cd player fails replicate well high freq sound


Feb 6, 2011
all my cd players and even more my laptop run into problem playing certtaind cd recording in the range of high frequency's where the tweeter and treble sounds come from ;and as well ,by using a sound enhancer to enhance those freq '; ends up in cd playback failure ' from better to worse on duration of time playing it ,sounds come out kind of crackles and rough, raspy, o breathy. hoarse until it totally stops to sound at all ;can diagnose the problem and or provide tips ?
If these are regular purchased CDs then I would say that the problem lies in the equipment that you are connecting the CD players and laptop for playback.
If they are burned CDs then you may be getting clipping on them that will cause massive distortion. You can check for this by ripping a track into your PC as a wav file and then opening it with Audacity. There will be red lines showing the spots where clipping is if there is any. When the signal gets louder than the CD can handle the signal is clipped and the distortion occurs. Doesn't matter how low or loud you play it back in this case. If clipping is caused by an amplifier not being powerful enough then you can get rid of it by turning the volume down.