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  1. D

    Best MP3 Players 2019

    If you want a device for listening to music on the go and don't want to use a phone, these are the best MP3 players available. Best MP3 Players 2019 : Read more
  2. I

    Totally not knowledgeable - want an mp3 player that I can put my mp3 files on and listen

    I listen online to various audio files such as the litany of the saints, the rosary etc. Most of these files I can download for free and have but that means being at the computer to listen to them. I know nothing about players and just want something I can use to put the files on and listen...
  3. 2

    Solved! how to text friend on a MP3 Player

    i dont know how to interact with friends on a MP3 Player
  4. I

    Solved! Music files not playing from SD

    Copied about 1000 songs onto a SD , about 10% in folders the rest individual files. Only those in folders and about the last 20 individual tracks play. I've noticed that all the ones that don't play have '.mp3' (dotmp3) after the track title
  5. Z

    changeing DAP to a better one

    Hi All, I have a Fiio X1 MKII but I'd like to replace it with a better DAP. It sounds great , but it's op sys is slow. What would be a next level but not much more expensive player? Cheers!
  6. B

    Solved! hopeless criteria for mp3 player?

    I think the answer to my question is no because I've done about an hour of research and come up empty, but gotta ask. I'm an old geezer about to get my first mp3 player. (I don't have a "device", just a regular no-frills cell phone, and that's all I want.) But I have a list of criteria that no...
  7. J

    How to play CDs and playlists as MP3s on a home stereo.

    Like many older folks, I have several hundred CDs that I still like. While I have a CD player, I'd rather convert all the CDs to MP3s and put them all on a hard drive, using a commercial service. Then from my home stereo, I'd like to be able to select and play (as MP3s) the original CDs or...
  8. J

    cheap MP3 players not communicating with Windows 7 laptop

    i have two Windows 7 laptops and have been trying to get my 3 (new) MP3 players to communicate with them they are JIE LI driver sets I go them on Ebay (under $5 each), and there was no support on any websites, they are completely generic How can I get these MP3 players to talk to my Windows 7...
  9. E

    a mp3 file won't play

    i have a mp3 file that i'm trying to play. i have tried vlcPlayer, kmPlayer, hot player, google chrome, windows media player and etc. the file's protection tag is empty, its not set "YES" or "NO" what is the problem with this file? what can i do to play it? I have about 50 mp3 files with the...
  10. N

    Can Sandisk Clip Sport Plus (bluetooth) connect as bluetooth headset ?

    Hi everyone. May I ask if Sandisk Clip Sport Plus (bluetooth) connect as bluetooth headset ? Thanks for reading !
  11. C

    Upgrading old stereo technology & advice on buying new devices

    Having recently moved house, I’ve rediscovered my vinyl – I’ve bought new wired speakers and a stylus for my early '90s stack stereo, but wondered if there’s any way I can bring it into the modern world (I assume using the headphones jack)? I’m old skool and still buy CDs, and have around 400 of...
  12. M

    what does dr dre beat headphone work on?

    does dr dre beat headphone work on comps, mp3 players, ps4 and xboxone
  13. B

    Need good mp3, mp4, etc.

    Hi, I don't know where to ask, but need good device to learn languages, for audio books, some music, etc. Also it must have very comfy and small headphones for long hours of listening. I don't know brands, prices and etc. But maybe somebody can recommend something. Thanks.
  14. PhilipMichaels

    Sony's $3,000 Gold Walkman Will Blow Away Your Ears

    Sony showed off a gold-plated Walkman boasting a number of high-resolution features. It will only set you back more than three grand. Sony's $3,000 Gold Walkman Will Blow Away Your Ears : Read more
  15. K

    Which mp3 player remembers and starts playing from where I left off when device is restarted?

    I listen to audiobooks, where each file can run for longer times. I was wondering if anyone can suggest me an mp3 player which, when I stop listening a song mid-way and switch off the device, upon restarting, the player should start where I left off, and not from the beginning of the song...
  16. uTukan

    MP3 skips to last few parts of audiobook, then comes back up to where it should've been?

    The audiobook is split up to 44 parts, it goes 1-9 without a problem, and after 9th it skips to 41st and goes over to 44th, then comes back up to 10th and then it goes fine all the way to 40th. I thought that maybe the part numbers are messed up in the "metadata" (don't know how exactly is it...
  17. S

    can Sony xbMDR 450AP be used with laptops and mp3 players.

    I am thinking to buy a Sony headphone named above . It is with mic . So I want to ask that can it be used with laptops or mp3 players. When I have read its specifications on flipkat it was written that 'compatible with mobiles' .So pls solve my problem
  18. G

    My MP4 screen is very dark!

