venkat.we are using windows server 2003 as a file server. our employees digitizes maps in auto cad.I have giver permissions read and write permissions but they are unable to save .dwg files.These permissions ok for xls files.when i save drawing files it says error "as...
  51. M

    Zune 30 - Drivers/Permissions Problem?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct category to ask a question like this...I guess it is more of a driver/vista question than a zune question, so if I am wrong in placing it here I apologize! Ok, first...thank you from the bottom of my SOUL anyone who can think of ANYTHING that can get this to...
  52. B

    Unlock acct permissions

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.active_directory (More info?) What permissions are necessary for a user to be able to unlock an account or reset a password. I have an MMC created for user to reset passwords (will this fix an account lockout?) in an OU. I have the user added...
  53. G

    Satforums- Error Message

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