Zune 30 - Drivers/Permissions Problem?


Dec 3, 2009
I'm not sure if this is the correct category to ask a question like this...I guess it is more of a driver/vista question than a zune question, so if I am wrong in placing it here I apologize!

Ok, first...thank you from the bottom of my SOUL anyone who can think of ANYTHING that can get this to work. I just got this zune (two of them actually), and they both have the same problem. I know how annoying it can be when people don't explain the basics when asking for help so I will be as humanly detailed as I can.

My problem...
My Zune 30 appears to be working fine. Wifi comes on, radio works, the software appears to operate fine on my computer. The only problem is whenever I try to plug in the Zune to my laptop, it recognizes the driver that is saved in the c:/program files/zune/driver/zune folder, but fails to install it! Every single time.

My system...
Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 2
64-Bit OS
HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-74 2.20Ghz
4.00GB Ram

The good…
The radio works, the device seems to work fine. Wifi works, the device even charges when it is plugged in.

What I've tried...(These aren’t really in order…unless I specify that it needs to be noted in order)
1. So first I installed the software package that was on Zune.net. This file was not 400MB, it was a lot smaller…maybe like 10MB? Anyway apparently this is the mini-version. So I installed the software and it installed fine. Then I plugged in the Zune…and this is where the 5th gate of hell opens… So the first thing that pops up my screen is this: http://s93031507.onlinehome.us/misc/zune1.jpg
Then I click on locate and install driver of course…and after about 45seconds of “installing” it does this: http://s93031507.onlinehome.us/misc/zune2.jpg
…So I thought it was a burp. Uninstalled the driver, reset the zune. Tried again…same thing. Checked the device driver and I see this: http://s93031507.onlinehome.us/misc/zune3.jpg

2. Uninstalled the “smaller” software, reinstalled it, reset the Zune..tried again. Same exact results. After trying this three times I “updated” the driver through the device manager and located the driver in c:/program files/zune/driver/zune, it does the same exact thing…same error and all. At this point it appears that it finds the driver but doesn’t want to use it…

3. Started reading reviews so I started trying fixes that other people found…First I removed the windows firewall, and even completely uninstalled all my virus software. Same results.
4. Went to Microsoft.com/downloads, searched zune and installed this 400MB “zune package” as recommended by the Zune technician I called on the phone. Made sure I uninstalled the non-working device, and the old software and installed the 400MB one. After installing, I openened it up, plugged in the zune…it looks up the driver, “finds it”, and fails. Same results.
5. Went to the driver inf file manually under c:/program files/zune/driver/zune, right clicked it and selected Install and got a error “The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation.”
6. On the phone with the tech support from zune he had me do something that I can’t remember that involved changing a file extension somewhere from something…to “.bak”. Sorry I completely forgot this process I wanted to document it though. However I do know this step was done while the small software was installed, not the 400MB one.
7. Updated Windows updates, none available. Did this way before doing anything else.

On the device, under about>zune it says the following (dunno if this needs to be noted):
Version 2.5 (1614)
Bootloader 435

…I really dunno what else to say to help with a solution. I know I’m really getting fed up with this thing lol. From what I can gather, and the tech, Vista sees the driver but doesn’t want to install it. I even have looked for downloading the driver separately but found nothing but dead links, but I’d think it wouldn’t matter since I’m sure the two different versions of the software probably had 2 different versions of the driver.

..Any help would be really appreciated, not really in the mood to return this thing, I really want to keep it. And Ipod’s are the devil.