    I haven't used my MP4 in a long time, and now I turned it on and the screen is very dim and I am barely able to see it at all.
  19. A

    Rio Nitrus specificatinos: did it have DRAM?

    It seems I qualify in a class action suit but it requires that I have bought DRAM at a certain time. I'd like to know whatever I can about the likelihood that the mp3 player I bought has some and how much. I can't find any specifications on it.
  20. S

    Copy CD's direct into Audio Player (without computer)

    Hello all :) , I am looking to buy for my child a portable music player, which stores the songs in it (much like any mp3 player like iPod etc.), but it should also have a CD player and allow to copy the CD's content into the player without Computer. Is there such a thing? Thanks.
  21. A

    How to Wrap Headphones so They Don't Get Tangled

    When it comes to headphones—earbuds especially—cords seem to find new and exciting ways to tangle themselves every time you put them away. Use the tips and tricks below to avoid such tangling in the future. Step 1 Many people solve the tangling headphone problem by wrapping their phones around...
  22. M

    Smartphone + AMP VS Descent MP3 Player

    I have a tough time choosing what will get me the best audio experience. I currently have V Moda M100 headphones, and Fiio E17 (and a crappy smartphone). And I cannot chose whether to sell E17 and get a descent Fiio X3 (or wait for X5) or to save up for a proper phone (samsung / sony / lg...
  23. F

    Playing MP3's in the proper order

    I have a dilemma I can't seem to solve. Here is what I have sent to the vendor: On the chip I have stored only MP3 Format. I’ve tried many approaches. For example Copying in bulk, 1 file at a time etc. I have also changed through file properties things like track # and File name as well...
  24. G

    iWatch May Replace iPod in Apple's Lineup

    Analysts expect unit sales of iPods to decline as the rumord iWatch takes over some of the MP3 player's functions. iWatch May Replace iPod in Apple's Lineup : Read more
  25. S

    cd player fails replicate well high freq sound

    all my cd players and even more my laptop run into problem playing certtaind cd recording in the range of high frequency's where the tweeter and treble sounds come from ;and as well ,by using a sound enhancer to enhance those freq '; ends up in cd playback failure ' from better to worse on...
  26. O

    Home Audio system for my MP3 players

    All my music is now on "the cloud". I no longer have the house stereo cd systems booming in my basement. So - what's the best option for playing this music from my smartphone or laptop at home. . . No portable system is likely to have the quality to rival my old surround sound systems? Puzzelled...
  27. voyager1

    Slow uploading to MP3 player via USB

    I have used The Sansa Clip, Clip+ and Clip Zip through the last several years. The one thing that has driven me up the wall is the upload rate for large batches of small files. I have used these MP3 players for audiobooks exclusively. I break the audiobooks into 3-1/2 to 5 minute files, and...
  28. D

    Removable Disk For Mp3

    Help Me
  29. M

    My hard drive cannot be detected

    Hello, my hardware cannot play sound
  30. S

    My mp3 player was trashed how to re use it

    my mp3 player was trashed when in trying to format it was not formatting what i have to do ?
  31. J

    My Mp3 player headphone plug/jack is broken

    my head phone jack is acting up on my mp3 player and i have put in different angles to get it work how can i fix it? :(
  32. 5

    Portable cd players

    looking for a portable cd player that wouldnt quit after 6 months like most do.
  33. P

    Agh Come On Apple

    For some reason I got this song from iTunes and it won't work. It says something that my others don't say (Protected) I think that's why it won't play on my Android. Please someone help me I love this song! :cry:
  34. G

    Beat by dre

    Hello, Had some Beats solo headpoes for one week and just using them on my ipod and laptop etc and the sound does not sound right. The sound is muffled and the voice of singer etc can barely be heard, cn anyone help?
  35. T

    About Tania's MP3 player

    I have been having trouble with my new MP3 player it will not turn on, and also my computer does not recognize it. So what shall I do? Is it a malfunctioning one or can with an expert will they be able to coach me through it? So I can download music.
  36. T


    This is Tania I cannot turn on my MP3 player it does not work. I am stuck and frustrated. How do I do it?
  37. S

    Should the hipstreet mp3 be turned on for charging?

    Hello, I just bought a hipstreet clip mp3 player (4 gig) and can't charge or turn it on. (It tuns on for a second and then quits.) Help? Seamus G
  38. edward78

    Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback for cheaper

    My dad found this for a Christmas present for my mom, but they don't want to spend that much on each other. Is there a place to get it cheaper or a cheaper equal?
  39. L

    How to create \

    How to create "chapters" in a long WAV or MP3 file?
  40. D

    How to unlock mp3 player

    How can I unlock my mp3 and transfer the music that I have on there to my computer?
  41. C

    Player that play higher then 320K

    Are there any players that can play higher then 320K as I have many M4A in the 800k+ bit rate. I got $700 ear-buds and pro earphones so yes I got the right gear to hear the difference.
  42. keke_theoryofadeadman24

    My computer nor Itunes does not detect my Ipod. Help!

    Hello All! I have tried several things. My computer wont detect my Ipod being plugged into my USB on my laptop.... Ive checked the devices manager... and nothing like Ipod, or Apple USB or any type of USB is being recognized or even listed under the Device Manager. What else.... Ive tried...
  43. F

    How do I recharge the battery?

    How can I recharge the lithium battery?
  44. P

    What headphones?

    Hey guys I have a $300 cap on this. I certainly would like to spend as little as possible so if you could show me the cheap option and then the better more expensive option, or even at that, if theres a cheap good pair! What do I listen to? Coldplay Dave Matthews Band U2 Mumford and sons Pretty...
  45. S

    MP3 files won't play on MP3 car audio - newbie

    My MP3 files (songs) already recorded and saved on my Windows Vista PC show Bit Rates of 64, 128, 160 and 192 kbs. I have copied a selection of these MP3 files from my PC to various formats of CD. When I try to play the MP3 songs on my car's in-dash CD player, an error message appears showing...
  46. P

    Logitech z-5500 audio aux

    ive got a logitech z-5500 how do i make play threw an ipod
  47. E

    Bush MP3 Player Just Flashes Colours At Me

    Hey Guys, I got a young family member a Bush MPK4312BUK for their birthday and am now trying to load songs onto it. I've charged it for the 4 hours recommended and have copy/pasted an MP3 file onto it to try and get it to work. However, taking it out of the computer and trying to listen to it...
  48. S

    No sound from left speaker when playing music in auxiliary mode in honda accord

    Hello, I don't get any sound from left front/rear speaker when playing music in auxiliary mode in honda accord. What is the problem?
  49. G

    Recording is veryquiet how to make louder?

    recording from Sony mp3 file transfered to computer need to be amplified How?
  50. M

    My Mp3 player headphone plug/jack is broken

    I plugged an AC adapter into my heaphone jack and plugged the other end into an outlet. I was being stupid apparently. After that I plugged the headphones back into it, but all I could hear was static mainly on one side now and the other side is silent while music is playing. ALL my heaphones...
  51. G

    Where can i get car cd players front panel

    can u help me where can i get my cars audio players front panel.can i get it.
  52. casemods

    Thoughts on powerbeats by dre?

    So today I traded a watch I haven't used in years for a sealed pack of powerbeats. I haven't opened the package yet as I feel someone might think I put fake ones in there But I also wanted to try them out for myself. What should I do??
  53. G

    Connect sound from laptop to phone

    please let mye do this p l e a s e :bounce:
  54. jackie_8106


    I accidentally dropped my iPod into a river. What should I do? Right now I just brought a pack of damp rid and put it in a container. What else could I do to save it?
  55. deathrune

    MP3 Player w/ High Storage

    Sorry for the language but its been a long time coming to apple. =================================================================================== First off APPLE SUCKS F*CK YOU F*CK YOU. I had a Ipod Touch 2nd Gen 32gb After using this peice of trash for 2 years my hard drive from my...
  56. GreatDanePuppy

    I bent my iPod frame

    Recently, I bent but not cracked my iPod frame/back/whatever you wanna call it on the side on the volume control buttons (4th gen). It is bent outwards to where I cant use the volume down button. However, the iPod works fine. It just looks kinda nasty. Should I take it in to the apple store...
  57. N

    Were can i find my mp3 player on my iphone 3gs

    can you help me find my mp3 player on my iphone 3gs
  58. R

    Sony Walkman, E344 model problems

    I have an E-series; E344. Have had it for awhile and my unit was very dependable. I let my music play the other night as I slept, as I am trying this bineural beat stuff. I woke up and my battery was so gone it wouldn't even boot up to say about the low battery. I hooked it up the the main...
  59. vaporfox99

    MP3 Player Selection

    Hello, I'm in need of the communities advice. I'm planning on upgrading to a new MP3 player soon but don't know which to get. I need one with either internal storage (hdd) of 80gbs+ or the ability to upgrade the storage to that area. I've been looking at Archos again, since the one I have now is...
  60. A

    Please help me

    please help me my gogear aria 16gb can not update to 100% but reach only 20% and it stop from there